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iroGM02 : Team work people.
iroGM02 : ;p
Haku` : lol
iroGM02 : there we go
Mich : haha
Painup : omg yes
iroGM02 : got it :)
CyanST : go kill some stuff around here fast and come back
iroGM02 : Ok, let me first start off by saying congratulations for being one of the first to reach level 99 on Iris.
Haku` : thanks
iroGM02 : Also, sorry for any delay in tracking you down for this interview. :P
Haku` : lol
Haku` : sorry , i know i was being a bit annoying
Mich : (still is with the pots)
iroGM02 : Well it`s ok.
k e i r a : an has ADD
k e i r a : its okay
Haku` : but you are here now, that`s all that matters
iroGM02 : Wasn`t a bit either, was quite of a `chunk` really ;P
iroGM02 : Yes, youre right hehe
Haku` : haha
iroGM02 : So...
iroGM02 : How does it feel to be one of the first level 99 players on Iris?
Haku` : it feels good
iroGM02 : How good?
iroGM02 : ^^
Haku` : |_______________________| this good
Mahevan ~ : love for everyone
iroGM02 : Haha, well good. That`s good that it is that good, so we`re all good.
iroGM02 : How long would you say it took you to reach level 99?
Haku` : 7 weeks
iroGM02 : What...
iroGM02 : You serious?
Haku` : yeah, i was out of town when Iris opened.
iroGM02 : (so my bot did all the work)
iroGM02 : :P
Haku` : i started late, and it took me 7 weeks total.
Haku` : lol
iroGM02 : Wow, thats really fast.
Haku` : please, i am better than a bot. /ho
iroGM02 : Hehe
Mahevan ~ : that`s what happen with too much gatorade
iroGM02 : Yes, that is true, as a bot wouldn`t be able to reach 99 without being caught.
Haku` : haha
iroGM02 : How long have you been playing iRO by the way?
Haku` : yeah, dont you remember the time in High Orcs?
Haku` : for almost 3 years
iroGM02 : Really?
iroGM02 : And yes I remember :)
Haku` : ever since beta 1
Haku` : ah, im glad you remember.
iroGM02 : Wow, so I`d say you enjoy playing RO quite a bit then.
Haku` : yeah.. it has its ups and downs
iroGM02 : Let me just note that you all are the quietest Novices I`ve ever seen.
Painup : /thx
Mahevan ~ : lol
Haku` : lol you should see my guildchat
Kamaji- : we try
*Akari* : XD
Mich : we try hard
iroGM02 : Hehe
Knuckles : we`re being polite
Haku` : they are spamming it like crazy
k e i r a : lol
iroGM02 : Ahh, ok then hehe.
Haku` : would you like to join my guild?
*Akari* : haha, farm us please :(
Mich : EXP!
iroGM02 : So, What made you decide to play on the Iris server?
Mahevan ~ : you can farm your leader in that guild how cool is that :D
Haku` : i saw it as a challenge for me
iroGM02 : To hit level 99 from start to finish on a new server?
iroGM02 : Isn`t your primary server Loki or?
Haku` : yes, Loki is my primary
iroGM02 : Ah ok.
Haku` : correct.
Haku` : it was just something to prove to people that I could still do it.
iroGM02 : Oh, I see.
k e i r a : go an!
Kamaji- : im not convinced
Mich : lol
Kamaji- : i think you need to do it again
Mahevan ~ : lol
iroGM02 : Haha
k e i r a : on chaos?
Mich : i think you need to do this on chaos
k e i r a : yes
*Akari* : I know An has the 2 best leveling partners ever!
Haku` : like the whole LoD/Bot accusations
Knuckles : You need at least 1 99 on every server.
iroGM02 : Yea, might run into a bit of a problem if you have to prove this to every new person you meet.
Haku` : yeah
iroGM02 : But, you convinced me so...it`s all good (/endcliche)
iroGM02 : On average, how many hours a week do you think you play?
Haku` : ummm it varies from time to time.
iroGM02 : Ball park figure.
iroGM02 : Come on man I need to complete my statistics sheet.
Haku` : haha
iroGM02 : :)
Mahevan ~ : i say he plays over 500 hours a week
Mahevan ~ : lol
*Akari* : xD
Knuckles : This GM does work.
Haku` : it is hard to keep track of time when you are having fun!
iroGM02 : Oh, what a cop out.
Painup : *cough*LAME*cough*
iroGM02 : That response sounds like you`re selling something on an infomercial...
Haku` : but i would have to say roughly 10 hours day on average
Mich : hahaha
Haku` : haha
iroGM02 : Ah, ok then, thats better :)
CyanST : heh
*Akari* : i bet he`s botting the interveiw
iroGM02 : That may be a bit difficult.
Haku` : im trying to help you sell RO!
Knuckles : Haha
iroGM02 : So, what is the main thing that keeps you playing iRO?
iroGM02 : 3 years is a long time.
Kamaji- : that would be me
Mich : novices :> hands down
Haku` : hmm
Kamaji- : say my name
Mich : lol
Haku` : just like anyone else would say.. the people.
Haku` : but also doing things that others can`t, that is also fun.
iroGM02 : Like what exactly?
iroGM02 : Fill me in, I`m a noob.
Haku` : hmmm
Mahevan ~ : lol
iroGM02 : I`m not elite so I want to know what it is that you can do, that I can`t.
Mich : hahaha
k e i r a : lol kev
iroGM02 : or I should say noobers like me can`t. ;P
iroGM02 : Stop that novice! Bad Novice...bad.
Knuckles : Bad Michi
k e i r a : rofl
Haku` : well recently, I made a 99 sin in 31 days
iroGM02 : That`s impressive.
Haku` : that is my best/new all-time record.
iroGM02 : So I`m assuming you don`t sleep.
Knuckles : Yeah that is impressive.
iroGM02 : 10 hours a day my...*psssh
Haku` : i do, a little too much actually
Mich : rofl
Haku` : i almost missed our date today
iroGM02 : Due to sleep depravity issues aye.
Haku` : because i overslept
iroGM02 : Yep, I figured.
iroGM02 : Don`t worry, I feel your pain.
Haku` : nah, i was having good dreams of you
iroGM02 : Ok this interview is over.
iroGM02 : No item.
Knuckles : this is one hot date.
Haku` : lol
Mich : rofl!
Haku` : awww
Mich : HAHAH
k e i r a : LOL!
Painup : LOL
*Akari* : hahaah
Mich : owned =[
Kamaji- : o w n e d
Wave : My turn plz
*Akari* : yeah, owned :(
Haku` : now i am going to have nightmares.
Mahevan ~ : hahaha
Mich : i think you hurt him deep inside
iroGM02 : Maybe you can "dream" yourself an award item.
k e i r a : awww
Haku` : been there , done that.=x
iroGM02 : Now I just feel awkward.
Mich : that you truly have a guy fan, 02?
iroGM02 : Yes, I`m having a hard time concentrating now.
k e i r a : lol
Mich : lol
iroGM02 : Oh, did you bring your item that you wanted to upgrade?
iroGM02 : I think I may have asked this already.
Haku` : yes, it is right here
iroGM02 : But that dream comment just threw me off something fierce.
k e i r a : roflll
Haku` : would you like to see it?
iroGM02 : Yes, please trade me it....so I can run off...and umm
Mahevan ~ : omg haku, that thing wasn,t GM upgraded?
iroGM02 : upgrade it, yea thats it.
Haku` : "it`s not a green herb, i`m just happy to see you!"
Painup : hahaha
Haku` : alright
iroGM02 : Scam in action people pay attention now.
Mich : okay
Haku` : oops
*Akari* : lol, report!
The deal has been canceled.
iroGM02 : Oh he canceled it.
Mich : lol
k e i r a : rofl
iroGM02 : Bad, bad!
Haku` : i forgot something
Painup : nub
Haku` : you left it last night
Haku` : heres a tip too
k e i r a : lmao
Mich : rofl
Mich : hah
Painup : aww, thats cold
iroGM02 : Hey now!
iroGM02 : You even washed them for me...thank you.
k e i r a : rofllll
Mich : D: !
Mahevan ~ : lol
*Akari* : LOL
Haku` : yeah, it was nothing
Mich : lOl
Knuckles : Tip for all the `friendly services`
Haku` : anything for you
Mahevan ~ : he gave you his panties?
Knuckles : haha
k e i r a : an`s in love
Mahevan ~ : yeah he better wash them
iroGM02 : How did you ever upgrade this to +9...
Painup : hahaha
Haku` : long story
CyanST : >____>
iroGM02 : This is amazing.
Painup : i knew he was gonna ask that
Mich : so make the long story short?
Mahevan ~ : XD
Mich : are the panties slotted?
Haku` : i was trying to be a GM myself
k e i r a : lol
Knuckles : LOL
Haku` : noo
iroGM02 : Who upgraded it?
Haku` : my blacksmith
Mahevan ~ : his 4 hours old BS
Mahevan ~ : XD
iroGM02 : How many Goat helmets did you destroy?
Haku` : guess
Painup : here comes the good part
CyanST : yeah
*Akari* : lol...
iroGM02 : Hmm...I`m not good at guessing.
Mich : lol
Haku` : you should know, you are the GM
Mahevan ~ : lol
iroGM02 : But my extremely advanced mathematical mind will predict it flawlessly...
Mahevan ~ : hahaha
iroGM02 : I predict...
Mich : (drum roll)
iroGM02 : Six Hundred Eighty Seven Thousand Five Hundred.
iroGM02 : My close?
Haku` : close.. but no cigar
Grats To An!!! : what is up
Painup : you`re late
Knuckles : you`re late Sher
*Akari* : sher <3
Haku` : The correct answer is zero.
iroGM02 : Oh, how reliable you are Sher.
Haku` : lol
k e i r a : hi sweety <3
iroGM02 : Zero, hmm. So I was right.
iroGM02 : Pay up.
Haku` : you didn`t bet on it
Haku` : scam!
Painup : GM`s are always right i guess
iroGM02 : Thats right.
iroGM02 : Rule #1. GMs are always right.
Mahevan ~ : lol
Haku` : lol
Mich : lol
iroGM02 : Rule #2. If a GM is wrong, see rule #1.
Mahevan ~ : XD
Knuckles : LOL
Haku` : where do i apply to become a GM?
iroGM02 : Well, eitherway I`ve done you one better. I`ve downgraded this item for you.
iroGM02 : eeer...upgraded.
Mich : hahaha
Painup : hahahaha
Mahevan ~ : rofl
The deal has been canceled.
Haku` : omg you canceled
Mich : scammed!
iroGM02 : Oh wait I`ll give you a souvenire (I know I spelt that wrong).
k e i r a : lol
Haku` : lol
The deal has successfully completed.
Haku` : =x
iroGM02 : I didnt wash those.
*Akari* : lol!
Mahevan ~ : hahaah
Mich : !
Haku` : i will cherish them forever!
Mahevan ~ : XD
*Akari* : 3 guess on what he gave him
Knuckles : panties?!
iroGM02 : Hahah please don`t...
Mahevan ~ : his thong
Haku` : (am wearing them right now)
Mahevan ~ : /omg
Grats To An!!! : =O
iroGM02 : Well, enjoy them, you`ve earned it!
Haku` : they are a bit tight on me
iroGM02 : Oh and the Helm too.
Grats To An!!! : why the gm knows I`m sher..... X_x
Mich : you`re special
k e i r a : cuz we said u`re name sweety <3
iroGM02 : I`m observant Sher.
Mahevan ~ : lol
Grats To An!!! : omg
Haku` : yes, thank you for upgrading .
iroGM02 : :)
iroGM02 : Well, you`ve earned it.
*Akari* : you should say all our names!
iroGM02 : I truly hope you continue to play iRO with as much dedication
iroGM02 : blah blah blah...forever...
Haku` : lol
Mahevan ~ : lol
iroGM02 : goodjob, etc, etc...
Mahevan ~ : lol
Mich : hahahaha
Grats To An!!! : lol....
Painup : he will he doesnt have a full server of 99s yet
Haku` : i will
iroGM02 : You`d the man. End of story.
iroGM02 : Good job. :)
Knuckles : haha
Kamaji- : awesome
iroGM02 : You seem to have some good friends, that is great.
Haku` : do me a favor and make USRC part 2
CyanST : awesome lol
Haku` : so i could show everyone my skills
CyanST : yeah fight DC again
iroGM02 : Well "disciplined" friends.
iroGM02 : Hehe
Mich : very disceplined ^_^
k e i r a : lies
Haku` : yeah, i have trained them well
Mahevan ~ : lol
iroGM02 : *Whaaaapisssh *whaaapisssh
Mahevan ~ : XD
k e i r a : ROFLLLLL
Knuckles : haha
k e i r a : so kinky
Mich : sexy
iroGM02 : Bow down to Haku` you noobish heathens!
Mich : SO I CANT BOW =[
iroGM02 : You`re not worthy.
k e i r a : rofl
Grats To An!!! : Lol...
Mich : OMG =(
Haku` : haha
iroGM02 : Oh, good point.
*Akari* : hahaah
Mahevan ~ : hahaha
Knuckles : *bows*
iroGM02 : Haha yea that..yea having to level to sit...amazing concept.
iroGM02 : All I`m saying.
Knuckles : LOL
*Akari* : lol
Mich : tank pls
Kamaji- : lol lod.
iroGM02 : Hehe well I hope all of you have a good time playing!
Haku` : so many people have farmed him
Haku` : when is his turn to farm people
iroGM02 : I must vanish now, duty calls :D
Mich : nooo
Kamaji- : lol
Painup : nice chatting with you
Kamaji- : later gm02
Mich : SAY MY NAME 02!
Haku` : this is your duty!
k e i r a : THANK YOU GM
Mich : we have sanc
iroGM02 : uh oh.
Haku` : lol
Kamaji- : rofl
Painup : oh no
Mahevan ~ : LOLOLOL
Mich : omg
Grats To An!!! : Lol
Knuckles : ahhhhhh
Mich : epic battle begins!
iroGM02 : I didn`t do that I swear.
Mich : HEY
Grats To An!!! : Gm!
Haku` : aw
Mahevan ~ : HAHAHAHA
iroGM02 : I didnt agi him either..
Grats To An!!! : you said you are observant D:
*Akari* : XD
iroGM02 : that was the other priests...So I umm...gotta go.
k e i r a : somebody is dead
iroGM02 : bye!
Mahevan ~ : XD
Painup : byebye
Mahevan ~ : bai
iroGM02 : Happy gaming!
Mich : Byee
*Akari* : bai bai GM!