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iroGM02 : hello there
Mia` : hey =)
iroGM02 : ok, Im going to ask you a few questions.
Mia` : alrite
iroGM02 : first off, congrats on reaching level 99 :)
Mia` : yep, thanks =)
iroGM02 : Now that your level 99, how does it feel?
Mia` : hmm relieve i guess
Mia` : from all those stress before
iroGM02 : ahh I can understand that :)
iroGM02 : How long would you say it took you to reach level 99?
Mia` : hmm, about 3months i think
iroGM02 : that`s it?
Mia` : yep, and 1st month, i wasn`t really focus on lvlin
Mia` : was trying to gain zeny =)
iroGM02 : Ahh, that`s amazing.
iroGM02 : haha yes, zeny is always good :)
iroGM02 : How long have you been playing iRO?
Mia` : hmm, since beta1
Mia` : during january i think
iroGM02 : What is the main thing that keeps you playing iRO?
Mia` : hmm
Mia` : before it was all those new updates and such
Mia` : now, I`m playing ro for my guild
Mia` : since i`m the leader and all
iroGM02 : oh really? why for your guild?
Mia` : I feel llike I have responsibilty to take care of them =)
Mia` : don`t wanna leave them behind
iroGM02 : oh ok.
iroGM02 : On average, how many hours a week do you think you play?
Mia` : hmm before it was like
Mia` : 15-18 hours x 7
Mia` : well, when i was lvling to lvl 99 that is XD
iroGM02 : haha
Mia` : now is more like, 5 hours a day or sth
iroGM02 : do people treat you differently now that your lvl 99?
Mia` : hmm
Mia` : some new players do
Mia` : but i always tell them i`m just another average player
iroGM02 : that just happens to be lvl 99 :D
Mia` : yep, can`t hide the aura =(
iroGM02 : hehe
iroGM02 : Well what do you find yourself doing now mostly?
Mia` : lvling guild, chat i suppose =D
iroGM02 : Are you looking forward to the War of Emperium?
Mia` : yah
iroGM02 : great :)
Mia` : planning to fight against other guilds alone
iroGM02 : you think you or your guild will do well?
Mia` : hmm yah, i have faith on my members =)
iroGM02 : ahh that`s always good :)
iroGM02 : I see your brought your Angel Helmet, we have decided to upgrade it for you.
Mia` : yep =)
iroGM02 : would you mind trading me it?
iroGM02 : Thank you
Mia` : hehe, i should be the one thanking u
iroGM02 : I`ll be right back I got to go visit the npc for uh...something...
iroGM02 : :P
Mia` : lol, just remmeber to come back =D
iroGM02 : ok while I upgrade this, I`ll ask you some more questions...
Mia` : yah np
iroGM02 : What would you say is your favorite monster in iRO?
Mia` : deviruchi i would say
iroGM02 : why is that?
Mia` : i guess it fits me
Mia` : u know, my style and such =)
iroGM02 : Ahh, well I got a surprise for you.
Mia` : thanks , hehe
iroGM02 : I hope you enjoy it, you have earned it. :)
Mia` : thanks =)
iroGM02 : I also hope you continue to play iRO as long as possible :)
Mia` : yah i will try
iroGM02 : Goodluck in the War of Emperium :D
iroGM02 : and take care
Mia` : you too
iroGM02 : bye. bye.
Mia` : lates