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Special Turnin Events!
So you like to party! We like to party, so lets get in-game and gets some levels and make some new friends at the same time!

From March 3 - 17, we will have 4 special Repeatable Turn-in events, chosen by you the community! We had a WoE event on Saturday where the winner gets to choose a Turn-in event, and we would make it happen.
  1. Animosity on Ymir Chose to have a Vanberk/Isilla hunt in Rachel 1.
  2. ObserverS of Yggdrasil wanted Gold Acidus in Abyss 3.
  3. Valkyrie Guild on Valkyrie chose Removers in Biolabs level 1.
All 3 of those Turnins are for level 100-150 characters! Seeing a lack of lower leveled turnins, the GM team took over Luina 5 on Sakray to qualify for their own choice, and we chose to have:
  1. Anubis in Sphinx 4 for levels 70-120
All the monsters that are targets for this quest have their exp/jobexp set to 0 for the duration of the event, however that means that each take parties become the call of the day! The turnins will give about 70% of what the normal kill would be for that monster. This can be enhanced!

We are selling the Baby Dragon Hat again, and it will offer +30% bonus to the exp amount for ALL of these turnins, as well as the option to focus all the exp into base or Job. Plus we are hiring a guide to sit in the Eden group to warp qualified level adventurers with the Baby Dragon Hat to the event map!

And the HE Battle Manuals are also available which will double the turnin value!

Bring friends because the monsters have stepped up their breeding programs to meet the army of adventurers they know are coming!

Have fun everyone!