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Avicr Interview: 1st Level 99 Transcendent on Chaos

iRO GM 02 : Hello Avicr are you ready for your interview?
Avicr : Yes, is it okay if I invite some people?
iRO GM 02 : Thats fine, where would you like to have the interview?
Mai Tokiha : TG!! at the big chair
~*kita kaze*~ : ti 4 at the chair please
Avicr : haha can you protect us there?
iRO GM 02 : Um aggro areas aren`t very conducive for a relaxed interview
Mai Tokiha : lol
Aden OSine : but that`s where they lvl
Aden OSine : D:
Avicr : how about HT 2 ?
iRO GM 02 : The group around you?
iRO GM 02 : and no one else?

Teleport !!

Avicr : this is great
Avicr : I`d sit but..you know how the sprite is
iRO GM 02 : Yes I understand many Snipers don`t like the sitting look.
Avicr : I guess we can complain to the kRO guys for that hmm?
iRO GM 02 : Well before we get to the questions I would like to congratulate you
iRO GM 02 : on being the 1st 99 Transcendent on Chaos.
Avicr : was lots of fun racing
iRO GM 02 : I know a lot of people are very curious on how you accomplished such a
iRO GM 02 : feat so quickly.
Avicr : strong guild and good friends
iRO GM 02 : Yes, that is what can make this game loads of fun.
iRO GM 02 : Did you want to give away some of your secrets to leveling?
Mai Tokiha : I think some ppl think we have poke-lod
Avicr : <<
Avicr : well
Avicr : focused arrow strike is a great skill
Avicr : pretty much area DS and can kill mobs very fast
iRO GM 02 : Was there any type of leveling area or situation you would
iRO GM 02 : recommend?
Avicr : in RO it seems the best exp is always in a party
Avicr : so with a good mobber and good support FAS becomes very useful...
iRO GM 02 : So you like to party? Do you even share?
~*kita kaze*~ : nah
~*kita kaze*~ : he owes us his soul
Avicr : for the race it wasn`t share
Avicr : but now that the race is over we`ve been doing share parties
Avicr : and the exp is still great
Avicr : better than you would get soloing say TI 1 for example
iRO GM 02 : Haha, would your playing strategy have changed if there wasn`t a race?
Avicr : I still would want a strong char as fast as possible
Avicr : We`re into leveling as swiftly and efficiently as possible
Avicr : as something new comes out we`re interested
iRO GM 02 : Is that a focus of your Guild or just your group here?
Avicr : want to test the new system to the limits
Mai Tokiha : we`re only missing 2 ppl that are active at the moment
Mai Tokiha : but the whole guild lvl together
iRO GM 02 : That sounds like a fun way of playing.
Avicr : its not fun soloing for hours on end
Avicr : and not seeing your exp move
~Bliss~ : yeh tell me about it *cough*
iRO GM 02 : Do you feel that your friends have been what`s kept your interest high?
Avicr : of course
Sasuke=Uchiha : it nice to have a group of ppl you can trust your life (exp) on
Avicr : as a hunter I used to solo minos and zenorcs
Avicr : was so boring almost lost interest
iRO GM 02 : How long have you all been playing together in RO?
Mai Tokiha : then he came to bapho and found us
Avicr : hmm I`ve been playing for almost 2 years
Avicr : been with them for a year now?
Avicr : I think that`s right
Mai Tokiha : a year and a half to be exact
Avicr : that long??
Mai Tokiha : march was when you joined
Avicr : hasn`t felt that way
Sasuke=Uchiha : time flys when you`re not looking
iRO GM 02 : Thats the advantage of playing something you enjoy.
iRO GM 02 : So what kind of RO things do you do together other than leveling at a
iRO GM 02 : blistering pace?
~*kita kaze*~ : sleep!
iRO GM 02 : Any favorites?
Avicr : we`re in HT!!
~Bliss~ : Bapho!
iRO GM 02 : I thought it was just a coincidence.
Avicr : nah
Avicr : I used to hunt minis here as a new hunter I`d see bapho... and bapho hunters
Avicr : and thought I`d like to do that someday so I worked until I finally could
Avicr : bapho has always been my favorite MVP although, I miss C2 bapho
Avicr : nothing like him teleporting onto helpless levelers
Mai Tokiha : yeah miss spanking teleing bapho in c2
Avicr : and tracking him down while dodging wanderers...
iRO GM 02 : That is one of Baphos favorite thing to do as well.
Avicr : spanking?
~Bliss~ : sadist D:
Sasuke=Uchiha : I think HT Bbapho needs to tele too
Sasuke=Uchiha : he`s defenseless in the rooms here
~Bliss~ : eh...not like mistress please ><
iRO GM 02 : So how many hours a week do think you play?
iRO GM 02 : Normally and during the contest?
Avicr : well I just started school again recently so my hours have drastically changed
Avicr : but during the summer it was hmmm 60-70 hours a week
iRO GM 02 : Yes you have to have priorities, school is very important.
Mai Tokiha : that why he owes us his soul
~Bliss~ : *cough*
iRO GM 02 : Was that higher or lower because of the contest?
Avicr : much higher!
~*kita kaze*~ : much much
Avicr : haha
iRO GM 02 : Hehe, RO wins again.
~Bliss~ : lol
Mai Tokiha : lol
~*kita kaze*~ : I am always complainig once they past 3am
Avicr : hahah
Avicr : yeah
Sasuke=Uchiha : They can MVP for 24 hours straight but cant lvl for more then 4-5 hour
iRO GM 02 : Yeah some people wanting to stop to sleep or something.
Avicr : mortals...
~Bliss~ : Kita always wants to sleep
Avicr : actually there were times... when I was playing with my eyes closed
Mai Tokiha : think we always stop cause kita falls asleep and we die
~*kita kaze*~ : pif
iRO GM 02 : haha, dozing at the keyboard in angry areas is leading cause of debt
Sasuke=Uchiha : so question..
Sasuke=Uchiha : have you seen us down there?
iRO GM 02 : In TI?
Mai Tokiha : yeah
iRO GM 02 : Um lets put it this way, we keep an eye on a lot of people.
~*kita kaze*~ : lol I take that as a yes
Avicr : speaking of which the parties that came to DB our party wasn`t fun
Mai Tokiha : ohoh
~Bliss~ : ooo, i`m glad i missed that >.<
iRO GM 02 : So how big of a group and what kind of class mix do you think is best?
Avicr : well for now I`m sold on sniper + tanker + priest
Avicr : for leveling at least
Mai Tokiha : 150dex with no casting time is the best
Mai Tokiha : plus elemental arrows
Avicr : that 150 is such a must
iRO GM 02 : That is a powerful mix to be sure.
Avicr : need sp gear too
Avicr : nothing worse than sitting every 2 minutes
iRO GM 02 : Especially when you can`t sit.
Avicr : haha
~Bliss~ : hah!
Mai Tokiha : ahah
~*kita kaze*~ : lol
Avicr : I can, just not in public
Sasuke=Uchiha : he knows he wants to sit
Avicr : haha
iRO GM 02 : The shame...
Avicr : its instinct
~Bliss~ : lolz
Avicr : my finger goes to that insert button
Mai Tokiha : you look so comfortable GM02
iRO GM 02 : Yes we don`t sit often, but when we do we fully recline.
Mai Tokiha : last time i saw you you were wearing boyscap and gaotee
~Bliss~ : he decided to wear the feelers like sas
iRO GM 02 : Well the goatee was too cool it was causing some people to logout.
Sasuke=Uchiha : we`re all wearing our favorite head gear
Avicr : B>goatee
iRO GM 02 : I feel the Green Feelers are an underrepresented headgear.
~*kita kaze*~ : you should have listed the comp spec on be able to handle your goatee
Sasuke=Uchiha : <3 feelers
iRO GM 02 : So do you have any questions you would like to ask?
~*kita kaze*~ : i do
iRO GM 02 : Go ahead Kita
~*kita kaze*~ : so, how about get 01 to changed into a female and adopt me
Avicr : kita wants to be a baby 99 novice /sob
iRO GM 02 : 01 Is kinda attached to his, um, self.
Avicr : hahha
~*kita kaze*~ : lol
~Bliss~ : haha
Mai Tokiha : lol
Sasuke=Uchiha : so when is woe items in obb?
iRO GM 02 : Are any of you looking forward to the skill reset?
iRO GM 02 : The OBB items do change every once in awhile, but we try not
Avicr : the MVP items in OBB made things go a bit strange
iRO GM 02 : to make exclusive items go in them to keep imbalance from happening.
Avicr : hmm
Avicr : like MG`s?
iRO GM 02 : I said TRY.
iRO GM 02 : The OBBs are supposed to be fairly easy to obtain now, but the good it
iRO GM 02 : items should be a bit harder to get.
Avicr : I agree on that
Sasuke=Uchiha : I don`t think its an issue if woe items are in there also
Sasuke=Uchiha : there`s really 2 realm to RO woe and mvp
iRO GM 02 : Such as Tribals or the actual treasure box only things?
Mai Tokiha : well we`re concern about god items we`re not into pvp at all
Mai Tokiha : so woe wouldn`t be something we would want to so but looking at how god items ingredient are only obtainable through woe
Avicr : we feel that the mvp rewards have been taking away a bit
Mai Tokiha : we would be force into woe if we want the item
iRO GM 02 : So you are interested in the God item creation items.
Avicr : some items only dropped by MVP`s are now in OBB
Avicr : it`d be nice to have an alternate method of obtaining them
Avicr : although equally as difficult
iRO GM 02 : I can`t really give you a promise of if that will happen or not.
iRO GM 02 : I think OBB would be a bit too easy for god item stuff though.
Avicr : possibly
Avicr : I like the .01% drops from MVP though
~*kita kaze*~ : OPB
Avicr : like the young twig and such its rare enough, but there is still hope
Mai Tokiha : well something else about god item I don`t really like is..
Mai Tokiha : only guild leader has it, sometime I think about recruit to woe to get items
iRO GM 02 : True, as the Guild leader is the only one that can get access
~Bliss~ : make a bear go eat kita....
iRO GM 02 : Sometimes there is a Leib roaming around here.
Mai Tokiha : but i can`t tell them guild is gonna get disbanded after I get the item..
Avicr : its a bit unfair for the guilds to work so hard and the leader to take the items
iRO GM 02 : Well one would hope the Guild leader would share as it is quite an
iRO GM 02 : accomplishment. It does take a good strong guild to hold castles that long.
Sasuke=Uchiha : yeah and all of its member should get something not just the leader
iRO GM 02 : It is possible that alternatives will be made in the future, but no idea how, if or when.
iRO GM 02 : It would most likely be a quest of some such, or a permanent event
~Bliss~ : are the seal quests permanent?
~Bliss~ : *pokes gm*
iRO GM 02 : The seal quests are a more or less permanent thing.
Avicr : more or less huh?
~Bliss~ : oh! that`s good
Avicr : bliss likes that level 4 weapon quest
~Bliss~ : hum
iRO GM 02 : Yes that is everyone`s favorite.
~Bliss~ : Haha dueling the blacksmith was a pain in the butt though
~Bliss~ : @_@
Sasuke=Uchiha : We`re too busy lvling to do it except bliss
~Bliss~ : hey! what`s that supposed to mean =(
iRO GM 02 : It means you have good time managment.
iRO GM 02 : Avicr do you have the item you want upgraded?
Avicr : yes
Avicr : oh wait
Avicr : I havea request before you upgrade
iRO GM 02 : Ok I have to tinker with this a bit.
Mai Tokiha : He`s gonna fail and give you his +10 feelers!!
Avicr : Is it possible to put "Love & Peace`s" on the +10?
iRO GM 02 : I`m sorry it can`t be done that way.
Sasuke=Uchiha : It doesn`t really matter cause he won`t see it after
iRO GM 02 : Well I finished attuning this one.

Avicr : awesome
~*kita kaze*~ : quick feed it to the popo
Mai Tokiha : lol
Avicr : ........
iRO GM 02 : That would be very `spensive petfood.
iRO GM 02 : Ok Well its time for me to go now.
~*kita kaze*~ : oh wait
Sasuke=Uchiha : piff pass it to me for safe keeping!!
Sasuke=Uchiha : its gonna be so safe you wont see it again
~*kita kaze*~ : asked him about your request avic
Avicr : hmm
Avicr : since Bapho is my favorite MVP
Avicr : can you summon a couple in Pront for some action?
Avicr : I haven`t seen an event Bapho in a while
Avicr : and I love those things
Avicr : town invasions are one of my favorite activities
iRO GM 02 : Strangely you are in a minority.
Avicr : they`re so fun though
~Bliss~ : haha
Mai Tokiha : need buff fast killing mvp
iRO GM 02 : Tell you what the next town invasion will be dedicated to you.
Avicr : and if I`m not on?? or leveling? I`ll miss it
iRO GM 02 : It will still be dedicated to you. It`s not about the winning it`s
iRO GM 02 : about the MVPs having a night on the town
Avicr : hahahah
~*kita kaze*~ : lol
Avicr : you know what you`re right
Mai Tokiha : will there be like a message saying.. come Avicr get spanked by Bapho?
iRO GM 02 : I`ll have to see, it sounds like fun, but it may bring you
iRO GM 02 : bad publicity.
Avicr : hahahah
~*kita kaze*~ : lol
Sasuke=Uchiha : lol
Avicr : that doesn`t bother us at this point
Avicr : trust me
~Bliss~ : haha
~Bliss~ : *cough*
Avicr : funny GM
iRO GM 02 : I`d have to say that it is impressive how you all leveled,
~*kita kaze*~ : I guess you saw us heh
iRO GM 02 : But it is more impressive that others were that worried, about you
iRO GM 02 : to go out of their way to slow you down.
Avicr : they should have been slaving the one they wanted to win
Avicr : instead of wasting time
iRO GM 02 : Well I must be off, do you want warped back? Or are you going to
iRO GM 02 : have a tea time with Baphomet?
Mai Tokiha : nah we look for bapho
~Bliss~ : tea time !
Avicr : had lots of fun
~*kita kaze*~ : I think I`ll go play dead on Bapho
iRO GM 02 : Not a problem, keep having fun.
~Bliss~ : thanks =)
iRO GM 02 : How about a group pic?

Avicr : Guess you`ll be seeing us, but we won`t be seeing you!