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Heavenlove, High Priestess: Top 10 Transcendent on Loki!

iRO GM 02 : Upon finding my victim, err interviewee, I found her in PVP, this promises to be interesting...

HeavenlovE : lets sit down or lets move
Sir Cyrus` : Lol heaven shoulda picked somewhere with a lot less people
iRO GM 02 : Where do you want ot have the intervie Heaven?
Cotton Shirts is taken off.
h a m m i e : woot
h a m m i e : i hope i broke it
iRO GM 02 : you broke my cotten shirt...
iRO GM 02 : The line had been crossed and many a person sent for a nap or a time out.
Elvilla : He`s silencing people, hahah.

HeavenlovE : ok this is my interview
HeavenlovE : welcome
HeavenlovE : but if u can`t sit down
HeavenlovE : we will kill u
fat onion : why is everyone muted?
fat onion : Oo
iRO GM 02 : Ok now to start the interview.
iRO GM 02 : I want to congratulate you on reaching 99 Heaven
HeavenlovE : thanks ^^
iRO GM 02 : Would you mind telling the good people of Rune Midgard
iRO GM 02 : what type of strategy or mindsets that allowed you to accomplish
iRO GM 02 : such a feat?
HeavenlovE : friends
HeavenlovE : XD
HeavenlovE : and i like this game
Cassie^.~ : nan is just that awesome
iRO GM 02 : Are all of your friends here today?
HeavenlovE : umm not really lol
~*Meow*~ : well not now ~_~
iRO GM 02 : thats unfortunate.
HeavenlovE : many friends they got job or class today
HeavenlovE : Xx
*MoonBlade* : o-o lol
iRO GM 02 : Is there anything you would like to say to the people that
iRO GM 02 : helped you?
HeavenlovE : i couldnt get my 99 w/o those friends
HeavenlovE : so thanks to them =P
iRO GM 02 : So how long have you played RO and on Loki?
*Mexy* : GM has this been the hardest inverview ever?
iRO GM 02 : It is the most chaotic
HeavenlovE : ok GM sorry abt that ,can we change a place?
iRO GM 02 : certainly where would you like to be?
iRO GM 02 : please go in warps
iRO GM 02 : ok much better
iRO GM 02 : We moved out of the PVP area, as it wasn`t conducive for an interview.
HeavenlovE : sorry about that
iRO GM 02 : Its ok, it would be an interesting interview but a bit hard to ensure
iRO GM 02 : peace.

iRO GM 02 : Ok I think the last question was when did you start
iRO GM 02 : playing RO
HeavenlovE : umm 2 years go lol
HeavenlovE : >.<
iRO GM 02 : So you have been playing for 2 years, what has kept
iRO GM 02 : you interested in RO for that time?
Cassie^.~ : me!
HeavenlovE : cos ro charators are cute lol
iRO GM 02 : Are you big into the headgear side of the game
HeavenlovE : yeah lol
HeavenlovE : how do u know !!
iRO GM 02 : Its not me its the devi he spies.
~*Meow*~ : rofl
*Mexy* : zomg u haxed the devil
True King : you always blame that poor devi
HeavenlovE : =P
iRO GM 02 : So Heaven, what are some of the things you are personally
iRO GM 02 : looking forward to, either in RO, or now that you are 99?
HeavenlovE : i want to make a 99 creator lol
iRO GM 02 : Ohhh that would be nifty, good luck with that.
msg(fromGod)2 : gimmie 20% so i can lvl :P
HeavenlovE : thanks
-mamono- : O.O wow
*Mexy* : woot for nifty
iRO GM 02 : Holy moly Heavenlove is just too popular!

iRO GM 02 : Do you have small goals each day when you play? Or do you just play
iRO GM 02 : and the 99 just happened?
HeavenlovE : ya i got few % each day
iRO GM 02 : What type of party/solo setup did you prefer?
Bukki. : Wiz and priest. It`s the only way to go.
HeavenlovE : skill reset !!
HeavenlovE : i meant it helped me alot
iRO GM 02 : ok, So wiz priest is a great combo, was it always the same wiz?
Lucavi` : mememe
HeavenlovE : ye two wiz i think
~*Meow*~ : n they all got 99
Mujica : hahaha
HeavenlovE : i lvled with Luc to 90+ then started lvling with yan
HeavenlovE : they are good wiz =P
iRO GM 02 : Ahh, well you all got to 99 that is impressive.
iRO GM 02 : Did you have anything that you would like upgraded to
iRO GM 02 : commemorate this occasion?
HeavenlovE : ye spiky
Bukki. : Pink Hat
iRO GM 02 : Ok please deal me the pink hat
~*Meow*~ : nan i got a pink hat here
Immortal Technique : lol
HeavenlovE : lol
iRO GM 02 : Ok now give it here... Bad devi!!
Mujica : o_0
yi zhi : O.o
Bukki. : Oh no he failed
Cassie^.~ : he ate it?
-mamono- : o.O
Bukki. : /failure
~*Meow*~ : n he`s gone
Elvilla : Whoah.
Mujica : working his magic XD
iRO GM 02 : ok I had to make him give me the spiky,
iRO GM 02 : he seems to think it would look good on him
~*Meow*~ : i guess that`s why he ran in the first place
*Mexy* : can i use ur PA to upgrade my hat?

HeavenlovE : thanks <#3
~>nan<~ : lol
iRO GM 02 : Yay! now please show it off.
Immortal Technique : lol
HeavenlovE : yay +10spiky
Cassie^.~ : wowww
k e i r a : grats nan ^_^
*Mexy* : +10 spiky is the secks
Baby Avri : yay!
Cassie^.~ : +10 is hot
Mujica : /slur
Elvilla : So 02, wanna tell my why you need to use "iRO GM" 3 times in your name
iRO GM 02 : Its so people don`t think I"M a scammer
HeavenlovE : lol
iRO GM 02 : Congratulations

iRO GM 02 : Now howabout a shot of all the skills in the game going off all
iRO GM 02 : at once right here, to try and crash my PC?
iRO GM 02 : on 3
~*Meow*~ : sure!!!
*MoonBlade* : This is going to Lag...BADLY
iRO GM 02 : 3
Cassie^.~ : llol
Immortal Technique : /effect ftw
iRO GM 02 : Excellent
Mujica : x.X
Mujica : ouch... hurts my eye
Aquilus Bellator : No effect still = loose
Analog-Devil : aww EA keep spaming invites on lucavi
Analog-Devil : thats cheap
k e i r a : seizure
Bukki. : You could be cheating by using /effect.
~*Meow*~ : muji sp pls =x
*MoonBlade* : Seizureriffic

Elvilla : He`s gone.
Immortal Technique : lol
~*Meow*~ : pif
Shoukai : he left
Raelyn` : nuuu we fail
Raelyn` : we can`t crash the gm
*MoonBlade* : lmao
Elvilla : Okay I lied.
Elvilla : He`s still here.
Aquilus Bellator : ^_^
~*Meow*~ : heals pls
HeavenlovE : /??
Cassie^.~ : no
~*Meow*~ : come one let`s crash his computer
iRO GM 02 : OK that ought to be a good SS
*MoonBlade* : xD
IceDagger77 : boom
Aquilus Bellator : Globally announce "The Truffle Shuffle" !!!
( From Aquilus Bellator ) : You`d be my favorite gm for sure =D
( To Aquilus Bellator ) : sob I thought I already was...
~*Meow*~ : gm should come out more often to make the player stay!
iRO GM 02 : People keep trying to turn me in for a reward when I come
iRO GM 02 : out of hiding
*MoonBlade* : tea
Mortal Wombat : your the guy in bathrobes
*MoonBlade* : lmao
Mujica : should help us kill some bots =X
Mwiff : Oh yo
Mwiff : Rofl
~*Meow*~ : reward...
Mujica : GM? would u accept my panty??
*MoonBlade* : \/omg
Immortal Technique : lol
iRO GM 02 : Um I can`t accept persons articles of clothing, its particle filled
msg(fromGod)2 : lol
Immortal Technique : haha
Analog-Devil : haha
~*Meow*~ : muji!
~*Meow*~ : told u to clean it!
iRO GM 02 : ok now I have to Truffle shuffle away now, congrats on 99
Cassie^.~ : noooo
Bukki. : Chunk.
( From Aquilus Bellator ) : Oh, I love you.
k e i r a : my name
iRO GM 02 : and good luck to you all in your future endeavors
Aquilus Bellator : =D
Raelyn` : bye GM02
*MoonBlade* : Thanks RO GM
Raelyn` : <3
HeavenlovE : thanks
Bri` : bai GM :D
~*Meow*~ : visit payon
Immortal Technique : lol
-sully- : payon warp!

Despite the confusion in the begining and the multiple dead branches someone released upon our peaceful look out spot, most of the people were well mannered, and had many interesting things to say.
I still can`t believe they broke my cotton shirt... Many people did die for the making of this interview /gg.