Ragnarok Online - Events - Kunlun Launches on Classic and Summoning Fun on Renewal!
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Kunlun Launches on Classic and Summoning Fun on Renewal!

A bevvy of fixes and new features being added tonight!

  • Changes to the summoner based on user feedback
  • Bangungot instance fix being rewritten to fix persistent errors
  • Stunner shades given stun immunity bonus
  • Exchanger added for the Hawt Groove pack to allow for trading in items from that pack for battle manual X3s.
    4 specific GM scrolls for 1 BMx3
    100 Balkava for 1 BMx3

  • CD in mouth will have an much enhanced effect
  • Enriched hammer turned on

Classic: Loki Mob adjustments see thread
Kunlun Ferry has been repaired!

Those that use the Magic Stone, can get a special +200% exp for 30 minutes (1 time) by talking again to the "Magical Stone Checker", you will get the option to use it now or not after will offer you options to go to a dungeon (1 time). MVPs will no longer Earthquake, this will stay that way until Trans update, so go get Bapho!

Dungeon Teleport scrolls 10 box for 75pt.
Rental Gears implemented. Lower powered shield, shoes, garment options. These are intended to be permanent.
  • Shield +6 Buckler 20% reduce from specific race (will have a shield per race)
  • Shoes +6 Shoes 15% bonus SP and 5% faster SP regen
  • Shoes +6 Shoes 10% bonus HP and 5% faster HP regen
  • Garment +6 Muffler +15 flee
  • Garment +6 Muffler 15% resist Neutral
For a comprehensive list of fixes and changes to Classic: Loki, please check out this thread.