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`Priest` top 10 Transcendent on Sakray!

iRO GM 02: It is now 1 hour after ~AJ~`s, interview
iRO GM 02: and now his leveling partner `Priest` is having his interview.
iRO GM 02: `Priest` is one of the top 10 Transcendents to reach 99 on Sakray.
iRO GM 02: And interestingly enough he is in fact a High Priest.
iRO GM 02: Oh, and I chose red this time, you know to completely switch things up.

Narume : did i here right ak your interview is tonight as well?
iRO GM 02 : Hello again.
Daneil : Feelers evolved!!
-AJ- : kaho horns
-AJ- : i`ll take those please
iRO GM 02 : Is everyone here?
Tally : hm...he lost his note taker
`Priest` : yep
-AJ- : lol
-AJ- : look at his party
Tomoyo. : ;__;
-AJ- : he`s makeing fun of me
-AJ- : /sob
-AJ- : AJ = can`t spell
iRO GM 02 : no trust me the party name is a reference to me.
-AJ- : lol
`Priest` : lol
-AJ- : <3 GM #2
-AJ- : can we b best friends forever
iRO GM 02 : I`m friends with everyone except bots, I hate them.
.Charmer. : that`s it...i can`t take this anymore
.Charmer. : HAND OVER THE PORING!!!!
.Charmer. : xD
+Terpsichore+ : =^C_C^= run note taker ruuuuun
iRO GM 02 : Well lets start off with a practice run.
iRO GM 02 : Everyone stand up and on 3 cast about.
`Priest` : wee
Skiddy : lmao
Skiddy : XD
-AJ- : buffs please
iRO GM 02 : 1
iRO GM 02 : 2
iRO GM 02 : 3

Skiddy : woot
+Terpsichore+ : wow, we got that one down at least
+Terpsichore+ : xD
Skiddy : they`re getting better
-AJ- : GM= dead
Skiddy : XD
iRO GM 02 : Excellent,
-AJ- : safety wall
Daneil : Dork!
Trip : That couldn`t kill teh GM
Daneil : ;_;
Trip : Teh poring would protect him.
`Priest` : yep
iRO GM 02 : Armor poring.
-AJ- : heh
Trip : That poring could so beat all of us down.
`Priest` : na its cuz he in SW
-AJ- : heh
-AJ- : mr. GM can you make it so i can wear spikey on my WIZ
-AJ- : please
HamsterPriest : /lmao
iRO GM 02 : ok lets get comfy for the interview.
[M]ori : Bird in my view D:<
`Priest` : looks at poring
iRO GM 02 : Ok would you mind introducing yourself and the guild?
`Priest` : alright i am known as AK on server
`Priest` : and there here you see is NO
-AJ- : 3 cheers 4 ak
-AJ- : hip hip
[M]ori : Hurrah D:
Adobe : Hooha?
`Priest` : 1 of my reason to be playing this game
Daneil : lmao!
Neo Tanuki : *gets popcorn*
iRO GM 02 : So you leveled with your friend AJ mostly correct?
`Priest` : all the way
`Priest` : 1-99
-AJ- : lol
`Priest` : lol
Daneil : hey.. tank ur aco
iRO GM 02 : Did you find that priest - Wizard combination was the best?
Daneil : ;_;
`Priest` : o yes
iRO GM 02 : Or did you take others in your group?
-AJ- : indeed
-AJ- : lol
`Priest` : o no
`Priest` : we used to ea other
Adobe : No diversity in that party. ;~;
`Priest` : knowing ea other skills
iRO GM 02 : Did you also level together from 1-99 the first time?
-AJ- : make circle
`Priest` : no
`Priest` : didnt realy knew him
`Priest` : NO brought us togather
iRO GM 02 : When did that happen, NO introducing the 2 of you?
-AJ- : someone get my wiz from town please
`Priest` : well he joined got to know ea other
`Priest` : hello hi to lvling patners
`Priest` : and now NO is home
~AJ~ : are u kidding me
~AJ~ : that GM just warped me
~AJ~ : lol
~AJ~ : thanks 4 the lift

iRO GM 02 : Neat, did you both start leveling and just figured out that
iRO GM 02 : the 2 person party was ideal or did you preplan it when the race was a
iRO GM 02 : announced?
`Priest` : o no
`Priest` : i wasnt worried about the race
~AJ~ : <3 PIPI
Skiddy : i don`t believe that
~AJ~ : /GG
`Priest` : its the lvl 99
Skiddy : omg NO i can`t talk, i have to level!!
`Priest` : and all that skills
Trip : actually I`ll give it to ya now
Trip : oops
`Priest` : u should see me in woe
~AJ~ : lol
~AJ~ : i`m sure he does
iRO GM 02 : You enjoy WoE?
`Priest` : WOE is RO now for me lol
`Priest` : and o ya
Skiddy : ...
`Priest` : DL
~AJ~ : lol
`Priest` : DL hates me i hate him
~AJ~ : DL is the DEVIL
~AJ~ : heh
iRO GM 02 : Whatever it is that lets you enjoy the game.
HamsterPriest : lol
iRO GM 02 : I`m sure the Guild enjoys having dedicated WoE people.
~AJ~ : i bet the GM`s recorded how many times me and ak mvped the DL
`Priest` : we have fun
Adobe : 4958735?
~AJ~ : oah
~AJ~ : atleast
~AJ~ : maby 3m ore
`Priest` : we try too
`Priest` : hehe
iRO GM 02 : I like DL the best too, especially when he has his extended posse
iRO GM 02 : Creating meteor storms everywhere.
`Priest` : haha
~AJ~ : heh
~AJ~ : lol
~AJ~ : MS>AJ
~AJ~ : it`s too much dammage
Skiddy : hint hint, town invasion, hint hint
~AJ~ : make it less mr. gm
`Priest` : o ya he cant take it
-Gavin- : God i hate that skill
~AJ~ : lol
~AJ~ : MS takes wiz out unless they have like 5k + hp
iRO GM 02 : I would like to see more meteors myself
~AJ~ : heh
~AJ~ : LOL
Narume : lol
`Priest` : lol
-Gavin- : go do it =P
HamsterPriest : ..... ebil
`Priest` : it doesn`t hurt much
~AJ~ : buffs please
`Priest` : its his evil dis
Skiddy : lmao
Skiddy : ego burnnnnnnnnnnnnn
~AJ~ : lol
`Priest` : hehe
iRO GM 02 : But anyway, did you have a prearranged leveling schedules?
iRO GM 02 : Like at 5pm we will meet here and do ___
`Priest` : we live in same time zone
`Priest` : work at almost same time
`Priest` : so it worked out perfect
Skiddy : you could say .. they were made for each other /ho
HamsterPriest : lol...
`Priest` : i get on and he gets on like 1min lather
iRO GM 02 : Its nice when things work out coincidentally to your benefit.
`Priest` : o yes it really helps
~AJ~ : yes
iRO GM 02 : Getting people organized is the biggest pitfall in most groups.
iRO GM 02 : When did you begin playing RO?
`Priest` : i started like when beta was out
iRO GM 02 : 2002?
`Priest` : around there
`Priest` : and when pay to play came out
`Priest` : i moved here
~AJ~ : i wana put my spikey on my wiz
~AJ~ : heh
`Priest` : i took a break after pay to play came
*~LQQK~* : oO
~AJ~ : me 2
~AJ~ : eh
~AJ~ : but RO`s worth it
~AJ~ : /ok
iRO GM 02 : What was it about RO that made you continue playing?
HamsterPriest : AJ
`Priest` : well if it wasnt for WOE
`Priest` : i wouldnt be here right now
`Priest` : and now that all the new updates
*~LQQK~* : bring back summonning i wanan summon mvp
`Priest` : i just wana wait and see what RO is brings to us
HamsterPriest : LOL
~AJ~ : lol
iRO GM 02 : There are alot of things coming that i think many will enjoy.
[M]ori : Yes that too
+Terpsichore+ : please say new hair sprits
[M]ori : ;_;
+Terpsichore+ : =^;_;^=
Adobe : For real.
Archane : when is einbroch coming out =\
Tally : spell scrolls?
`Priest` : o ya
Archane : need new cards
`Priest` : +10 is must
~AJ~ : heh
Genghis Khan : his next goal is +10
Genghis Khan : lol
~AJ~ : heh
iRO GM 02 : I can`t release info on future updates, but I think you will all be
iRO GM 02 : happy with the direction we are heading.
~AJ~ : happy with 150 dex
HamsterPriest : PET SKILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Archane : yea, new party oriented dungeon seems good
Daneil : lord kaho`s horn plx.....
Daneil : :D
iRO GM 02 : 150 dex is over rated, so you can cast really often, but it leaves you
iRO GM 02 : feeling empty inside, I would seek to avoid that.
`Priest` : lol
Tally : areas that are good for large parties to be able to level well >.>
Archane : haha
`Priest` : haha
Father Edward : i am gonna be number 10 D=
iRO GM 02 : Well keep working at it, even if you don`t win the race you still have
iRO GM 02 : a powerful character in the end.
HamsterPriest : organize a NO vs GM WOE/PVP battle /gg
.Charmer. : where??!!
iRO GM 02 : Somehow I don`t think a PVP vs me would be fair.
~AJ~ : lol
+Terpsichore+ : I don`t think so either
Daneil : ;-;
`Priest` : lol
Genghis Khan : hell no it not
Daneil : true
.Charmer. : oh ....
Adobe : I bet I`d get killed first.
~AJ~ : if i get instant cast i`ll dule u
.Charmer. : i think he just called our hands!
`Priest` : i`ll sopport you
~AJ~ : heh
HamsterPriest : give us a HANDYCAP ??
.Charmer. : let`s jump him
+Terpsichore+ : although it would be fun to be completely owned
.Charmer. : for the poring!!!!!!!!
~AJ~ : AK and AJ vrs GM#2
Genghis Khan : my sader could take on 5 abby,10 khal, 10 ray but he scare of u gm
Skiddy : cough
Tomoyo. : n.n
Genghis Khan : gm = hacker
Adobe : Bless you.
Skiddy : i`ll take the GM on
.Charmer. : lol
~AJ~ : /omg
Genghis Khan : can`t hurt them
`Priest` : lol
Skiddy : ANY DAY, MAN
+Terpsichore+ : xDDD
Skiddy : i`ll turn him into a poring with my azoth
~AJ~ : well if GM has 1m hp
iRO GM 02 : Maybe someday we will do another PVP event, but until then I have to
iRO GM 02 : stay away.
+Terpsichore+ : lmao
~AJ~ : and i do 1 dammage a hit
+Terpsichore+ : awwwww
+Terpsichore+ : =^T_T^=
.Charmer. : awww
`Priest` : ah
.Charmer. : nuuuuuu
~AJ~ : with instant cast
HamsterPriest : CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tomoyo. : ;~;
.Charmer. : you guys are scaring him
.Charmer. : stop it!
~AJ~ : lol
Skiddy : vu is king of suck ups
~AJ~ : what if a rogue divests the GM
`Priest` : i dont like pvp much either
+Terpsichore+ : I think the GM`s should start taking castles in WoE again D:
~AJ~ : GM +Terpsichore+ : now THAT would be a challenge
+Terpsichore+ : xD
.Charmer. : lmao
.Charmer. : haha
Darkclaw : what class is gm 02
HamsterPriest : GM take castle and fill it with MVP`s ^____________________^;;;
iRO GM 02 : i`m GM Class
~AJ~ : baka neko with his GTB and full divestment might take u
.Charmer. : pwned
~AJ~ : lol
Skiddy : something between "awesome" and "better than you"
iRO GM 02 : Keep that combo in mind in case we do such an event.
iRO GM 02 : Would be fun to say the least.
+Terpsichore+ : quit taunting the nice GM =^;_;^= he won`t give us cookies
`Priest` : haha
.Charmer. : yes yes...behave
Trip : GM ignore the NO people.
Archane : ak is anxious, upgrade his pink hat now
iRO GM 02 : Well I think my poring is able to do another upgrade if you want
+Terpsichore+ : lol
iRO GM 02 : to take the chance on it.
`Priest` : go poring
Genghis Khan : ak should ask for +9 spiky than aj ask gm to make that +10 spiky
Skiddy : >:E
~AJ~ : hope he don`t break yours ak
-Wizard Peter- : can I have your poring
`Priest` : i should just get the poring?
~AJ~ : quick poring
~AJ~ : deal me
~AJ~ : make it +11
HamsterPriest : lmao
iRO GM 02 : uh oh, could you bless the poring?
`Priest` : done
~AJ~ : heh
iRO GM 02 : ok good he didn`t repeat the "incident".
.Charmer. : lets` watch his mojo
~AJ~ : lol
+Terpsichore+ : lol
`Priest` : incident?
~AJ~ : +5 spikey grats ak
~AJ~ : lol
.Charmer. : lmao
~*Fallen~Divine*~ : O_O
HamsterPriest : lol

`Priest` : thanks
iRO GM 02 : Why don`t you show it off a bit.
~AJ~ : heh
~AJ~ : rock it out
Skiddy : haha, that`s not nice.
Skiddy : i like it.
~AJ~ : T>+9 spikey 4 kaho horns
iRO GM 02 : Sorry I had to tear these from gm01s head in a fight to the death, they
iRO GM 02 : have sentimental value
Daneil : ;_;
-AJ- : LOL
`Priest` : haha
+Terpsichore+ : D:
-Gavin- : kekekek
Darkclaw : u killed GMo1
+Terpsichore+ : why DOES he want you dead or alive?
Skiddy : you didn`t wash them properly after the battle, they still smell.
Darkclaw : lol
+Terpsichore+ : =^T.T^=
Daneil : i thought ur feelers evolved!!
-AJ- : GM#1 Daneil : D:
.Charmer. : rumor has it....GM 01 posted wanted signs of you
.Charmer. : dead or alive
+Terpsichore+ : he has, I`ve seen the sign!
.Charmer. : seize him!
+Terpsichore+ : =^+_+^=
.Charmer. : GM 01 will reward us
iRO GM 02 : Nah its a good natured rivalry.v -AJ- : GM#1 is in GM#2`s basement
iRO GM 02 : Well do you all want to see how good your timing is with Screenshots
.Charmer. : we will try
Skiddy : >_>
.Charmer. : on your 3
iRO GM 02 : and effect lagging skills?
+Terpsichore+ : lmao xDDD well, we know we can cast
-Gavin- : yes
Neo Tanuki : we suck at timingv Tomoyo. : D:
`Priest` : o yes
.Charmer. : he`s going to count
`Priest` : try to time out my compter
.Charmer. : so pay attention
Skiddy : shouldn`t we do it when the 3 is gone?
iRO GM 02 : 1
iRO GM 02 : 2
Neo Tanuki : i cant count past 2
Skiddy : it`ll have better timing.
Trip : yeah GM kill us all!
-Wizard Peter- : if I lose a % I will cry
iRO GM 02 : 3

Adobe : Buff me. ;3
HamsterPriest : BYE BYE GM!!!!!!!!!!
[M]ori : wah lag
iRO GM 02 : Excellent
.Charmer. : my eyes!!!!

Tally : *has already lost 1% today*
Trip : GM give me a HUG!1
Tomoyo. : LAGGEH
~AJ~ : he`s gone
Adobe : Haha, thanks. :d
Trip : Don`t leave before I get my hug!!

-Gavin- : Mr GM
Elvis dono : did we lag you out?
-Gavin- : summon please
iRO GM 02 : Well thank you all for the entertaining interview.
Editor`s note: After the interview they, and all of Sakray got to see if they could take out a GM in PVP, the results were amusing...
I switched to blue for this as I didn`t want to blow anyone`s mind with too many changes all at once.