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.mike. Top 10 Transcendent 99 on Sakray

Vienna : I typo worse than GM02 ._.
GM Interviewer : I don`t type that bad, at least when its posted.
Vienna : so it is 02!
.mike. : well whoever sent the email to me goofed
Tsuzuki : hooray for spelchkre
Pints : goofed so bad i gotta eat in like 10 minutes
GM Interviewer : you are right there was a typo.
.mike. : bam i get an extra + now

99 Sniper .mike. standing around. Why doncha take a load off and stay awhile...

[riaru] : 1 error, 1 +
GM Interviewer : The upgrade will be +- 2
GM Interviewer : I might slip again, you wanted a +5 pink hat right?
Pints : i could go for a +5 pink hat right now
GM Interviewer : Ok done, .mike. will get a +5 pink hat
GM Interviewer : Well How do you feel getting to 99 for at least the 2nd time ?
.mike. : its my... 4th? aura
GM Interviewer : So how long would you say it took to get to 99?
.mike. : 4 months, two of them being extremely lazy
Pints : the other two filled with constant interruptions by yours truely.
.mike. : well i had to 99 my priest in that time
.mike. : but other than that i was lazy
.mike. : the gms prolly all editing this as he goes
GM Interviewer : So what were your strategies for leveling?
.mike. : uh
.mike. : lots of ti surface
.mike. : lots. and lots.
.mike. : but in the mean time i was slaved too
.mike. : i did the majority solo on ti
.mike. : only top 10 that actually solod :x
GM Interviewer : I see so this is nostalgic
.mike. : pretty much
GM Interviewer : coming to the docks talking to sailors...
.mike. : lol
.mike. : go level
GM Interviewer : Actually Mike, who here knows you the best?
.mike. : good question
.mike. : prolly steph
GM Interviewer : Steph could you come here please?
GM Interviewer : Sit
GM Interviewer : Interview Mike
Pints : he`s gonna take a pee break
Pints : i know it
[riaru] : Hey mike, who`s the best priest ever?
GM Interviewer : Just ask him stuff like how long you`ve played
[riaru] : lol.
GM Interviewer : and what cause kept you striving to ascend to the top
GM Interviewer : of the 99 leveling field.
GM Interviewer : I`ll just take notes.
[riaru] : Okay. >_> answer the questions mike!
.mike. : lol
[riaru] : So. What did keep you motivated? D:
.mike. : uh
.mike. : knowing i could make it into top 10, the aura, the stats, the utter
.mike. : ownage of the build at 99
[riaru] : you just hated not glowing.
.mike. : basically.
.mike. : lol
GM Interviewer : (xp loss is great motivator?)
.mike. : the gm is being lazy and making steph interview me
[riaru] : yeah.
[riaru] : but i can ask weird questions.
.mike. : and i so dont understand your question
GM Interviewer : (Lazy or brilliant?)
.mike. : lazy
Vienna : I would too if I hadda interview us bunch of tard around
.mike. : just admit it
[riaru] : Labrilliant.
Tsuzuki : (favorite cheese?)
Pints : who better to ask the questions than the person who knows him best?
Pints : eh?
[riaru] : Oh. worst sniper experience?
GM Interviewer : What made you want to be the one class that sits funny?
maretta : lol
.mike. : oh EXPLICITVE YOU
Vienna : monkey sit
.mike. : you guys screwed me
GM Interviewer : I`m just seeing you are standing when everyone else is sitting.
[riaru] : why don`t you take a seat? :D
.mike. : exactly
[riaru] : SIT.
.mike. : everyone else gets to sit ok
GM Interviewer : Its called class balance?
.mike. : so we get to destroy monsters but have to look stupid sitting?
maretta : in ragnarok sitting funny is a total burn.
GM Interviewer : Or like the fat camp kid.
esprit : this is why you should have been a girl
Pints : thank god for me being a sexy beast
.mike. : female sniper sits stupid as hell too
.mike. : i want my old hunter sitting back
Pints : finally someone takes you elitists down a peg
.mike. : hey at least you graduated to having pants
Vienna : transparent glass pants
.mike. : hey gm guy
.mike. : my wedding ring just vanished one day, do i gotta email to get it fixed
GM Interviewer : I`ll fix it after interview
Pints : hey gm, i lost my wallet
GM Interviewer : Pints its not lost, you dropped it off the docks
[riaru] : oooh. neil got owned.
Pints : oh crap.

Yes those are actual in-game graphics..."

GM Interviewer : find wallet
[riaru] : neil totally got owned.
.mike. : poor kroppy
Pints : it`s alright
GM Interviewer : *Brings fishing pole out*
Pints : what?
Vienna : hook em in the lip
Pints : damn
Pints : i was just getting my sea legs
GM Interviewer : Would you like to cap this interview off with a token item?
GM Interviewer : Like are you ready for the interview...
.mike. : well if you wont spawn an event bapho
.mike. : could we get a regular bapho?
GM Interviewer : Honestly I can`t spawn him
GM Interviewer : I can spawn a regular bapho in the pront maze area
GM Interviewer : its random about one time every couple of hours.
GM Interviewer : Would you like to have an item upgraded for your quest
GM Interviewer : to slay the evil goat?
GM Interviewer : Mike could you please give me the item, I feel the need to
GM Interviewer : "Upgrade" something
You got +6 Ice pick 1
The deal has successfully completed.

Weapons upgraded : Ice pick

Upgrade has failed.
"Yes old gags are best!"

GM Interviewer : I hate my life
.mike. : you guys have done that in every other adv class 99 interview
GM Interviewer : By the odds eventually it has to work.
Anarchy : wait wait, the GM is emo!
.mike. : and hey cheer up fella
.mike. : you know what would make you feel better?
.mike. : owning us all with a bapho or two
GM Interviewer : Sorry the baphos are all waiting in the maze
GM Interviewer : They reaally want to talk to you
.mike. : psh
.mike. : fine

The deal has successfully completed.

GM Interviewer : You have to stab something with that..
GM Interviewer : and thank you for recognizing my eliteness.
GM Interviewer : I`ll SS if you all wipe out.
GM Interviewer : and post it.
GM Interviewer : Good day to you all and congratulations on reaching 99.

Editor`s note: Sadly Bapho didn`t get his lunch