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Step 01
In order to be able to obtain the various items featured in the Kafra Shop, you first have to convert WP Energy into Kafra Points. Details on purchasing WP Energy can be found in our Knowledge Base.

Once you have purchased WP Energy, you will need to convert it into Kafra Point. After logging into the WarpPortal, click on Power-Up at the top of the website. This will take you to the page used to purchase WP Energy. On the left side, you will find a list containing all of your game accounts. Click on the game account you wish to have Kafra Points on.

You will now be prompted with a page that has a list of pre-set amounts you can use to convert WP Energy into Kafra Points. Additionally, you can choose to input a custom number of points. Note that you obtain bonus points by converting more points at once. The exact conversion bonuses are on the right side of the conversion page.
Step 02
Once you have converted the WP Energy into Kafra Points, the points will be available for you to use on the Ymir, Valkyrie, or Yggdrasil servers.

You can view your current Kafra Points through the Kafra Shop NPC in-game or by clicking on Power-Up at the top of this page. This page will also show you the current points on your other game accounts, along with the amount of WP Energy your WarpPortal account has remaining.

From this page, you can also check your WP Energy to Kafra Point transfer history. This can be done by clicking on the game account on the left, then clicking View Transaction History at the top of the page. The tab marked WP Energy Transfer History will show you the points that have been transferred.
Step 03
Descriptions of the various items offered in the Kafra Shop can also be found in the Item List that is located in the navigational menu to the left.

Please take note that items from the Kafra Shop can only be obtained by using Kafra Points in-game. The Item List is only a listing of the available items in-game.

Log into the game and talk to the Kafra Shop Employee located in Payon. When talking to the NPC, the menu will show your current Kafra Credit Points available that you can spend. Items that are offered by the Kafra Shop Employee will be shown as a list.

Choose the item that you wish to purchase with your Kafra Points and drag it into the purchase window. Then click the confirmation button to complete the purchase. The items will be placed in the character's inventory and the appropriate Kafra Points will be deducted from your total.
Step 04
There are various types of items that are offered within the Kafra Shop. Consumable items, weapons, armor, and accessories that can not be traded and are bound to the players account. Box items can be given as gifts to friends and family while in its box form.
Consumable items are one time use items that are consumed the moment they double-clicked in the character's inventory, used through the hotkey bar, and or menu prompt. For example, the Blessing scroll, when double-clicked in the character's inventory or used through the hotkey bar, the item produces the effect of the Blessing skill. The scroll is consumed and the quantity is reduced by 1.
Box items are designed to offer a bulk quantity of an item in the Kafra Shop (i.e. Giant Fly Wing Box would provide 30 Giant Fly Wings).
Equipment items, unless stated in the description of the item, are bound to the account. These items can not be traded or sold. However, these items can be placed in Kafra storage and traded between characters on the same account.
Step 05
The items that have been purchased can now be used in-game.

This purchase will also reflect on the In-Game Item History that is located in the navigational menu on the payment page. Your remaining Kafra Credit Points, which can be used in the Kafra Shop, can also be viewed as well.

If you encounter any problems or have questions please contact the Support Team through the Customer Service / FAQ.