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iroGM04 : That poor bug
( From HowSTA ) : =p
iroGM04 : Nice to meet you finnally.

HowSTA : =p
HowSTA : nice to meet you too
iroGM04 : I must apologize for the long wait.
HowSTA : no problem
iroGM04 : We have been very busy in the recent month.
iroGM04 : But, here we are!
HowSTA : =p
iroGM04 : Ready for the interview?
HowSTA : yep
iroGM04 : So how does it feel to be the first level 99 transcendent?
HowSTA : not really special
HowSTA : =p
HowSTA : just makes me hide a lot
iroGM04 : Oh no?
iroGM04 : Really
HowSTA : yah
HowSTA : everywhere i go
iroGM04 : Why hide?
HowSTA : people ask me what was my prize
iroGM04 : It`s a great accomplishment to reach your level.
HowSTA : =p
HowSTA : the aura just doesnt feel much different
HowSTA : after having so many 99s
iroGM04 : I can see what you mean.
iroGM04 : Something you`ve gotten used to I see.
HowSTA : yah
iroGM04 : How long would you say it took you to reach 99 as a transcendent?
HowSTA : hmm
HowSTA : i`ve been lazy
HowSTA : but i`d have to say about 100 hours of leveling time
iroGM04 : Only 100 hours, wow that`s impressive then.
HowSTA : =p
iroGM04 : Obviously you`ve been playing a long time to be able to
HowSTA : sakray`s 2x exp helps
iroGM04 : create such high level characters so easily. ;)
HowSTA : yah i play a lot
iroGM04 : How long would you say you`ve been playing Ragnarok?
HowSTA : since p2p
iroGM04 : iRO specifically.
HowSTA : so a bit over 2 years
iroGM04 : That`s awesome.
iroGM04 : So you`re one of the more experienced players, that`s great to see.
HowSTA : =p
iroGM04 : So what made you chose the Sakray server to play on?
HowSTA : i started out in chaos
HowSTA : and all my real life friends quit
iroGM04 : Aww
HowSTA : and there were too many bots there
HowSTA : so i decided to change to the new server
iroGM04 : Even though it was a test server?
HowSTA : yes
iroGM04 : The dangers don`t seem to concern you very much.
HowSTA : not really
HowSTA : i`m a carefree person
iroGM04 : We do our best to keep anything from happening. ^^
iroGM04 : How many hours would you say you play in a week?
HowSTA : i use to play around 10 hours or more a day
HowSTA : but now it`s dropped to about 5 hours
HowSTA : so i guess around 35 hours a week
iroGM04 : About as much as a normal work weak. ^^
HowSTA : yah
iroGM04 : With so many hours you put into playing
iroGM04 : what would be the main thing you would say keeps you playing iRO?
HowSTA : goals
iroGM04 : What kind of goals are those?
HowSTA : i`ve been wanting to have my entire acc full of 99s
HowSTA : and have every god item
iroGM04 : That`s quite a goal!
HowSTA : =p
iroGM04 : But seeing you here now, I believe you will be able to make it.
HowSTA : thanks
iroGM04 : Speaking of which, I believe you chose an Ice Pick for your reward?
HowSTA : yes
iroGM04 : Would you mind giving it to me to be upgraded?
HowSTA : sure

iroGM04 : Now, I need to go check if our blacksmith can upgrade this
HowSTA : is he around?
iroGM04 : Hollgrehemn might be able to do it, but no promises!
HowSTA : oh holgrehenn hates me
iroGM04 : Uh oh, I better not tell him who it`s for then ^_~
HowSTA : =p
iroGM04 : Care to wait a moment?
HowSTA : sure
iroGM04 : I`ll be right back with the upgrade...
iroGM04 : well, if it succeeds
[A short amount of time passes]
iroGM04 : Okay, well he suspected something.
HowSTA : aww he broke it
iroGM04 : He did
iroGM04 : It`s broken
iroGM04 : But, I couldn`t let our promised reward be a lie, so I did it myself.

HowSTA : thank you
iroGM04 : It`s my masterpiece, take good care of it.
HowSTA : i sure will
HowSTA : i wonder if i can kill iRO GM01 with it
iroGM04 : Well, this has been quite a treat to chat with you HowSTA.
HowSTA : same here
iroGM04 : Haha, if you see him, give it a good ol`try for me will ya?
HowSTA : ofcourse
iroGM04 : I`m sure he`ll be quite surprised.
HowSTA : yes
iroGM04 : and let him know GM04 says hi.
HowSTA : with his 99 vit and +10 everything
HowSTA : i`m sure it`ll hurt
iroGM04 : I`ll be looking forward to the outcome.
HowSTA : =p
iroGM04 : Thank you for being here and for being an inspiration to others.
iroGM04 : I wish you the best of luck on your goals HowSTA.
HowSTA : thanks
iroGM04 : Take care. ^^
HowSTA : you too