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Crono level 99 Lord Knight on Chaos

I see my next target for interviewing now. He is Crono on the Chaos server.
He is a Lord knight that was one of the first to reach 99 on this server as a Transcendent.

iRO GM 02 : Hello Crono, are you ready for your interview?
Crono : oh
Crono : i forgot my pet
Crono : let me get it ?;x
Bedtime Bear : wow crono
iRO GM 02 : Go ahead
Bedtime Bear : GM is 99 adv too :O
Bedtime Bear : lod lod!
iRO GM 02 : Nah Lod is too easy, poporings is where ultimate power lies
Bedtime Bear : Wow he takes so long.

Crono : warp val 4
Crono : bear
iRO GM 02 : Ok is this where you want to be?
iRO GM 02 : I guess not
catherine : lol
Owen. : lol
Bedtime Bear : on emp?
Asher` : crono
Crono : that everyone?
Owen. : more comin
Bedtime Bear : vahn
Bedtime Bear : straggling
Owen. : they`re walkin
Owen. : lol
Crono : lol
Crono : lol not enough chairs
Bedtime Bear : haha cath has to stand :D
Crono : sit on the ground ;o
Owen. : haha
catherine : :(
iRO GM 02 : ok get situated
Crono : kk
Bedtime Bear : You can have my seat, I`m so chivalrous
Crono : i think we set
Dissident : lol
KungFuStewie : we can lap shane
Bedtime Bear : <3
Sarcasm : hehe
iRO GM 02 : Ok I would like to start off by telling you congratulations
Crono : thanks a lot
Crono : i couldnt have done it without the help of my guild members
iRO GM 02 : How does it feel being one of the first to get to 99 as a
iRO GM 02 : transcendent?
Crono : it feels good knowing i accomplish a goal that some are aiming for
iRO GM 02 : Do you have any advice or tactics to help others get there?
Crono : yes, to have your friends support you and help you
Crono : also to never give up even though it takes a long time
iRO GM 02 : Where would you recommend and with whom would you recommend
iRO GM 02 : partying?
iRO GM 02 : If you don`t mind giving away trade secrets
Crono : hehe
Crono : its fine
Crono : hmmm
Crono : where i would recommend lvling is magma dungeon
Crono : since i spent all my time in there
iRO GM 02 : What kind of party/solo environment do you think works best?
Crono : a wizard/priest as a party or for a lord knight, a priest
iRO GM 02 : So what is your goal now that you have gotten to 99?
Crono : to get to 70 job lvl and to help all my guildmembers that helped me
Crono : finish this lvl
Crono : especially my friend ken
iRO GM 02 : I`m sure they will be very happy with that.
Crono : who`s been there all the time helping me and slaving me
Crono : im sure they are
Crono : they all sitting around this table
iRO GM 02 : They look like they are waiting for a waitor to come.
Crono : lol
Bedtime Bear : I`m hungry. :(
Owen. : serve food please
Sarcasm : me too
iRO GM 02 : You`d think with the effort for a Guild castle they would include
FIares : your party failed :(
iRO GM 02 : meals
Obi-Wan. : i`m hungry too!
Bedtime Bear : yum
Crono : well we would hire a kafra
Crono : but you see catherine here
iRO GM 02 : Thinks they skim a bit too much off the top?
catherine : ^_~
Sarcasm : She doesn`t eat!
Crono : lol
Owen. : lolll
iRO GM 02 : Heh, I guess only the pets will be fed today
iRO GM 02 : So how long have you played RO?
Crono : i been playing since alpha
Crono : took a break for about a year
Crono : but came back ;x
iRO GM 02 : What has kept you into it over the years?
Crono : my friends is what kept me playing
Crono : i wouldnt be playing
Crono : if i didnt have such good friends around me
Asher` : to slave me
Obi-Wan. : <3
iRO GM 02 : Friends keep it interesting that is for sure.
Bedtime Bear : Interesting is an understatement.. you should see our party chat ;D
Owen. : haha
catherine : he probably can :p
Sarcasm : lol
iRO GM 02 : I`m sure you are nitpicking my spelling/grammar errors
Crono : lol
Horachio : you wish !
iRO GM 02 : I`m not too worried about it, I have spell checker powers later, when
iRO GM 02 : the poring rewrites it
FIares : oh yes, oh god yes hora, oh yes
FIares : oh shh
FIares : wrong chat
Crono : lol
Sarcasm : lol
iRO GM 02 : So what is a memorable RO moment for you Crono?
Crono : most memorable moment was when empire was made the first time
Crono : and everyone was first class
iRO GM 02 : When was that?
Crono : open beta i think
iRO GM 02 : That was quite a while ago.
iRO GM 02 : Its tough to stick together that long, so congrats on that as well
Crono : thanks
iRO GM 02 : Do you have any item you would like to have upgraded
iRO GM 02 : to commemorate your accomplishment
Crono : yes i do
iRO GM 02 : Quite a toy there
iRO GM 02 : Ok blob make it sharper
KungFuStewie : +10 blob
KungFuStewie : you can do it
Asher` : sharper? i thought he was doing the nutshell
iRO GM 02 : *Wipe off the goo*
Crono : lol
Bedtime Bear : +11!
iRO GM 02 : +5 Novice Main Gauche congratulations
Sarcasm : hehe
Crono : thanks!
Obi-Wan. : lol
Dissident : sweet
KungFuStewie : yay
Crono : finally
Bedtime Bear : omg can I borrow it??
Crono : lol
Crono : i can lvl my super novice now

Crono : thanks a lot
iRO GM 02 : I`m just kidding I put it to 7 I`m not a jerk
Bedtime Bear : Such a sweetie.
Crono : lol
iRO GM 02 : So how about a group pic
Crono : everyone
Crono : line up
Bedtime Bear : Ha!
iRO GM 02 : when the 3 fades give your congrats
iRO GM 02 : 1
iRO GM 02 : 2
iRO GM 02 : 3

KungFuStewie : ohh i get it now haha
Crono : lol bad timing
Sarcasm : lol
iRO GM 02 : Ok now its time for the part that makes my PC overheat
Owen. : lol
Bedtime Bear : Spawning 50 lods?
Crono : lol
Obi-Wan. : lol
Owen. : haha
Raviene : :(
iRO GM 02 : no can`t do that, t`would be bad
Sarcasm : hahaha
Dissident : please do! ;x
Bedtime Bear : Down with crossdressers!
iRO GM 02 : but you guys can cast every spell possible to lag me out
KungFuStewie : porn?
Asher` : we have one wizard here :(
FIares : You mean all one wizard? :(
Obi-Wan. : =x
catherine : ha ;x
Horachio : I dont have any skills.. i`m an assassin
Owen. : we need more wiz lol ;(
Sarcasm : dont feel bad same here hora
Obi-Wan. : *effects off*

iRO GM 02 : Thank you
iRO GM 02 : Congratulations to you all, please use that sword to
iRO GM 02 : bring justice to the wild lands
Asher` : <--- girlfriend
Owen. : lol
Bedtime Bear : <--- girlfriend
Dissident : <--- slave #42
iRO GM 02 : Good day to you all!