Ragnarok Online - Updates - Episode 13.2: Maps
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Episode 13.2: Maps

The Laphine people west of the Expedition Camp live in a village known as Splendide. As they are not originally from this world, their close bond with the World Tree Yggdrasil allowed them to transform the area they occupy into lush green fields. They have dedicated their lives to protecting the World Tree Yggdrasil and are wary of strangers so it is best to watch your words while exploring their lands.

The Sapha in the snow fields east of the Expedition Camp live in a village known as Manuk. These wood-like creatures mine an ore called bradium that is found only in the Ash Vacuum. Not much else is known about the Sapha because of their reclusive nature.

Instance Dungeon - Nidhoggur`s Nest

The World Tree Yggdrasil has been protected for centuries by the dragon guardian known as Nidhoggur. The dimensional rift caused by Satan Morocc`s resurrection wounded the World Tree Yggdrasil. The great guardian Nidhoggur also suffered from the wake of the torn space-time gap between Rune Midgard and the Ash Vacuum. Nidhoggur has forgotten its role as protector and now attacks anyone who ventures into its nest beneath the Yggdrasil Tree`s roots. Assemble your party of brave adventurers and defeat Nidhoggur to help the Laphine heal the wounded Yggdrasil.

Splendide Field 1
Dark Pinguicula (NEW)
Manuk Field 2
Bradium Golem (NEW)
Yggdrasil Root
Draco (NEW)
Draco Egg (NEW)
Aqua Elemental (NEW)
Dark Pinguicula (NEW)
Rata (NEW)
Duneyrr (NEW)
Nidhoggur`s Nest (Instance Dungeon) Level 1
Rhyncho (NEW)
Phylla (NEW)
Ancient Tree (NEW)
Aqua Elemental (NEW)
Nidhoggur`s Nest (Instance Dungeon) Level 2
Rhyncho (NEW)
Phylla (NEW)
Dark Shadow (NEW)
Dark Pinguicula (NEW)
Nidhoggur`s Shadow (Boss monster) (NEW)