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VIP subscription discount and Double EXP!

Summer is arriving and so are a discount when you purchase VIP; available through July 3rd!

VIP has a lot of benefits to gameplay, so if you haven't purchased before, now is a great time!

Event Pricing!
30 Day Price: 600 WP 14% discount over normal Daily VIP
90 Day Price: 1620 WP 22% Discount over normal Daily VIP
180 Day Price: 2850 WP 32% Discount over normal Daily VIP

From June 20 ~ June 26 maintenance we will have Double EXP! Also Enriched Hammer and Eat gear will be offering their services while the sale of Enriched Elunium and Oridecon is offered through June 26th!

Don't forget We have our Kafra Point bonus event, getting you more Kafra points for your WPE until the 26th.

GoCash is offering bonus headgears for Card Redemption
Ultimate Game Card is offering 20% bonus WPE when you redeem a UGC card.

Boxter Updates!

You can trade the following items to Granny Boxter in the second floor of the eden group (she's sitting down near the middle of the room:

Blush 600pts
Adventurer's Pack 1000 pts
Black Devil Mask 600 pts
Sunglasses Baseball Hat 600 pts
Safe to 10 Certificate 600 pts
Battle Manual X3 150 pts
Fallen Angel Wing 1000 pts
Transformation Scroll: Deviruchi 500 pts
Transformation Scroll: Poring 500 pts
3D Glasses 800 pts
Ribbon Magic Hat 800 pts
Sailor Hat 600 pts
Trident Helmet 600 pts
Orange in mouth 700 pts
Hankie in mouth 700 pts
Super Summer Hat Pack 1000 pts
Imp hat 500 pts
Sleeper hat 700 pts
Gryphon Hat 500 pts
Fish Head Hat 500 pts
Pencil in Mouth 600 pts
Little Feather Hat 800 pts
Evil Mask 800 pts
Skull Cap 800 pts
Demon Whisper 800 pts
4 Leaf Clover in Mouth 600 pts

She will give you brownie points, you can exchange 1650 of these points for a new Anniversary Extravaganza box! This way, even if you didn't find what you wanted from the box or got duplicates, you can get another chance.