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Adrian. High Wizard Top 10 Transcendent on Loki

iRO GM 02 : So how are you this evening?

Adrian. : I`m fine, how are you?
iRO GM 02 : I`m ok, I would like to wish you congratulations on reaching 99
Adrian. : Thank you very much. =)
iRO GM 02 : Can you tell me what inspired you to reach 99 so fast?
Adrian. : Well, mostly this interview right here.
Adrian. : This means a lot to me, and I`m glad I reached my goal.
iRO GM 02 : So how has reaching 99 changed your game play here on Loki?
Adrian. : Well, there`s a lot less leveling involved.
Adrian. : I`m having a hard time trying to find something to do with myself.
MAEjin : slave cough
iRO GM 02 : There are a lot of other classes...
Adrian. : Why are you here cough
Rumia : Rofl cough
~ImaLimaBean~ : lol
Adrian. : Yes, I`m planning to make a knight soon.
MAEjin : <3
T-Dogg : smexy knight like traven
Adehlai : Shushy
iRO GM 02 : What initially brought you to RO?
Adrian. : It was an advertisement I`d seen on Gamespy Arcade about two years ago
Adrian. : While playing Counter-Strike.
Adrian. : I thought the game looked interested and I tried it out.
Adrian. : The 15 day trial brought me in.
iRO GM 02 : Nice to see those ads did work at least once
iRO GM 02 : What kept you here, after the 15 day trial?
Adrian. : The community.
Adrian. : It`s great to have friends here.
Adrian. : They`re what keeps me here now,
Adrian. : And what got me to 99.
Adrian. : There`s a couple people who I couldn`t have made it without.
Constantine~ : name them
iRO GM 02 : Are they here?
Adrian. : Yes, yes they are.
Jiete : mememe. :>
Adrian. : Riley, Ecstasy.
Adrian. : Come here, please?
Jiete : :(.
Ryer Ord Star : what about the moral support
Rumia : What about my sexy fist shaking?
Adrian. : These guys are the partners who partied me the whole way mostly.
iRO GM 02 : Have you known them since the begining?
Adrian. : Unfortunately, no.
Adrian. : But it feels as if I have
Adrian. : If you`re wondering, I got most of my levels in guild dungeon.
Adrian. : And many enemies tried to kill me down there.
Ryer Ord Star : he went there as a novice :D
Rumia : *COUGH*
iRO GM 02 : That seems to be one of 3 hot spots for generating Transcendents
-=Gon=- : 3?
Rumia : >__O
Adrian. : But when I didn`t feel like risking my experience, I`d call on Bo Zhangles
Adrian. : Come here?
-=Gon=- : i think he left D:
-=Gon=- : no wait
Adrian. : He`s sort of like the Batman of our alliance.
Adrian. : We really need a searchlight for him
iRO GM 02 : Haha, utitlity belt
Traven : Agreed.
Luriel : lol
Ryer Ord Star : black and wrinkly?
Rumia : Lmao
Trigo : I`m.... Batman...
Adrian. : I`d also like to thank my guild, Sairai. Very much.
Bo Zhangles : like george clooney
Markus II : Bo is more like Adam West ^^
iRO GM 02 : I`m sure they are very proud of your accomplishment.
RiIey : i dig it
~ImaLimaBean~ : :D~
Adrian. : I hope so.
Adrian. : Any other questions?
iRO GM 02 : is there any advice you can give to the less leveled endowed?
Ecstasy` : Fun time getting Adrian to 99
Rumia : Quit now, noob. You`re NOTHING.
Adrian. : Yes, yes there is.
Adrian. : The best way to do it is to set daily goals for yourself.
Adrian. : Not too hard, not too easy.
Adrian. : 5-10% a day is great.
iRO GM 02 : What were your daily goals when you were say 98?
Adrian. : Well.
Adrian. : I was mixed between share and slave parties in level 98.
Adrian. : If I was sharing that day, it would be 5%.
Adrian. : Slaved, 10%.
Adrian. : I was happy with anything in between, though.
iRO GM 02 : That is still fairly aggressive, how long per day would you allow your
iRO GM 02 : self to reach those goals?
Adrian. : During the summer, 10 hours a day.
Adrian. : Towards the end, more like 5-7
iRO GM 02 : Pretty dedicated.
Ryer Ord Star : insane
iRO GM 02 : Did you have anything you would like upgraded for this
iRO GM 02 : occasion?
Adrian. : But of course.
Adrian. : My +7 Spiky Band.

You got +7 Spiky Band 1
The deal has successfully completed.

Upgrade has failed.

+wasa : zomg, broken!
Luriel : you fail D:
~ImaLimaBean~ : LMAO
iRO GM 02 : Hmm I should of wore my lucky shoes
-=Gon=- : LOL
Rumia : Burned.
Traven : I blame society.
Adrian. : Indeed, you should have.
RiIey : now we have to take your kidneys
iRO GM 02 : Well congratulatoins on reaching 99
Adrian. : ...Wait..
Constantine~ : he`s gone
~ImaLimaBean~ : LOL
Rumia : Lawl.
Kihva : hahaha
~ImaLimaBean~ : did you get a spiky?
RiIey : HAX
-=Gon=- : lol
Adrian. : Haha.
Rumia : Did he seriously not give you that?
Ryer Ord Star : lol
iRO GM 02 : ?
Vive : swt .___.
Adrian. : Had me going there.
Adehlai : XD
Rumia : Lawl.
~ImaLimaBean~ : lmao
Traven : Aha.
Ryer Ord Star : that`s really scary
Traven : I`d have ran away, myself.
~ImaLimaBean~ : lol
Constantine~ : so would`ve i
+wasa : o:
Ryer Ord Star : you peed your pants, eric
~ImaLimaBean~ : lol
+wasa : connection problems? D:
iRO GM 02 : Well I guess I should give you something
Rumia : Jellopy.
~ImaLimaBean~ : T__T
Adrian. : I think I may have earned it.
Adrian. : You seem to have been looted!
Roxy : Owned =x
iRO GM 02 : Well I guess I can give you this family heirloom
T-Dogg : haha

My Great Grand Pappy Gave me that Spiky... Darn my no lucky shoes wearing ways.

iRO GM 02 : Now put it on now.
Adrian. : Thank you very much.
Jiete : :(
Rumia : XD
RiIey : give it
flameth : forget dating adrian, try dating the gm ^^
Rumia : Wiz with spiky?
Roxy : Haha newb can`t wear it /gg XD
Adrian. : Unfortunately, Wizards cannot wear Spiky Bands. =(
iRO GM 02 : But that means you aren`t making it for yourself
Jiete : for his knight /go
Rumia : Mine.
Luriel : his knight can wear it :P
T-Dogg : haha
Ecstasy` : no its mine!
Adrian. : I`m making a Knight.
iRO GM 02 : Well as long as it stays with you I guess
Adrian. : It`s for my Knight. xD
~ImaLimaBean~ : Unlike, a certain High Wiz~ /ho~
Ryer Ord Star : rofl
+wasa : dundundun~
Rumia : XD
Adrian. : Can I ask you some things now?
iRO GM 02 : How about you all line up and on 3 do emotes and skills for a big finale?
iRO GM 02 : when the 3 fades please cast away
iRO GM 02 : 1
iRO GM 02 : 2
iRO GM 02 : 3
Defenestrator : d
~ImaLimaBean~ : /hump
Shoukai : i like games

And everyone`s favorite part the DC the GM game!

( From Shoukai ) : truffle shuffle D: ?
iRO GM 02 : Shoukai I can only truffle shuffle once a year...
( From Shoukai ) : <3
~ImaLimaBean~ : Giggity, giggity~ Allllrriiight~
~ImaLimaBean~ : \m/ ò_ó \m/ dats right ~~!!
~ImaLimaBean~ : (º. º )nyaaa~!
Rumia : NO
Ataralas : You. Pants Off. Now!
Shoukai : ass like pow
T-Dogg : hahahaha
Adrian. : Darn, I was hoping you could Truffle Shuffle with me.
iRO GM 02 : Thank you for the interview, did you have any questions?
Adrian. : How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck
iRO GM 02 : He could chuck all the wood that a wood chuck, chucks
iRO GM 02 : had he the power to do so
Traven : That sounds very very wrong, you know.
~ImaLimaBean~ : D:
~ImaLimaBean~ : What kinda answer is that?
Adrian. : Dear god, you`re a genious!
Adrian. : Do you eat at Kentucky Fried Chicken?
iRO GM 02 : No I don`t
Luriel : Popeyes > KFC
Traven : He eats at Taco Bell, Adrian.
Ataralas : Do we have time for a movie montage?
~ImaLimaBean~ : lol!
flameth : Do GMs believe in polygamy?
Traven : Remember? He goes to tacobell_in (123, 45) after work.
Jiete : tacobell_in
~ImaLimaBean~ : LOL
Trigo : An 80`s movie montage?
RiIey : that`s an outrage. who doesn`t eat at KFC?
Cadacus : KFC sucks. :(
~ImaLimaBean~ : /hump
Vive : KFC hurts chickens D:
Ataralas : Of course.
Jiete : NO U SUK
flameth : Power is sexy.
Ryer Ord Star : kfc sucks
Luriel : Popeyes > KFC
Adehlai : KFC frightens me
Jiete : KFC > U
iRO GM 02 : I must go now, keep it well mannered.
iRO GM 02 : And congratulations

Yes I know Wizards can`t equip Spiky bands anymore, it`s more of an inside joke that only I would get.. I guess I should stop doing those, although you can get that one if you read earlier interviews.