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  iroGM01 : Hiya Bass
Bass : Hello
Bass : Welcome to my home ^^
iroGM01 : Could use some chairs around here!
Bass : hi sub gm
iroSubGM6 : Hello Bass~
iroGM02 : I think we`ll take this castle ^^
Bass : haha there is always the meeting room xD
iroGM02 : oh oop my bad.
Bass : but this is my favorite spot
iroGM01 : Yea I hear of rumors that you like to Dead Branch
iroGM01 : those sitting on your throne
Bass : yeah things tend to happen to others who sit here
Bass : i have nothing to do with it though
iroGM01 : Sure sure
Bass : just don`t sit here
  Bass : i can`t promise your safety
Bass : i see you gms finally hit 99 too
Bass : congrats =p
iroSubGM6 : Congrats to you too :D
iroGM02 : ill still take them out in pvp though.
iroGM01 : Yea its been a hard couple of months. Boss got us working too much!!
Bass : thanks
Bass : haha
Bass : well can`t wait to see you guys in WoE
iroGM01 : Ok lets get some questions going here.
Bass : right
iroGM01 : Now that your level 99, how does it feel?
Bass : Well at first it felt like a big accomplishment
Bass : and i was pretty proud to be one of the top ten to hit 99
Bass : but right now it seems all too common, haha
iroGM01 : Yea, starting to see lots of bubbles floating around here now
Bass : but im very glad to have reached this goal
Bass : because I really worked hard for it
iroGM01 : How long would you say it took you to reach level 99?
Bass : but of course i couldn`t have done it without my friends
Bass : and guildmates that helped me along the way
Bass : Well my first 99 it took a while....
Bass : i`d say from closed beta to the end of open beta
Bass : a few months before comodo i think
iroGM01 : How about your second?
Bass : my second knight only took me under 3 months
Bass : the agi type tends to level fast xD
Bass : but they are both fun characters
Bass : regardless of how long it took to level them
Bass : but im loving my newest one the most
Bass : stay tuned...
iroGM01 : What is he at right now? If you dont mind telling everyone
Bass : hmmm he`s only 87 at the moment almost 88
Bass : i spent a lot of my devoted time recently leveling the guild
Bass : trying to accomplish our main goal
Bass : which was combining our guilds
Bass : and to me thats most important than anything
Bass : now we are one big happy family
Bass : disfunctional but still happy xD
iroGM01 : I guess a little disfunction is always good!
Bass : and honestly i wouldn`t have gotten where i am now without them
Bass : and i probably would leave if they left as well
Bass : they are what keeps the game alive
iroGM01 : Well then, no one is to leave EVER!
Bass : hahaha
Bass : im sure they wont, we are all too addicted to each other
Bass : almost like real family, you know?
iroGM01 : Yea, we have the same thing going with the GM guild.
  Bass : except for my real family i don`t skip class xD
iroGM01 : GM02, is like the family outcast.
Bass : hahaha
Bass : nice emblem btw =p
iroGM01 : GMSupport04, is responsible for the new emblem
Bass : ahhhh, good job GMSupport04!
Bass : L0cke is responsible for our new emblem xD
Bass : i like it a lot better than mine
Bass : but the other is kinda a classic so we switch off and on
iroGM01 : Its a nice emblem, so use to the first one you had.
Bass : (sorry to deviate from questions)
Bass : but ask my guild, i talk too much
iroGM01 : Ok, so how long have you been playing iRO?
Bass : ooooh good question
Bass : i`ve been playing iRO since open beta 1
Bass : back when my vit swordie took 1`s from everything
iroGM01 : Haha
Bass : and bunny head bands were like 35Mz
Bass : those were the good old days
iroGM01 : On average, how many hours a week do you think you play?
Bass : lots of memories from then to now
Bass : (i hope my mom doesn`t see this)
iroGM02 : oh she will, ill see to that ^^
Bass : i`d say....40+hrs a week now
Bass : with school its calmed down a bit
Bass : but probably way more xD
Bass : before in the summer it was 24/7
Bass : god i slept and ate Ragnarok
Bass : Some even rumored i survived off of catfood and water, lol
iroGM01 : Sounds, um...interesting!!
Bass : hahaha
iroSubGM6 : Yummy, too!
Bass : yeah honestly RO is the only computer game i play
Bass : and its gonna be the only game i play too because honestly
Bass : i don`t have time for anything else lol
Bass : and im too hooked to leave this one
Bass : thanks to treble for getting me started on this game...when i once
iroGM01 : You have 3 Knights, with the addition of the extra 2 character slots..
Bass : picked on him for playing
Bass : ahhh yes
iroGM01 : coming in the future, what do you plan to make, if anything?
Bass : get those character slots soon!
Bass : I honestly am gonna make a blacksmith for my knights
Bass : to forge and upgrade or whatever
Bass : and then the last slot is going to definitely be some sort of money
Bass : maker
Bass : because knights aren`t cutting it in that department
iroSubGM6 : Money maker to support all your girlfriends? :o
Bass : haha i wish xD
Bass : no one love bass T_T
iroGM01 : Something you would like to confess?
iroSubGM6 : Awwww
Bass : lol
Bass : nothing that i know of yet =x
iroGM01 : What is the main thing that keeps you playing iRO?
Bass : the sub gm here is kinda cute tho
Bass : The main and only thing that keeps me playing RO is Wild-Blades
Bass : my guild,friends, and family
Bass : forever and until the end =p
Bass : so if you want to get rid of me you know where to strike
Bass : but im over protective so watch out
iroGM02 : *check
Bass : i even take on GMs if they come near them =p
iroGM01 : I will remember that next time I sit in your throne.
Bass : hahaha
Bass : i warned ya!
iroGM01 : What do you find yourself doing now mostly?
Bass : Well, the honest truth is....I find myself mostly chatting, haha
Bass : im always trying to make sure everythings in order and everyones happy
Bass : among the guild
Bass : which is one of the reason I never get any school work done because
Bass : Im always worried something will blow up here >.<
Bass : but its just me being a worry wart
iroGM01 : We will make sure your mom sees that as well!
iroGM01 : Mom > Dead Branches
Bass : well she`ll most likely get on Treble before she gets to me
Bass : poor thing lives with her xD
iroGM01 : Poor Treble
Bass : infact he`s sleeping now
Bass : he wanted to come D=
iroGM01 : Someones gotta sleep around there.
Bass : yeah thats something i never do
iroGM01 : Do you have your Full Plate on you?
iroGM02 : I slept once, its over rated.
Bass : yes i do
Bass : let me reach in my goodie bag for ya
The deal has successfully completed.
iroGM02 : ^^
Bass : there you go
Bass : xD
Bass : don`t run off now
iroSubGM6 : Run away!
iroGM01 : *Hides*
iroGM02 : see, this is the reason iroGM01 has a bounty on his head.
Bass : what type of job are you gm01 if you dn`t mind me asking
iroGM02 : stealing full plates
Bass : lol
Bass : noooo
  iroSubGM6 : He`s a theif.
Bass : ah i see, so i have nothing to worry about
iroGM01 : Lies, all lies.
iroGM02 : I think there is enough of us here to take him out.
Bass : that armors gotten me through many battles, especially anolians =x
iroSubGM6 : I agree, GM02.
iroGM01 : Well hopefully GM02 doesn`t break it when upgrading it.
Bass : oh my
Bass : speaking of that....
iroGM02 : oh geez.
Bass : we need to have some kind of stress reliever that allows us
Bass : to beat up the upgrade NPCs
Bass : in pvp
Bass : >.<
  iroGM02 : I agree.
Bass : they have cost me millions
Bass : oh no don`t say that just yet D=
iroGM01 : So you want a 1 vs 1 with a Kafra?? Bass....
iroGM02 : Yea why dont those lousy gms do something about it...oh wait...
Bass : lol yes
Bass : set it up and i`ll be there!
Bass : if i win i get to date her sisters
iroGM01 : All of them? Is it now time to confess something?
Bass : hahaha, not yet
iroSubGM6 : Just tell everyone you love me, already, Bass.
iroGM01 : Well...
iroGM02 : he loves me.
Bass : well if you aren`t taken, maybe we can hook up after the interview ~_^
iroGM02 : don`t be hoggin all the bass now...
Bass : lmao
iroSubGM6 : You can hook up with GM02, i think he has the hots for you. :o
Miacis : Pssh, Bass is 100% mine. ;o
iroGM02 : yes, well Ill confess in pvp, lets go :P
Bass : hahahaha
iroGM01 : Lets get Bass his armor back before you kill him.
The deal has successfully completed.
Bass : Woooow!
Bass : thanks a lot!
iroGM02 : Yea, ill take credit for that.
Bass : you didn`t delete it!
iroGM02 : everything he says is a lie.
iroGM01 : Enjoy, and congrats on being one of the first 99
iroSubGM6 : Congrats, Bass~
Bass : omg GM02 you must marry me when the system comes out
Bass : thanks guys!
Bass : this is an awesome present
Bass : wow! i don`t know what to say but, thanks!
iroGM01 : Well you have earned it.
Bass : this is going to help me out a lot
Bass : well
Bass : im very thankful that you took out the time to get around to
Bass : interviewing me. I know you guys have many bots to hunt and
Bass : ill-mannered to ban xD
iroGM02 : what`s a bot?
Bass : j/k
iroGM01 : Bots? What bots?
Bass : hahahaha
iroSubGM6 : No idea.
Bass : rofl
Bass : but seriously, thanks a lot
iroGM01 : Good luck to all of Wild-Blades.
Bass : and hopefully sometime you can get around to the other top ten xD
Bass : thank you
iroGM01 : Soon we will be seeing all of you at 99!
Bass : yes you will seen that soon i hope xD