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iroGM04 : Nice location.
Yukan : yeah :p
Eden : this castle is symbolic
Eden : for me.. =p
Yukan : lol
iroGM04 : How so?
Eden : I like this castle, and.. I want to take over it !
Yukan : /ok
iroGM04 : Aah ha
Eden : but not on this server, and you don`t want to know which one
iroGM04 : Hehe, fair enough, so ready for the questions? ^^
Eden : hehe yah let`s go
Eden : Hey, you are the 99, not me
Eden : I should be the one asking the question
iroGM04 : Haha, I see that you`ve transcended.
Eden : but well.. :p
iroGM04 : Haha ^^ well, let`s just pretend. ^_~
iroGM04 : How does it feel to be one of the first level 99 players on Sakray?
Eden : Yes but I didn`t leveled a long time the transcended one ^^
Eden : I was more happy to be the first 99 wizard than to be one of the first
Eden : 99
Eden : it was like a challenge
iroGM04 : Was it a good challange?
Eden : Yeha it was good but long..
Eden : at this time there was not all the way to level that we have now
Eden : and I had to level all the time in prison... :p
iroGM04 : Ugh, prison...
Yukan : -.-
Eden : Yes, prison was like my second house back then
iroGM04 : Those Rybios are creepy with their tongues...
Yukan : lol xD
Eden : there was no rybios -.6
Eden : When I was there.. about 2 years ago.. there was only hunter fly brili
Eden : brilight and both zombie and skel prisoners
iroGM04 : Oh right, they`re somewhat new to the area from when you where there.
iroGM04 : Those where the days ^^
Eden : Yes they came with amatsu
iroGM04 : How long would you say it took you to reach level 99?
Eden : But they give good exp ^^
Yukan : ancient prison
Yukan : good place for leveling
Eden : It took me about 6 month but at first I was only mvping I didn`t cared
Eden : much about leveling
iroGM04 : What changed your mind to go for 99?
Eden : and then when the aura started to appear I wanted to be 99
Eden : I mean, there was not the aura update..
Eden : xD
iroGM04 : Aah ha, the butt glow ^_~
Eden : and also the update War of Emperium
Eden : We were exited when we were reading about kro woe
Eden : so I started to level
iroGM04 : Which update do you think brought the most enjoyment to the community?
Eden : (yes there was no woe yet:p)
Eden : War of Emperium of course
Eden : I think that now the game is running around the woe
iroGM04 : Why do you think that?
Eden : there is not much thing to do when you know all about the game beside
Eden : mvp and woe
Eden : and why did people are mvping ?
Eden : to get money to buy stuff, and why did they buy it ?
Eden : to be stronger yes, you need of course first a decent stuff to mvp
iroGM04 : Of course ^^
Eden : but then you want a good stuff to be better in war for your guild and
Eden : your alliance
iroGM04 : Oh, it`s a must!
Eden : The war is also a challenge
iroGM04 : So, how long have you been playing iRO?
Eden : Beucause it`s not only rushing inside a castle and kill all
iroGM04 : Yes, War of Emperium is a great challange.
Eden : Behind the war there is a lot of preparation with your guild, your all
Eden : your alliance,, and you need to make some strategie if you want to win
Eden : a war, if you don`t make some meeting with your allied and all
Eden : you will make a bad war
iroGM04 : Yes ^^
Eden : The war is another dimension of the game
Eden : this is not only fight and drama like people could see from outside
Eden : you have to be better than your ennemis and this don`t come from the s
Eden : sky
iroGM04 : hehe, yes.
iroGM04 : It takes time and effort and skill.
Eden : And I`m playing on Iro since the beta 1
Eden : it takes organisation
iroGM04 : Ooh great, one of the beta players!
Eden : the organisation is the key of the war
iroGM04 : So you have seen iRO go through many changes.
Eden : you can get a lot of people, some skilled guys and all, but without or
Eden : organisation you will be nothing =p
iroGM04 : Yes, organization is important.
Eden : yes there was a lot of change
Eden : There was 3 majors change to me
Eden : 1) the 2-1
Eden : 2) GH / CT
Eden : 3) WoE
iroGM04 : =)
iroGM04 : 3 great updates!
Eden : the others are just some minors change that doesn`t really change the
Eden : game
Eden : oh and also the advanced classes are like a major change
Eden : but not as much as the others..
Eden : and.. the 2-2..
iroGM04 : Ahh, yes.
iroGM04 : Those definately changed the way the Ragnarok World existed.
iroGM04 : Next question ^^
Eden : Yes the game completly changed from the beta 1
iroGM04 : Oh definately. ^^
iroGM04 : What made you decide to play on the Sakray server?
Eden : hum, let me think about your question, it`s long time ago..
iroGM04 : ^.^
Eden : At first I just wanted to test it with some friends
Eden : and then we made a guild and stayed
Eden : xD
iroGM04 : ^_^
iroGM04 : Good reasons to stay ^^
Eden : Yes
Eden : Sakray has a good embience
iroGM04 : Did you ever worry about the fact that being a test server
Eden : We knew everyone each others
iroGM04 : you could lose your characters?
Eden : so what ? You can remake a 99 in like 1 month
iroGM04 : Aahh, confidence ^_^
Yukan : lol
iroGM04 : That`s good ^^
Eden : At the start I was worried
Eden : a little, not much
Eden : it`s because it took me a lot of time to level
Eden : back then it was hard to be 99
iroGM04 : Well we do our best to make sure everything goes well.
Eden : but if I could choose a server now
Eden : I would choose iro chaos
Eden : because of it`s war =p
Eden : but I don`t play much nowadays
iroGM04 : Well, on that topic
iroGM04 : On average, how many hours a week do you think you play?
Eden : it depend a lot
Eden : If I have to powerlevel a char, like I did when I made this high wizz
Eden : I was leveling more than 10 hours a day for 2 weeks to get my level 95
Eden : high wizz
iroGM04 : Wow, that`s impressive.
Eden : but if I don`t have to level
Yukan : Omg
Yukan : Eden is crazy
Yukan : xD
Eden : it depend if I have to organise a war with my alliance
iroGM04 : He`s far more addicted then I am, but I`m getting there!
Yukan : ^_^
Eden : I`m one of the leader of the Sun alliance that you prolly don`t know a
Eden : and I spend a lot of time to organise the war
iroGM04 : Work always comes first. ^^
Eden : I would say like 5hours a day
iroGM04 : That`s very responsible of you.
Eden : and when I work I`m online around 3h a day
iroGM04 : That puts a lot of pressure on you being the leader of an alliance.
iroGM04 : What is the main thing that keeps you playing iRO?
Eden : didn`t I said the war ? xD
iroGM04 : XD
iroGM04 : Yes, but is there anything else?
iroGM04 : Or is it all War of Emperium now?
Eden : Hum..
Eden : I don`t play much anymore now like I said, but yes it`s mostly only wa
Eden : war
Eden : I was to destroy one alliance on this game
iroGM04 : Oh?
Eden : and that is what keep me playing
iroGM04 : Hahaha
Eden : This alliance is strong than our
iroGM04 : Well, I wish you luck in your future battles.
Eden : and that is a challenge to beat it
iroGM04 : And to help you with your battles, I have your reward you asked for.
iroGM04 : I see you brought the Drooping Kitty.
iroGM04 : Mind if I have it to upgrade?
Eden : No, that is just a dead cat I found outside
iroGM04 : Eeww
Eden : ok ok it was not funny
iroGM04 : Doesn`t it smell funny?
Eden : you want it ?
iroGM04 : Well, I need it if you want me to upgrade it. ^^
Eden : maybe you can revive it
iroGM04 : I`ll give it a try
Yukan : xD

iroGM04 : *Attempts to breathe life back into the Kitty*
Yukan : LOL
iroGM04 : It lives!
Eden : wow
Yukan : hahahaha
Eden : you are even less funny than me
Yukan : xD
iroGM04 : ...uh...
Eden : Are you a special gm for sakray ?
iroGM04 : Well, I tried
Eden : it`s wrote Sakray gm
Eden : or did you just made this party for this interview
Eden : Wait, iroGM04.. it make me something..
Eden : are you not that guy that was in 5 finger of death ?
iroGM04 : 5 finger of death?
Eden : Yes, I think you were that wiz inside
Eden : mmh
iroGM04 : Wait, I need to get your drooping kitty helm upgraded.
You got Cyfar 1
Eden : hey
Eden : you killed the cat
Eden : you want me to kill you ?
Yukan : poor cat
iroGM04 : I had to if you wanted your Drooping Kitty back

Eden : does it worth it
Eden : I don`t know
Eden : killing an animal to get profit of it
Yukan : :(
iroGM04 : I gained no profit O.o
Eden : I did ! xD
iroGM04 : So who`s the bad guy now?
Eden : well
Eden : you say you don`t know that guild
iroGM04 : ^_~
Eden : 5 finger of death
Eden : maybe you are a new gm ?
iroGM04 : No, I`m not familiar with that guild.
Eden : well my theorie is:
Eden : you made that guild on sakray with "gm in civil" to test the next even
Eden : event on the main server
Eden : it was the gm in war
iroGM04 : Sorry, I wouldn`t know anything about that. ^^
Eden : it can only be gms since you had ahura mazda
iroGM04 : Well, congratulations for being one of the first level 99 on Sakray.
Eden : and angra mayru
Eden : well you can cut this part if you want xD
Eden : thanks
iroGM04 : I wish you the best in your future War of Emperium sieges.
Eden : I wish you the best in your gm work
Eden : it`s hard beeing a gm
iroGM04 : ^^ I do the best I can.
Eden : everyone whining about the server and all
Eden : to hunt all the bot and to get insulted when something is wrong
iroGM04 : We do everything we can to help everyone.
Eden : what kind of gm are you ?
Eden : bot hunter ?
Eden : xD
Eden : is there several kind of gms ?
iroGM04 : We all do a little of everything.
Eden : or you all do all
Eden : ok
Eden : maybe you should separate and make a section to hunt the bots
iroGM04 : Well take care and good luck in your future.
Eden : to get more efficience
Eden : well thanks you
iroGM04 : I`ll give the suggestion, have a nice day.
Yukan : bybye ;)
Eden : cya
iroGM04 : Take care. ^^