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Kiryuu-sama Interview: Top 10 Transcendent 99 on Chaos

iRO GM 02 : Here I am looking around in Morroc for one of the top ten level 99 Trancendents on Chaos.
iRO GM 02 : I think I see her, there is Kiryuu-sama, a level 99 Champion, let`s go say hi.

iRO GM 02 : Are you ready for the interview?
Satine : hi gm-chan
iRO GM 02 : Hello
Kiryuu-sama : for the interview am i allowed to invite anyone?
Satine : <-- girlfriend
iRO GM 02 : if you want people to come it has to be very soon,
Kiryuu-sama : ok
Satine : yeah we were just gonna leave the house e.e good timing
iRO GM 02 : where do you want to have it?
Satine : ... north morroc or same as last interview, Kiryuu? o.o
[] Patriot [] : make fast tho, eddga soon:p
Kyalin : lol nice party name
Kiryuu-sama : don`t know what place would be good hah
Satine : lol
Satine : TI2
Satine : Oh and could you turn us into pigs they are so cute?
iRO GM 02 : Heh that would be silly I would never dream of such a thing...
iRO GM 02 : ok so where do you want it? No high aggro areas it makes it
iRO GM 02 : complicated please.
Kiryuu-sama : I suppose our geffen fort would be good
Kiryuu-sama : brit 2
iRO GM 02 : These are the 3 guests?
Satine : there should be more e.e;
Kiryuu-sama : I think more will come i`ll direct them to our fort
Satine : lol
Kiryuu-sama : no warp
Kiryuu-sama : anyone got warp to geffen fort?
Kyalin : i take it woe went well then
Kiryuu-sama : miu got gef fort warp?
Kyalin : since we kept the fort
.Kryptenx : give him the kahos =P
iRO GM 02 : Warp portal up.
iRO GM 02 : go go
iRO GM 02 : go go go

Editor`s note: disaster struck upon using the portal, my note taking poring called in sick. And the interview had to be partially reconstructed from memory. I believe it went something like this...

Satine : :(
Satine : thanks
Satine : one sec
Satine : here might be nicer than inside ;(
Kiryuu-sama : this will work i think just fine
Kiryuu-sama : no emblems over our heads
Kiryuu-sama : I think i`m all set
iRO GM 02 : ok great.
iRO GM 02 : Please have a seat
iRO GM 02 : First off I would like to wish you the sincerest congratulations from
iRO GM 02 : the GM team.
Kiryuu-sama : thanks
iRO GM 02 : How do you feel being one of the first to get to 99?
Kiryuu-sama : hated :( lol
Kiryuu-sama : but otherwise it was rather fulfilling getting there, was a lot of
iRO GM 02 : Thats no good.
Kiryuu-sama : effort
iRO GM 02 : It is an incredible accomplishment to be sure.
iRO GM 02 : So do you want to give away any tips to the other players?
Satine : get a girlfriend :(
Satine : who loves you very much /ok
Frizzysin : dont sleep and drink alot of coke
iRO GM 02 : I`ve noticed that friends make it easier and more fun.
Kiryuu-sama : hmm all I can really think of is just a lot of patience and yeah
iRO GM 02 : Was that your diet? Caffeine and no sleep?
Kiryuu-sama : the more support the better, I probably wouldn`t have tried at all
Kiryuu-sama : if I hadn`t had my girlfriend help me all day
iRO GM 02 : Well do you have the Tiara you want to upgrade?
Kiryuu-sama : Yes here it is.
The deal has successfully completed.
iRO GM 02 : Wow that is an impressive item, I might need one of those.
iRO GM 02 : Yeah I`ll be right back I need to go "upgrade" this.
Frizzysin : yeah
syIverfyre : get him guys, get the tiara back !
iRO GM 02 : What tiara?
Frizzysin : go for it
.Kryptenx : owned
Kyalin : report him Kiryuu
Frizzysin : let him own u in one hit
Dysaster : go pvp
Kaerela : Omg, steal his pants D=
Kiryuu-sama : ooh yay thanks a lot
Frizzysin : lol that would be sweet to see *-*
Satine : *skort his skort! >:o
iRO GM 02 : First off its a Robe of Utter Masculinity and besides
iRO GM 02 : I kid, I`ll give you the Tiara, here you go.
The deal has successfully completed.

Kiryuu-sama : purdy
Kyalin : omg
Kiryuu-sama : he still scammed my tiara though
.Kryptenx : scammer... now you owe +10 kahos
Kyalin : that hunter KSd me
Satine : look guys, Kiryuu`s +10 earmuffs!
Kyalin : lol
Frizzysin : !
iRO GM 02 : There aren`t hardly any scratches on it.
Kiryuu-sama : it smells like GM :(
[] Patriot [] : loL
weka : is it +7 now ?
Kaerela : I think I see a couple of dents
Satine : oh dear.
Kyalin : ew
Satine : hold on i`m slapping him...
Kyalin : lol
Frizzysin : lol
Kiryuu-sama : wait I have no poo hat, shucks
iRO GM 02 : Thank you, for correcting him, but anyway I must be going now.
Frizzysin : group SHOT

~satchiko~ : bai gm team member
weka : interview -> +9 tiara -> GM harrassment -> 5 day ban`d
Frizzysin : @_@;;
Kiryuu-sama : alright, thanks a lot for everything
Satine : +10 tiara, wk
Satine : you nub
Kiryuu-sama : and I would like to say one more thing
weka : oh
iRO GM 02 : Please do
Kiryuu-sama : thanks a lot to everyone that helped me get this 99
Kiryuu-sama : specially Satine my girlfriend that put up with all the same stress
Kiryuu-sama : and garbage I did to get there
Kiryuu-sama : the others who helped me know who they are I rather not list it haha
weka : ye, poor Satine deserves another another tiara
Satine : no I deserve a high priestess outfit
Frizzysin : +7 the boyscap
Satine : guild tank! >;o weka : break it into half, +5 for each of you
iRO GM 02 : Well a Tiara for 1 and 10 Elunium for another would be easier.
Satine : ... this is Frizzy`s boys cap
Satine : lol i`m taking her out to lunch not getting it +10`d ;(
iRO GM 02 : I appreciate all of you being on such good behavior.
iRO GM 02 : I appreciate it, I hope you all have a good time and enjoy yourselves.
weka : thanks
Kiryuu-sama : thanks, you too
Frizzysin : i did not have enough z to Db
Kyalin : Kyruu would beat us if we were out of place
Frizzysin : :< weka : pvp now ?
.Kryptenx : byee
Editor`s Note, no lasting damage was done to any pork products during this interview. I wasn`t banned yet. Somewhere towards the end they must have all turned back to people.

Oh here is a little picture that was sent in commemorating the hitting of 99, poor Turtle General all he wants to do is show off Turtle power and play Bagpipes.