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RWC Fireworks and other fun!

RWC is nearly here and we have celebratory Fireworks that give a powerful buff to you!

Each use of one of the Fireworks will give +3 to all stats for 10 minutes. You can get 1 Firework per day per character from "2011 RWC Agent" in prontera! These celebratory fireworks will be available until October 18th so stock up as many as you can!

We also have created a longer lasting Mount Lead, due to popular request! Now you may get a 30 day Halter Lead for 150 points, which is over 1/3 off the old prices on the 7 day halters!

And finally we are proud to offer a special from September 28 - October 4 for "Merry Badger". She will offer to take 1 Eden Merit Badge from you and give you the following set of items; this set is in addition to her normal offerings.

  • 40 Light Granule,
  • 40 Gun Powder,
  • 3 Izidor,
  • 10 Prickly Fruit,
  • 1 Mandragora Flowerpot, and
  • 3 Elder Branch.

Check out the other patch notes for September 27 for information about Turnins, and quest changes!