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From Novice to a Hero!

We all start our adventure as an inexperienced Novice, but we soon grow to be Heroes! We are celebrating the change from Novices to Heroes from August 24 ~ September 6 all characters under level 70 will have their leveling speed doubled!

  • Base levels under 70 levels twice as quick!
  • 1st Class, Expanded and Transcendant 1st Class Job levels up to 50 are Double speed too!
  • Super Novice up to Job 70 is also sped up!

Of course we want to make sure that all new players have the best time when playing with friends; so during the Novice to Hero event time you can make 1 free character on Ymir, even without VIP! So if you have friends that want to start playing this is the perfect chance to share the joy of Ragnarok Online with them! You can even invite them with your "Friends with Benefits" code to earn some free WP for yourself!

And to further the joy to Novices everywhere we will be updating the Super Novice class to be able to go beyond the current 99/99 level cap! They will be able to go up to 150/50 after a short quest! These extra levels increase their stat cap to 120 and gives them access to many 2nd class skills!

See the Super Novice update page for further details!