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Special Events through March 27!

Double EXP and Double Drops until March 27! Thank you for the 75,000 Likes on Facebook!Double drops will be extended for another week.

We have maintenance notes here and on the forums, and a few new things to introduce.

The Chocolate Gift Baskets that came with the March and Groove pack are now trade-able until April 14th, and can be traded in for 75 Hugel Medals from the dog "Lucky Dogg" in the second floor of the Eden Group after maintenance.

You will now be able to properly desocket Kafra Blossom cards with the Heroic Desocketing book.

New Turn-ins! Gramps will now be assigning missions in:

70-95 hugel field
- Red Novus, Yellow Novus1
05-120 splendide field
- Dark Pinguicula, Naga
125-140 rachel sanctuary
- Banshee, Necromancer

Today we are proud to announce an exciting deal in the Kafra Shop: The March Groove and Win Crate. Not only do these contain five groove packs

Photograph Description

March Groove and Win Crate
-This Special Crate not only contains 5 March Groove Packs, it also contains a special Safe to 10 Certificate,
which allows Mighty Hammer to not degrade equipment on a failure, increasing your ability to +10 equipment.

Available until March 27.
Weight : 1

Safe to 10 Certificate
A Certificate that will ensure that Mighty Hammer,
in Eden Group, will not degrade your Equipment when it is +9 attempting +10.
You must use this in conjunction with the normal HD Ore to take advantage of non-Degrade." Acquired by buying the Special Groove Pack Crates.
Limited Item
Weight : 1

Available until March 27.
Weight : 1

We're at 75,000 likes on Facebook! Thanks to the outpouring of support from the community, we have reached a major milestone. Thank you all for continuing to share and support us. To say thank you, we have double drops and double exp until next week!