Ragnarok Online - Events - Halloween part II!
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Halloween part II!
Halloween is just gearing up a little higher on the 26th! Some of the events end on November 1st so be sure to get your spookfulls before then!
  1. Halloween Jakks are all around Rune Midgard, collect their blue cards to spell out a special Halloween Message for the Spooky Machine!.
  2. Spooky Machine will take the message and the daily Cracked Buckler and upgrade using the "enhanced" rates rather than the default Rates. This should help you get those Battle Manual X3 and the Witch's Pumpkin Hat!
  3. Halloween Part 2 quest! Challenge Nifflheim and uncurse the vacationing family!
  4. Both the Gozarian Mask and the Witch's Pumpkin Hat can be purchased in the Kafra shop if you do not wish to earn them the free and easy way!

    Witch’s Pumpkin Hat
    A tattered witch hat adorned with a baby pumpkin. Str +2, Int +2, Mdef +10. Increase Damage against Undead and Demon monsters by 15%. Bonus effects when worn with Mr. Smile, Hahoe Mask, Alarm Mask, Opera Mask or Gozarian Mask. Mr. Smile: Adds a chance of gaining Pumpkin Pies when killing monsters. Hahoe Mask: Increased Aspd and adds a chance of adding 50 Atk while attacking. Alarm Mask: Increases the healing power of Pumpkin and Well-Baked Cookies and has a chance of receiving those items while attacking. Opera Mask: Increases Flee by 10 and adds a chance of stunning your enemy while attacking. Gozarian Mask: Atk and Matk +30 and adds a chance of gaining Pumpkin Pie, Well-Baked Cookie, Candy or Candy Canes while attacking. Class : Headgear Defense : 10 Location : Upper Weight : 30 Required Level : 20 Job : All

    A mask that locked away the powers of Gozer and the Destructor. All Stats +1.(during event period) Class : Headgear Defense : 0 Location : Middle, Bottom Weight : 10 Required Level : 1 Job : All

  5. Grandma Boxter comes to town with a full bag of Brownie Points! And Baby you got what she needs! Below is the worth of the Halloween Spooky Packs are to her, 1000 Brownie Points will earn you another Halloween Spooky Pack!
    • Black Devil's Mask 2000 pt
    • Spare Card 1500 pt
    • Long Tongue 600 pt
    • Grim Reaper Hat 600 pt
    • White Musang Hat 600 pt
    • Black Musang Hat 600 pt
    • Battle Manual X3 150pt
    • Scorpio Diadem 500 pt
    • Scorpio Diadem 500 pt
    • Pty Assumptio Scroll 13pt
    • Pty Blessing Scroll 20pt
    • Pty Increase Agi Scroll 20pt
    • Slotting Advertisement 300pt
    • Baphomet Jr Ally 30pt
    • Safe to 7 Headgear Certificate 100
    • Safe to 7 Armor Certificate 100
    • Safe to 7 Weapon Certificate 100
    • Mystical Amplification Scroll 6pt
  6. And don't forget the +9 the Incarnation of Morocc Minion Doll to get 2 free unique Headgears event!