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Lil' Angel Doll KP promotion event!

From Wednesday September 12th (all day) to midnight on Tuesday September 25th, players who spend 2500 kafra points will receive a Lil' Angel Doll headgear. This can be qualified for multiple times on a single Ragnarok Account.

Lil' Angel Doll

This extra-cute doll is sewn by the loyal Priests of Prontera Church, benefitting Acolyte training programs across Rune-Midgarts. Has a chance of auto casting Level 3 Grand Cross on the user when receiving physical damage.


Depending on the upgrade level, will give bonuses to chance to autocast and level of Grand Cross triggered

More details: +5 and higher increase chance of activation,goes from 3% to a max 5% percent chance +7 and higher activates level 5 Grandcross. And keeps the 5% chance. It doesn't give bonuses above that when you upgrade to +8 and +9, so getting to +7 will give the max bonuses.

  • Account bound, can be put in storage. Comes in a tradeable box.
  • Class: Headgear
  • Location: Upper
  • Defense: 2
  • Weight: 30
  • Required level: 10
  • Jobs: All

The headgears will be distributed in tradeable/vendable boxes after Tuesday onto Renewal, classic players must pick up the box from Code the Redeemer and write to the GM Team with the following information to get the item transferred:

Renewal character holding the box/headgear to
Which renewal server you picked the box up on.
Classic character who you want to tranfer the box/headgear to

Users must ticket in by October 1st to have these moved over. Multiple headgears will be given to players spending multiples of 2500 kafra points.