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*Dank* & ~*Stoned*~

Transcendent Interviews on Loki of the Brothers;
Lord Knight *Dank* and Minstrel ~*Stoned*~

iRO GM 02 : Alright could you introduce yourselves?
*Dank* : Dank all the way
~*Stoned*~ : im older though and im Stoned
iRO GM 02 : Alright, I suppose we should get the fun questions out of the
iRO GM 02 : way first.
Smuggles : i bet they`re getting high as we speak
iRO GM 02 : Is Elvis alive, and how is he now doing?
~*Stoned*~ : he lives in my basement and hes not allowed out till he fixes my furnace
*Dank* : lol

~*Stoned*~ the Minstrel and *Dank* the Lord Knight

iRO GM 02 : Was that what inspired you both to level? Leveling to keep warm?
~*Stoned*~ : well i got lazy but when dank almost passed me i had too keep lvling to stay ahead =p
*Dank* : hebeat me by like 4 hours =/ but he also rebirthed like 2 weeks before me
~*Stoned*~ : brother competition
iRO GM 02 : I take it you leveled together, or was it just parallel play?
*Dank* : naw we solo`d i kill to fast for him
~*Stoned*~ : i lvled at TI him in sphinx i bet he was botting
*Akari* : he was botting, i have proof
Smuggles : you twins always say the same things at the same time
*Dank* : dun make me take u out during the interview
iRO GM 02 : That is the only way I would lend out gear...
iRO GM 02 : If I could punch the person if they run with it.
*Dank* : lol
~*Stoned*~ : lol
*Dank* : dood
*Akari* : XD
*Dank* : exactly
~*Stoned*~ : that happens atleast once a day i even died at 98 cuz we were fighting
*Dank* : haha
iRO GM 02 : That sounds like an amusing story, care to relate?
*Dank* : i dunno he said sumthin to me
*Dank* : so we just kinda started wrestlin then fighting
*Dank* : and he left his char out in the middle of TI
iRO GM 02 : I take it PVP just isn`t interactive enough...
*Dank* : lol
*Dank* : we get mad at each other when we mess up
*Dank* : so we take it to RL
~*Stoned*~ : yea if he screws up in PVP or woe
iRO GM 02 : How long have you been playing Dank?
*Dank* : mm for like 3 years prolly
~*Stoned*~ : not 3 yet, 2-3
*Dank* : w/e i cant keep track close enough
iRO GM 02 : Yeah time perception is the first to go...
iRO GM 02 : Did you both start at the same time?
~*Stoned*~ : almost since loki started
*Dank* : yea
~*Stoned*~ : yup
*Dank* : we played a long time ago when like the porings would pop and cover the screen
~*Stoned*~ : and lance was the leetest item possible
iRO GM 02 : I remember.
*Dank* : haha good times
~*Stoned*~ : free times
iRO GM 02 : So what brought you to RO.
*Dank* : uhm one of our freinds was playing it and we remmeberd it from like
*Dank* : when we used to play so we just picked it up again and got addicted
iRO GM 02 : This game does that.
iRO GM 02 : How long would you say in total hours it took to get from 1-99 the second time?
~*Stoned*~ : suprised we still have jobs
*Dank* : uhm honestly no clue i was pretty stoned half the time
~*Stoned*~ : i dunno about hours
~*Deaths Angel*~ : lmao
~*Stoned*~ : but like 2-3months
~*Deaths Angel*~ : mr gm i think you need to to tame your secretary so it talks :(
iRO GM 02 : I`m sorry but the amount of time it takes to do that is prohibitive
iRO GM 02 : after enough interviews maybe she`ll finally listenl*~ : lol ok then :3
iRO GM 02 : As it is I have to kill a bunch more verits...
iRO GM 02 : So you managed to keep your job and level to 99
Arcticphoenix16 : does your secretary do paper work for you? or other stuff
Smuggles : i bet its the kind of stuff done underneath the desk
iRO GM 02 : no she bites
iRO GM 02 : you both must be responsible time managers.
*Akari* : he, what do GM`s become after they rebirth?
iRO GM 02 : Porings... Did you have anything you would like to ask about you 2?
k e i r a : gm u are lazy wat kinda question is that
~*Stoned*~ : hmmm
*Dank* : hmm
*Dank* : prolly but i forgot
*Akari* : ask them why nick never responds to me in frenzy mode ;o
*Dank* : lol

Everyone dove for my warp portal, bet they thought they were going somewhere cool.

iRO GM 02 : go go go
~*Deaths Angel*~ : dont you have the skill your self ;(
*Akari* : !!!
~*Deaths Angel*~ : the master smith skill
*Dank* : alberta is the lucky upgrade spot
iRO GM 02 : People haven`t believed me,
iRO GM 02 : think I`m faking them so I`m doing it here.

So far so good!
+7 Spiky Band is put on.
+7 Spiky Band is taken off.
Upgrade has failed.
That is so awesome, breaking others stuff
I wonder if I can sucker his brother too

*Dank* : sexy
Yi Zhi` : omg
sosleepy : failed
Sponger : jokes
Yi Zhi` : he broke it
Kamaji- : lol
iRO GM 02 : ok Stoned your turn
~*Deaths Angel*~ : lmao
iRO GM 02 : I`ll do it free
*Dank* : dood
*Dank* : ima jump u
k e i r a : gm is high
Sponger : chris give him 2m
*Akari* : dude, ur worse than nate at upgrading spiky`s
~*Deaths Angel*~ : i laugh if it really didnt break :x
iRO GM 02 : This one is higher upgrade so its sure to succeed...
*Dank* : lol
~*Stoned*~ : big money big money no whamie no whammi stop!
*Akari* : lol
~*Deaths Angel*~ : lol

And yes indeed, mission accomplished I made this item a little more rare!
+8 Spiky Band is put on.
+8 Spiky Band is taken off.
Upgrade has failed.

~*Deaths Angel*~ : didnt the gm do this last interview :\ so we know whats going to happe
*Dank* : haha sucker
Yi Zhi` : omg
~*Deaths Angel*~ : happen :o
*Dank* : u lose 2
iRO GM 02 : Alright well thanks for playing.
iRO GM 02 : but as a consolation prize...

I guess its no fun if they don`t seem to mind...
Guess I`ll mess up their day and force them to use these.

~*Stoned*~ : thank you XDD
*Dank* : thanks bro
iRO GM 02 : Put on the +10 pink hats please
~*Stoned*~ : i miss it on my archers
iRO GM 02 : The only restriction in RO is yourself, you must believe...
iRO GM 02 : But anyway
iRO GM 02 : When the 3 fades please give your congrats to the 2 brothers.
iRO GM 02 : When they sell those spikies I`m sure they`ll be living the HIGH life in RO

Yes coordinating a plan doesn`t seem to be their strong point...

Smuggles : grats fobs
~*Stoned*~ : haha
*Akari* : this is why we fail at woe
iRO GM 02 : Congratulations to you both.

What we learned here is that A. Fighting with people while playing RO will result in character death. And B some people will go to great lengths to push themselves further.
Seriously stay in drugs, don`t do milk and drink lots of school.