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Myrianne 1st Transcendent 99 on Loki!!

iRO GM 02 : After doing interviews with such large groups this should be very peaceful.

iRO GM 02 : Hello Myrianne
Myrianne : Good evening.
Myrianne : You`re punctual. ;)
iRO GM 02 : Are you ready for the interview?
iRO GM 02 : I try to be on time.
[]Southirack[] : looks like I`m late
[]Southirack[] : psst chu tell him about your fan club =)
Chu! : *pst I want to make a GM 02 fan club*
Chu! : XD
iRO GM 02 : Why?
Chu! : happy southi :P
Chu! : XD me and my friend citrus are randomly obsessed o.o~
Myrianne : She loves iroSubGM02. heh
Chu! : XD/ok
Chu! : I love myri more b/c
iRO GM 02 : Randomly obsessed, that is an interesting turn of phrase.
Chu! : she has red hair XD
Myrianne : lol
Chu! : <--- []Southirack[] : why doesn`t the gm guild emblem appear above you D=
Chu! : XD
iRO GM 02 : Special
[]Southirack[] : * I think its` so they can cheat in woe*
Chu! : he is "special" *writes down notes for fan club* >:D jkjk XD
[]Southirack[] : they can hide behind stuff D=
iRO GM 02 : No more likely its to keep us from doing woe
iRO GM 02 : GMs in WoE would be one sided.
Chu! : XD yar
[]Southirack[] : like that event in iris ^^
iRO GM 02 : Yes, it was fun though
Chu! : they should have a one sided gm woe on loki XD~!
Chu! : *happy death*
[]Southirack[] : I`d waste so many millions trying to gf gms
iRO GM 02 : Some would like it I`m sure, but whomever didn`t get a castle due to
iRO GM 02 : GM interference wouldn`t be happy.
Chu! : xD
Myrianne : I think people could survive for 3 days with no castle in exchange
Myrianne : for a fun event like that...
Chu! : XD totally XD
[]Southirack[] : omg have you noticed
[]Southirack[] : gms have an advanced aura
iRO GM 02 : Shouldn`t I?
[]Southirack[] : the bubbles are all squarish
[]Southirack[] : but you existed before advanced
[]Southirack[] : you should keep the normal auras
iRO GM 02 : I leveled up.
[]Southirack[] : *imagines advanced gm sprites*
Chu! : xD
Myrianne : Oh yeah? I never saw you leveling. ;)
Chu! : how do GMs lvl o.o?
iRO GM 02 : Sadly the robe goes over my normal clothing.
iRO GM 02 : Stitched to my skin
[]Southirack[] : sounds painful
iRO GM 02 : Yeah initiation is harsh on the GM team
[]Southirack[] : they lvl and mvp during "maintenance"
Chu! : XD~
Chu! : hahah XD
[]Southirack[] : those 2 hours are so they can hog all the monsters and mvps
Chu! : priv lvling time /gg
iRO GM 02 : No trust me the servers are down during maintenance
kumiiko : hi guys
Myrianne : See? My friends are all lazy. None of them are advanced.
kumiiko : :D
Chu! : we are jking hehe ^^ XD
Chu! : ~.~
kumiiko : im trying
Chu! : I`m not XD
Chu! : (has given up) XD
[]Southirack[] : just you watch
Myrianne : lol
[]Southirack[] : I`ll get all 5 99s in one day
iRO GM 02 : Ok, I would like to start off by wishing you congratulations on
iRO GM 02 : being the 1st Transcendent on Loki to reach 99
Myrianne : Thanks. :D
iRO GM 02 : I`m sure you are just dying to tell everyone what your secret
iRO GM 02 : leveling method was.
iRO GM 02 : Could you tell us about it?
Myrianne : Haha. Actually, my secret leveling method was just having good
Myrianne : friends. I can attribute most of it to Southirack,
Myrianne : ..MiKa.., .xtc., and *ShadowCat*
Myrianne : Especially Southirack here. He helped me level for hours every day.
[]Southirack[] : I let her die enough to get a normal 99 however >.>
kumiiko : aww
iRO GM 02 : What was the actually leveling parties like?
Myrianne : Mostly just Southirack and myself in the Geffen Guild Dungeon...
iRO GM 02 : Tank and nuke?
Myrianne : When I was 98, other members of the guild came and helped, too.
Myrianne : Yep.
Myrianne : With that in mind, I`d also like to thank K e i`, for helping me by
Myrianne : letting me use his guild`s dungeon.
iRO GM 02 : Excellent, how has reaching 99 first effected you?
Myrianne : It`s been both positive and negative, but it feels really good to have
Myrianne : accomplished something that nobody else here has.
Myrianne : Despite all the rude comments made by unpleasant people, it can
Myrianne : never compete with all of the positive attention I`ve received.
kumiiko : im so proud of her
kumiiko : she worked so hard
Chu! : aren`t we all XD
iRO GM 02 : How long have you played RO?
Myrianne : Hmmm... since May of 2004, I think.
kumiiko : deserves all the love possible
iRO GM 02 : What first brought you to RO?
Myrianne : :D
Myrianne : Honestly? All the fan art. Every time I went to an art site, they
Myrianne : always had an RO section...
Myrianne : So I had to come check it out.
iRO GM 02 : We do have a great number of talented artists that play.
Myrianne : Oh yes. Binkari is amazing, for one.
Chu! : I will >:D draw art for myri
Chu! : *evil laughter*
iRO GM 02 : Did you set out to reach 99 for the race? Or was it just a
iRO GM 02 : coincidence that we had a race?
Myrianne : I drew one, but it got rejected!!
[]Southirack[] : lol
Chu! : ]XD
Myrianne : Uhh....
[]Southirack[] : no talent >:D
Myrianne : At first, Southirack and I were just leveling my mage, and then we
Myrianne : found out that we were on top leveling, so...
Myrianne : After the second week we decided to really level.
Chu! : I remember X_X her sexy mage XD
Chu! : soo cute ~.~
[]Southirack[] : with her pink butt
Myrianne : =/
Chu! : perv XD
iRO GM 02 : Heh
kumiiko : shes not my twin no more
Myrianne : Yeah... every time I see a mage now I look for that pink butt.
Chu! : <-- most perverted RO person
kumiiko : i have to catch up
[]Southirack[] : that`s the only way to distinguish them D=
Myrianne : It almost matched my hair. :D
[]Southirack[] : they want you to look
Chu! : XD
Myrianne : Pink mage butt is like black panties. You only wear it when you want
Myrianne : it to be noticed. ???
Chu! : (insane spazzy priests o.o)
kumiiko : LOL
iRO GM 02 : Thats good that you have good friends that enjoy playing
iRO GM 02 : together, I`m sure it made things better.
[]Southirack[] : what color panties is everyone wearing =D
kumiiko : omg another sab
[]Southirack[] : mine are blue~
Chu! : *sneaks away froms southi* XD
Myrianne : Well, RO is a multiplayer game. Friends play a big part in the
Myrianne : enjoyment of the game.
Chu! : (has red panties)
[]Southirack[] : sexy
Chu! : psh~
Chu! : away with you
Myrianne : Omg... I`m wearing black...
Myrianne : swt...
Chu! : omg o.o
kumiiko : lol
kumiiko : blue!
Chu! : myri is kewllier~ but red would match her awesome hair >:D
Chu! : nuuuuu XD blue yuck XD
[]Southirack[] : so all that`s left is kumii and mr gm =)
iRO GM 02 : No comment
[]Southirack[] : share share
Chu! : lol xD~
Chu! : I think I see white panties for the gm >:D
Myrianne : Tidy whities?
[]Southirack[] : someone`s really looking
Chu! : totally XD
kumiiko : lol
iRO GM 02 : And why would you be looking? I`m a man dangit!
[]Southirack[] : XD
Chu! : I think XD we totally side tracked the interview XD
[]Southirack[] : lol
[]Southirack[] : yea
iRO GM 02 : I thnk we did
[]Southirack[] : *shuts up*
Myrianne : Some editing required? lol
Chu! : xD
iRO GM 02 : Probably not much

Here is a Picture of who I`m talking too,
just to side track where the dialogue is going /gg.

kumiiko : the others were same
Myrianne : What`s wrong with panties
kumiiko : one guy gave pantys to gm
Chu! : (he`s goignto take out the tidy whiteys)
[]Southirack[] : that was an
iRO GM 02 : Of course I don`t wear.............
Chu! : XD~
Myrianne : Careful now... don`t hit me with that nose...
Chu! : xD
iRO GM 02 : But anyway, do you have any wishes or questions for RO?
Myrianne : Sure, but I think all the worthwhile ones I`ve already sent in, in the
Myrianne : form of reports or requests...
Chu! : ask why they didn`t accept your fan art ~.~
Chu! : xD
Myrianne : Cuz I suck. lol
iRO GM 02 : Did you have an item that you would like upgrade to commemorate
iRO GM 02 : your reaching 99?
Chu! : the kewl part >:D~
Chu! : xD~ lmao XD
[]Southirack[] : I wanna see the clank clank
[]Southirack[] : Failure
Chu! : omg XD~
Myrianne : o.O
Chu! : is that possible XD
kumiiko : never!
iRO GM 02 : Its only happened a few times.
kumiiko : its her prize
Chu! : OMG o.O~!
Chu! : IT HAPPENS?~!
iRO GM 02 : Its an outside possbility at best.
Chu! : XD~
[]Southirack[] : =)
Chu! : omg southi reads minds XD
Myrianne : So if it fails, can I have any item of my choice? :D~~
Chu! : i wanta see a failure too XD
iRO GM 02 : That is why I have the Devi, he upgrades it.
[]Southirack[] : *crosses fingers for the break*
Chu! : xD~
Chu! : ah
Chu! : yesh brreak~!
kumiiko : he looks hungry
kumiiko : feed him first
iRO GM 02 : I don`t keep him for his good looks
Chu! : he is sexy O.o
Myrianne : See, you don`t understand... Despite all my attempts, I`ve never made
Myrianne : a single item +7...
[]Southirack[] : he looks like he eats kittens
iRO GM 02 : That is why the gag is there.
iRO GM 02 : Kitens are more or less safe around him
Chu! : ~.~
Myrianne : Probabilistically speaking, I could make this fail.
[]Southirack[] : as long as the pacifier keeps him satisfied
Chu! : XD
Chu! : *steals pacifier* >:D
[]Southirack[] : omg
kumiiko : lol
Chu! : XD~
[]Southirack[] : lol
Chu! : lmao XD
kumiiko : does he poke your butt when you walk?
iRO GM 02 : He knows his place, and its not poking me.
Myrianne : *watches it eat chu*
Chu! : XD~
Chu! : nuu myri ~.~
Chu! : *pushes myri in* XD
Chu! : baiz~
Chu! : I love you XD
kumiiko : ~saves her
Chu! : XD
kumiiko : or she saved me
[]Southirack[] : I bet he cracks the whip on that poor devi
Chu! : to make it not break hats ~.~
Chu! : it has to earn it keep too XD~.~
iRO GM 02 : Do a good job this time PA.
Chu! : lol XD
[]Southirack[] : omg PA
Chu! : hahaha xD
iRO GM 02 : I said upgrade it, to 10 please
Chu! : *hopes for a break) XD
kumiiko : no break
iRO GM 02 : Ok good now give it here
Chu! : poor myri xD
Chu! : lmao XD~!
kumiiko : she deserves her prize
Chu! : he is cracking that whip again xd
Chu! : poor PA XD *eats it*
Myrianne : *psst... he`s talking to his devi... I think he`s going senile...*
[]Southirack[] : look at all those scars
Chu! : totally XD
iRO GM 02 : Ok time to scribble a name on this thing in my chicken scratchings.
Chu! : thats okay he still gets a fan club from me and citrus >:D~!
Chu! : he means chiken droppings
Chu! : I would wash it a few times frist
Chu! : first<

Wow look at that strong handwriting,
oh and I guess the item is cool too!

Myrianne : Thanks. :D
Chu! : yay gratz XD
iRO GM 02 : Don`t rub too hard the ink isn`t dry yet
Chu! : onthe un broken hat XD~
kumiiko : yay
Chu! : don`t smell it either myri ~.~
[]Southirack[] : *smears the ink to spell Southirack*
Chu! : XD~
Myrianne : Ink? On a cat doll???
Chu! : I hope its white ink ~.~
iRO GM 02 : Its glowy blue ink, only the best for our winners.
Chu! : ewww blue ~.~
Myrianne : Oh yes, I see now...
Chu! : southi wins this round just this once XD~
Myrianne : It matches my aura. :D
Chu! : lmao xD~
iRO GM 02 : Yes it does.
iRO GM 02 : Now would you all like to do a group pic?

Timing, yes we gots it!!

Myrianne : Yay. :D
iRO GM 02 : Alright I must be off.
Chu! : the chu fan club one was better XD
[]Southirack[] : bye bye~
Chu! : baiz ~!
iRO GM 02 : Best of wishes to all of you in your future endevours
kumiiko : you too
kumiiko : :D
Chu! : same to you :D
Myrianne : Hehe. Have fun sifting through player emails.
Chu! : ~.~
[]Southirack[] : boo
[]Southirack[] : couldn`t he have walked out
Chu! : xD~
[]Southirack[] : lol
Myrianne : lol
Chu! : LOL XD
[]Southirack[] : off he goes~
iRO GM 02 : Walking takes too long
[]Southirack[] : into the sunset
[]Southirack[] : lol

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