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Sniper Elfstone Top 10 Transcendent on Iris

Wandering around Izlude I decided to check out the old monster time Challenge Arena, you know put another notch on my Champions belt.
A somewhat impressive score was posted there, but if a player can do that then so should I.

But what is a challenge if there is no risk?

Guess it wouldn`t be right to renege on a deal, an oath of honor... but my Incubus Horns...

The next day, after being told that I had to follow through on my "deal" by iRO GM 01 (he was laughing at me the entire time...), else he`d curse my drop rates.
I decide to find this "Elfstone" guy..


I stumble upon him and a large group of his friends, in somewhat of a celebration themed gathering... most likely having a good laugh at ole` GM 02...

Yeah that`s right take em, take my precious Incubus Horns.. you meany..

He tried to fool me with some story about; `Why are you here?`, `What are you talking about?`, or `Why are you giving me these?`
But I know, that he knows whats up, and this is all just part of his little mind game.
But I`m onto you, and you will take these and my item drops will forever be blessed (Right?).

Yes I`ll take a picture with you all.. you will never see my pain at losing what took so many minutes to make.
First one to laugh openly gets stuck in those Santa Suits, I`m serious!

Editor`s Note: Yes this was before GM 02 took a "vacation", the voices have stopped and all is well. Thank you to Elfstone and friends for being good sports during the actual interview.
On a sub-note of course we could beat that time... we just don`t wanna, you do believe us... Right?.