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[s1] Xivic

[s1] Xivic the Lord Knight Top 10 Transcendent on Chaos

iRO GM 02 : Here I am Looking for [s1] Xivic for his interview.
iRO GM 02 : I don`t have my PA here today, because frankly he was getting a
iRO GM 02 : little to demanding for pay raises and such, so I`ll be handling this
iRO GM 02 : interview solo, `sides what can he do that I can`t do better?
iRO GM 02 : Something tells me with this group it won`t be the most peaceful of interviews...

Looks like a rowdy bunch.

iRO GM 02 : Are you ready for your interview?
[s1] Xivic : Are you gonna ask me what headgear you are wearing?
Krothic : lol
iRO GM 02 : Congratulations on reaching 99
[s1] Xivic : ^___^ thanks
[s1] Xivic : It was easy
[s1] Xivic : just kidding
iRO GM 02 : Would you like to share with the community how you got there
iRO GM 02 : so fast?
Moby. : bot!
Sakura22 : slaves!
Moby. : human bot
[s1] Xivic : Hmmmm, poking things around in stings
[s1] Xivic : and alot of help along the way
Kamalya : he now controls the sl. glove market
[s1] Xivic : I had people bathe me from the smell
iRO GM 02 : Many stings died at your hands
iRO GM 02 : Did you always solo or get slaved/shared
[s1] Xivic : I`d say about 95% solo
[s1] Xivic : There were a few times I did parties at early levels
[s1] Xivic : Spent alot of pots
[s1] Xivic : But I did some leeching as a swordie
iRO GM 02 : What pushed you to try for 99?
[s1] Xivic : I wanted to be in the Hall of Fame
[s1] Xivic : It just looked cool to be on there
iRO GM 02 : Well hopefully all goes well with the interview then
[s1] Xivic : I`m botting the interview
iRO GM 02 : When did you start playing RO?
[s1] Xivic : About a month after pay to play
[s1] Xivic : Missed the first race to 99
iRO GM 02 : I`m sure that you know how to play without doing
iRO GM 02 : anything illegal...
[s1] Xivic : Lol, I enjoy playing the game
[s1] Xivic : No fun in doing anything illegal
iRO GM 02 : So what do you do now that you reached 99?
[s1] Xivic : Some mvping, and leveling my 2nd transcendent class
iRO GM 02 : Is that going well?
[s1] Xivic : Well, my stalker is kind of a weird build
[s1] Xivic : Alot of int
[s1] Xivic : and he`s following the footsteps of my LK by leeching in stings
iRO GM 02 : Did you have any item you wanted to upgrade to commemorate this occasion.
[s1] Xivic : Why yes I do !!
Locke! : +10 panties :)
Kamalya : gm wants to escape us fast
[s1]~Diesel~ : lmao
Krothic : haha yeah
Krothic : GM scared of aushion
Whacko Jacko : he wanted to replace my spiky I broke for him!
iRO GM 02 : Don`t worry the interview isn`t quite over.
Sakura22 : muhahaha
Lady Aushon : what do you mean?
The deal has successfully completed.
You got +8 Spiky Band 1

Lady Aushon : im the sexiest
Coren. : gm has yet to kill us all
Moby. : we`re just too annoying.. everyone shuddup =p
Boys Cap is taken off.
+8 Spiky Band is put on.
+8 Spiky Band is taken off.
Boys Cap is put on.
Sakura22 : bamboozle
iRO GM 02 : I like my boys cap better.
[s1] Xivic : Spawn something big and kill these non-99 trans ppl
Ha-do Gei Patororu : D:
Locke! : lol
[s1]~Diesel~ : omg nuuu!!
iRO GM 02 : Anyway I will upgrade this for you.
[s1] Xivic : Ok
Dying Star : i made my own pet
[s1] Xivic : Make it +15
Moby. : noo~ upgrade my spiky!
[s1] Xivic : and put 5 slots in it, please
Altema : Kamalya has it @_@
[s1]~Diesel~ : no he broke it!
Sakura22 : o.O
Kamalya : and then you can give it to me

Some days...

Upgrade has failed.
Altema : SOBBB
Dying Star : my orc helm is +10 anyway
Kamalya : lol
Moby. : rofl
Locke! : punk`d
Anokori : LAWL D:
[s1]~Diesel~ : omg nuuuu!!!
Anokori : Owned
KingDavid : LOL
Lady Aushon : watch him escape now
Coren. : thats a nice one :D
Kamalya : RUN GM
Krothic : lol
[s1]~Diesel~ : there goes your billions cuz
iRO GM 02 : hmm well lets just call it even...
[s1] Xivic : He stole my spiky!
[s1] Xivic : haha omg
Krothic : o yes woe..
Locke! : revenge on you :(

Here I give him the fruits of his labor...

You got Iron Ore 1
The deal has been canceled.
[s1] Xivic : He tried to give me an iron ore
Kamalya : looooooot
Kamalya : yay
iRO GM 02 : Well congratulations
[s1] Xivic : Hax
[s1] Xivic : Thanks for the ore!
Ha-do Gei Patororu : Congrats!
KingDavid : well
Kamalya : xivic it`s not the gift, but the thought behind it!
Krothic : the thought sux...
Anokori : D:
iRO GM 02 : Oh well, I guess I can give you my spiky

I guess my O.B.B.A.A. vow of not opening
any more of the accursed things will have to wait...

[s1] Xivic : Thank you
Sakura22 : o.O
[s1] Xivic : And the boy`s cap?
Moby. : lol greedy ass
[s1] Xivic : I remember giving you a boy`s cap as well
iRO GM 02 : Did you have any thing you would like to tell the community
iRO GM 02 : about RO or advice?
[s1] Xivic : Hmmmm
Kamalya : don`t forget to spey and neutar your pets
[s1] Xivic : Stay in school!
Locke! : "Don`t do jellopies"
[s1] Xivic : and...
Dying Star : use drugs
Locke! : "save a poring, kill a fabre"
[s1] Xivic : Play RO at your computer labs!
Kamalya : lol
Krothic : lol
Lady Aushon : ROFL
Kamalya : yah his other secret to leveling
Ha-do Gei Patororu : :o
[s1] Xivic : Lol
Kamalya : he just plays it at school
[s1] Xivic : Sadly, RO pwns me
iRO GM 02 : I can`t help but notice these are horrible role models for the kids
KingDavid : lol
Ha-do Gei Patororu : lol
[s1] Xivic : I have a few people to blame
Kamalya : lol
Moby. : o.o
Ha-do Gei Patororu : blame?
[s1]~Diesel~ : me!
iRO GM 02 : Please blame away
[s1] Xivic : These people around me make the world go bad
Coren. : i didn`t do anything
Anokori : D:
Kamalya : we <3 you too!
Anokori : Thanks
Krothic : lol
Anokori : ;_;
[s1] Xivic : ^___^
Whacko Jacko : I`m glad I`m so far away then
iRO GM 02 : Did you want to get a group shot?
iRO GM 02 : Could everyone get in line or north of xivic
iRO GM 02 : 1
iRO GM 02 : 2
iRO GM 02 : when the 3 fades
Kamalya : we fail =P
iRO GM 02 : If we can`t do this I`ll just do a pic of a of a jellopy or something

Krothic : lol
Anokori : LARGE jellopy.

Just kidding I guess..

iRO GM 02 : have a good day everyone, and congrats on 99