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irogm : Kalisto, I see two of our GMSupporters have shown up today!
Kalisto : :D
AznReject : hi :D
irogm : AznReject thank you for joining us as well ;-)
AznReject : your welcome :)
Kalisto : :o
irogm : Congrats on reaching level 99 Kalisto
Kalisto : thx
Kalisto : took a long time :\
Kalisto : but i made it
irogm : Christy couldn`t join us today, but she had a few questions for you!
Kalisto : aww!!
Kalisto : oh well
irogm : ;-) She is a busy girl!
Kalisto : yeah
irogm : Ok first question for you.
irogm : 1) What is your most memorable moment playing RO?
Kalisto : hmmm
Kalisto : talking to my old friends from alpha
irogm : You have been playing along time, alot of friends still play
irogm : from Alpha?
Kalisto : only a few
Kalisto : some i met from beta
Kalisto : and are in my guild
irogm : AznReject being one of them? ^_^
Kalisto : yes
irogm : So what have you been doing since you reached lvl 99? Working on other
irogm : characters? Guild hunts? or?
Kalisto : i haven`t really started on another character
Kalisto : i have been helping friends and guild members
Kalisto : we did a little mvping hunting a few days ago
irogm : How did that turn out?
Kalisto : my oridecon and bapho doll got looted and we all only got exp from mvp
Kalisto : but it was fun :)
irogm : Just what you need right? More exp!
Kalisto : gave us time to chat and teamwork
Kalisto : so it was worth it
irogm : Good.
Kalisto : the exp went to guild exp\lvling
Kalisto : 100% taxed :o
Kalisto : well 50% taxed 100% devotion
irogm : Good way to help the guild out for later updates
irogm : What is the next big update you are looking forward to? Or not!!
Kalisto : comodo is what i`m waiting for
Kalisto : more challenging
Kalisto : tired of people that can solo killing bosses
irogm : Comodo will sure change that! Make solo a MVP Boss almost impossible.
irogm : Ok, do you remember what was going through your head the
Kalisto : team effort = making more friends
irogm : last .1% of your goal for lvl 99?
Kalisto : lol
Kalisto : man i was excited
Kalisto : hoping that i won`t kill any monster but abyssmal knight
Kalisto : i planned on killing him last for the lvl
Kalisto : gather most of my friends to watch me lvl
Kalisto : and no more lvling
irogm : What was the frist thing you said after getting 99?
Kalisto : thx for coming
Kalisto : to the people that came and watch me lvl
Kalisto : they had to wait like 40mins
Kalisto : cause abyssmal knight wouldn`t spawn :(
Kalisto : of course after that everyone went back to lvling..
irogm : ;-) Trying to get their goal of 99 as well ;-)
irogm : What advise would you give to others trying to get to 99?
Kalisto : not to give up on lvling cause it is possible to reach
Kalisto : lvling to 99 that is
irogm : We have a small gift to give to you for reaching lvl 99.
irogm : small gift is not totally right, but we figured a good gift for a you
irogm : would be a Slotted Helm.
Kalisto : :o
AznReject : Kalisto has a s.helm :x
irogm : You already have a s. helm?
The deal has successfully completed.
Kalisto : thank you :)
irogm : Your welcome, and congrats on being the first lvl 99
irogm : on the iRO servers!
irogm : Before we take off can I get a SS with you and AznReject?
irogm : GL with the guild hunts and MVP hunts!
Kalisto : ok thx