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St. Patrick's day and March and Groove Pack!
St. Patrick's Day Quest!

O'Reily has returned to Rune Midgard, to visit the peaceful northern town of Hugel.

Though the mood is much more festive in Hugel, there is a sad wailing sound emanating from the north of town. O'Reily will reward adventurers level 45 and above who are willing to investigate this with his trademark St. Patrick's Day hat.

March and Groove Pack!

Available for sale until March 26, 2012, this groove pack contains all sorts of springtime goodies!

Each Groove Pack will contain 2 Chocolate Gift Baskets and a random:

  • 1x Safe to 7 Chance Box,
  • 1x Battle Manual x3,
  • 25x Mystical Amplification scrolls,
  • 1x Heroic Desocketing Book,
  • 1x Four Leaf Clover-in-mouth

Groove pack can be placed in storage, but cannot otherwise be traded, dropped or vended.

Photograph Description
Safe to 7 Chance Box -Contains one of the 3 Safe to 7 Upgrade certificates: Armor, Weapon or Headgear.
X3 Battle Manual -Increases the amount of experience the user receives from monsters and quests by 300% for 30 minutes.
25x Mystical Amplification Scrolls -Each scroll gives a one time use of lvl 10 Mystical Amplification .
Heroic Desocketing Book -Bring this book and 1 Slotting Advertisement to Troy at the second floor of Eden Group Headquarters and he will remove one card for each book you have on one item in your equipped inventory. This will destroy the item as the cards are removed.
Four Leaf Clover-in-mouth Description:
A Four-leafed clover that brings it's wearer luck.
The Headgear is not tradable.
Luk+3, Mdef +2
Class : Headgear
Defense : 2
Location : Lower
Weight : 5
Required Level : 1
Jobs : All
Box Weight : 10