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~Lex~ Top 10 Transcendent 99 High Wizard on Loki

GM Team Interviewer : Good afternoon
GM Team Interviewer : We should take the group pic now in case we need to relocate
~Lex~ : sounds good
GM Team Interviewer : the guild icons may make it
GM Team Interviewer : a poor pic
GM Team Interviewer : It will be fine if we are in rows not columns
GM Team Interviewer : could 1 row at top of stairs
~Lex~ : hmm getting this many people to coordinate.. we can try
GM Team Interviewer : then another on the stairs
GM Team Interviewer : women or trans in front?
~Lex~ : haha women first
GM Team Interviewer : ok trans please be on stairs
GM Team Interviewer : non trans on top
~EyeRedRed~ : boo.. thats discrimination
GM Team Interviewer : no discriminating would be me saying women on the left

Yes an overly busy Screenshot, have to redo.

Warrior Of Iec : can we fight with this gm after interview plox?
~Marsh : GM! Duel me in GD!
GM Team Interviewer : only way I`ll fight is in guild dungeon...
~Lex~ : so are you gm 02? or a new guy?
GM Team Interviewer : I`m sure you would all love that
GM Team Interviewer : only those without glowy
~Lex~ : lol have to lose exp right?
GM Team Interviewer : yep
~Marsh : You`re a bully gm
GM Team Interviewer : nah if you want to do a pvp thing I have a better challenge for you al
Warrior Of Iec : ok
GM Team Interviewer : lets just interview now.
~Lex~ : how much for a night with your secretary?
GM Team Interviewer : She`ll eat your heart out?!
fat bard : GM you should take over all the forts in WOE and fill them with
fat bard : biolabs 3 mvps
~Marsh : Lol!!
fat bard : no one would ever hold a fort
fat bard : :D
Warrior Of Iec : <.<
~Marsh : Don`t give GMs ideas
Raistlin B.M. : it`d be good mvp training
GM Team Interviewer : Yeah I keep pushing the idea of taking all the castles
GM Team Interviewer : but some people like econ and a reasonable fight not an impossible one
GM Team Interviewer : Sadly if a GM wanted to they could 1 person hold a castle
`Makalo : do it!
Subaru` : cheaters
Rage! : lol yea DC eveyrone
L a n` : i bet i could kill you GM
GM Team Interviewer : we`ll see lan
fat bard : Immortal Technique would lex Soul Destroy you
fat bard : and you would die
Katsu` : Take on all of E|A`s SD sinx gm .=
Katsu` : =.=
GM Team Interviewer : Ok, Lex, how are you today
~Lex~ : im dandy thank you, how are you?
GM Team Interviewer : How do you feel now that you have 99ed, and the leveling pressure is off?
~Lex~ : hmm.. been done lvling this char for a long time
GM Team Interviewer : I know, but work with me here
~Lex~ : ok.. yea its good i dont have to worry about losing base anymore
GM Team Interviewer : How long did it take you to trans-99?
Ledai : he can`t remember
~Marsh : been so long ago?
~Lex~ : 2 months i think
- e l f - : 1day!
L a n` : lol
Diamere : its 88 days someone recorded it
GM Team Interviewer : Not bad, what strategy did you use for that ?
- e l f - : from 98 with 99.9% to 99 1min
~Lex~ : i had my trustly wife to help me in geffen gd
GM Team Interviewer : How long do you think it would take now with biolabs?
GM Team Interviewer : Just keep all you oldbies on your toes I guess.
~Lex~ : and we afk leech 5 LoD`s in biolabs so its super fast
~Marsh : Do you have pretyped answers gm? D:
Ledai : our secrets
GM Team Interviewer : No all these bad answers are all originals from me.
Dark Vincent+ : lmao
GM Team Interviewer : So what have you been doing with all of your non wizarding time?
~Lex~ : well at first i terrorized pvp and lvled my monk then i got bored and played WoW
PangBan : lol lex
GM Team Interviewer : yeah that is what happens when I play WoW too
~GoldCrow~ : !!!
Dark Vincent+ : hahaha
Mika` : you supposed to play just Ro!
GM Team Interviewer : Don`t worry about it... Of course we play other games have to keep
GM Team Interviewer : up on trends
~Lex~ : yup i still enjoy RO of course
GM Team Interviewer : Yeah something about the game makes people play it
GM Team Interviewer : even after they swear off it, must be something in the water
~Lex~ : i think its the cute sprites that attracts all the girls
Z i o n : you keep adding things to the game D:
Mika` : headgears <3
GM Team Interviewer : Yeah, dang us
GM Team Interviewer : Personally I`m looking forward to thanatos
GM Team Interviewer : Oh well that update will be coming in,
GM Team Interviewer : wait a seconds I can`t say
Mika` : lol
St.Veritas : boooo
pipi_chan : rofl
GM Team Interviewer : Don`t worry there is plenty coming in the future that isn`t necessarily updates, that should keep things interesting.
GM Team Interviewer : I mean event wise.
-Arucard- : 2x exp please
GM Team Interviewer : The updates come when they come, events are more in our realm of control
GM Team Interviewer : There are plenty of rumors about the next exp event.
GM Team Interviewer : So Lex what is the next big thing you are looking forward to?
~Lex~ : i want to make a champion, high wiz is feeling gimp
[~Fearless~] : he means mastersmith
- e l f - : *cough sniper cough*
~Lex~ : oh and have to get KeAi to 99
~Lex~ : had to add that since she was glaring at me
GM Team Interviewer : Well since we have reached the end of the questions that I have
GM Team Interviewer : we have some options.
GM Team Interviewer : We could go outside and take a pic and be on our way.
GM Team Interviewer : or go to pvp

<Needless to say they chose PVP, should do it in a Guild dungeon just to add to the stakes/gg

20 minutes of PVP later, about 12 pieces of equipment were broken on me, and the only thing that managed to kill me is tarot Card...
Next pvp any Transcendent Entertainers get nuked first.>

GM Team Interviewer : That was fun, next time need to you biochemist or champion lol
fat bard : tarot card owned you
fat bard : ;D
pipi_chan : u need to pvp more gm
~Marsh : Did you own Unity ?
GM Team Interviewer : I have to play with effects off, and tone down the spells
GM Team Interviewer : else it does 1s
GM Team Interviewer : all but jts were level 1s
~Marsh : yeah...
- e l f - : o.O
fat bard : LOOL
~Lex~ : you didn`t reduce gravity field dmg
~Marsh : Your JT did hurt T_T
Katsu` : Play as a SD SinX next time gm ;o
GM Team Interviewer : I know, I`ll fix that next update
PangBan : lol =x
Oceola : what is your flee?
~EyeRedRed~ : do u have any non melee, non magic attack skills?
Lotus` : lol
fat bard : and you got owned by coma tarot card too
~EyeRedRed~ : like range?
GM Team Interviewer : I`m a priest
Raistlin B.M. : you coma`d him with tarot?
Raistlin B.M. : rofl
S e s s : it`s called , GM sword to the face
~Lex~ : yea the tarot cards got you
~Marsh : priest with SG?
~Marsh : o_o
fat bard : my priest doesn`t have JT
Warrior Of Iec : SCROLLS DUDE
- e l f - : we lucky ud ont heal lol
fat bard : =o
Susan_H : too bad no gm card dropped
Warrior Of Iec : scrolls make the differenc
Warrior Of Iec : lol
Dark Vincent+ : he has Wizard Subjob dude
~EyeRedRed~ : why wont u save me when i was being DS spammed? T_T
Blessing aligned.
Your Speed has increased.
~EyeRedRed~ : u just sit there in balistic or whatever u call it
Warrior Of Iec : gm has a lot of scrolls
Warrior Of Iec : xD
pipi_chan : lol
~Marsh : how much do you heal GM?
Raistlin B.M. : Basilica
pipi_chan : how much u heal
~Marsh : No
GM Team Interviewer : ok Lex do you have an item I can have?
~Marsh : Don`t heal
~Marsh : Stop
fat bard : have?
- e l f - : lol
~EyeRedRed~ : lol
- e l f - : have
~Marsh : I want to see GM heal
St.Veritas : give him panty!
.Sinix : he heals for like 4300
Dark Vincent+ : Name my Sweet Gent T_T
- e l f - : jellopy!
~Lex~ : i have an item to upgrade
S e s s : cast faster marsh
Dark Vincent+ : please
~Marsh : ;-;
.Sinix : he did it in pvp
~Marsh : GM heal please
The deal has successfully completed.
You got +8 Spiky Band 1
~Lex~ : that was really fun in pvp
~Lex~ : GMs should visit pvp more
~Marsh : GM heal please D:
GM Team Interviewer : And through the magic that is video games here is a better one!