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Continuance of Summer Slam event!

It seems that so many adventurers loved our Super Slam event last week that we decided to keep it going!

This week we have among other things:

1.5x Exp
2x Drop Rate Event!

We also have put in 6 new Turnin - Quests! Don't forget that these EXP rewards are also multiplied by 1.5x as well, and the monster spawns are higher too!

  • 90-110 Gazeti / Ice Titan
  • 115-130 Skogul / Frus
  • 135+ Antler Scaraba / Rake Scaraba

Of course you can still get a discount when using the HD Ores with Mighty Hammer until August 5th!

And finally we also are introducing our Groove Pack #1

Available Through August 9th

A fun pack that offers a little bit of Joy to adventurers that open it! Inside you will always get:

1x Battle Manual X3

And also get one of the below prizes too!

  • 1x Battle Manual X3
  • 3x Kuloren *Shinobi Taming item
  • 2x Job Manual
  • 50x Bravery Badges *Go to the Battle Grounds *Untradable
  • 1x Abyssmal Knight Helm [1]
    Wearable by all, but lvl 70 required, no special attributes other than high Defense at this time.