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Noctifer & Nyoho

Noctifer Stalker & Nyoho High Wizard, top ten 99 Transcendents on Iris.

iRO GM Interviewer : Good Morning!
iRO GM Interviewer : Is everyone here?
Noctifer : Yeah
Noctifer : We wanted a quiet little interview
iRO GM Interviewer : So you are brother and sister?
Nyoho : yes
Noctifer : Yup
iRO GM Interviewer : Who started playing first?
Nyoho : Noc
Noctifer : I did
Lunis : I got them into it
iRO GM Interviewer : And when did that happen?
Noctifer : Hmm
Nyoho : I started playing February last year
Noctifer : I started pretty much 2 years ago
iRO GM Interviewer : Interesting, when the 2-2 classes were out.
Noctifer : Yes
iRO GM Interviewer : Which do you enjoy more the 2-1 or the 2-2 classes?
Noctifer : Tricky question
Noctifer : 2-2 feels more PvP oriented
iRO GM Interviewer : I know, its to buy me time to think of my next.
Noctifer : At least they did before trans
Nyoho : I like both equally
iRO GM Interviewer : So what did you do differently as a trans to level?
Noctifer : Not much at all
Nyoho : hmm. Pretty much the same for me. Magma magma and magma~
Theseus : but faster
iRO GM Interviewer : How much egging on was done by the sibling to keep you going?
Noctifer : Well, I didn`t have a chance of hitting 99 before Nyoho
Noctifer : I didn`t rebirth until October or so
iRO GM Interviewer : Have you been pretty dedicated on this character during that time?
Nyoho : Yes. I try to focus on one character at a time
Noctifer : I was pretty successful at that
iRO GM Interviewer : What is your strategy to avoid the following.
iRO GM Interviewer : 1. Burn out
iRO GM Interviewer : 2. Sleep
iRO GM Interviewer : 3. Losing contact with outside world
Nyoho : I set up small goals everyday
Noctifer : I didn`t do it the classical way with small goals
Noctifer : But often played way too much for a short period
Noctifer : And then much at all for the next
Noctifer : So: Hard grinding for maybe a week
Noctifer : Then a period of catching up with the real world
Noctifer : and sleep
iRO GM Interviewer : How many of those weeks did you need to go from 98-99 as trans?
Noctifer : I was 98 for nearly 2 months I think
Noctifer : But then took the last 30% in 3 days at least
Lunis : We thought people were gonna hit 99 just after xmas
iRO GM Interviewer : That is a large amount of exp for 3 days.
Lunis : so we played pretty hard with Nyo after that ^^;;
Noctifer : Yeah, large amount of exp, low amounts of sleep
iRO GM Interviewer : Always seems to be a give and take with the whole real world vs RO.
Noctifer : Yeah, hehe
iRO GM Interviewer : So it was a Real Life friend that brought you to RO.
Noctifer : Yes, brother even
iRO GM Interviewer : So its a family thing, how neat.
Theseus : :)

iRO GM Interviewer : So what update since Comodo do you think has had the greatest gameplay impact?
Noctifer : Probably trans classes
Nyoho : yeah
Noctifer : A lot of things happened then
iRO GM Interviewer : What updates are you looking forward to?
Noctifer : New job skills
iRO GM Interviewer : When does that come out?
Noctifer : You tell me, I have no clue
Nyoho : I look forward to Thanathos
iRO GM Interviewer : Shoot, we`ve had so many people tell us on the boards of when our updates were,
iRO GM Interviewer : we were hoping someone would clue us in on info that we`ve not released yet.
Noctifer : Haha, That`s neat
Lunis : hehe, I remember all the speculation before trans classes ^^
iRO GM Interviewer : But anyway, yes the 2nd class skill quests should be interesting.
iRO GM Interviewer : What type of game play additions do you think you`d find most fulfilling
iRO GM Interviewer : for your style of play?
iRO GM Interviewer : Stuff that isn`t slated for addition at this time.
Nyoho : Harder MVPs, except the ones in Biolabs
Theseus : Right now it`s all about finding the mvp first
Noctifer : The old classics have a hard time keeping up with transclasses
iRO GM Interviewer : Well yeah, my vision of an MVP would not make alot of players happy.
Lunis : hehe
Noctifer : Yeah, more epic ones
Theseus : sounds interesting
iRO GM Interviewer : I assure you that getting the MVP would be a heck of an accomplishment
Nyoho : I would like to see your vision of an MVP
iRO GM Interviewer : or just give them all a chance of "sohee justice" if under 70%
Lunis : That would be evil :x
iRO GM Interviewer : Yeah that wouldn`t be fun.
Theseus : That would just make the low hp ones even better for asura monks
iRO GM Interviewer : If gfist = true 100% reflect + Gaurd
Theseus : haha
iRO GM Interviewer : Nah there are better ways of doing it I think.
iRO GM Interviewer : How about, 4M HP plus. Guard on all MVPs.
iRO GM Interviewer : Only spawn on the map after x amount of key creatures are killed
Noctifer : Sounds interesting
iRO GM Interviewer : within 32 cells of MVP all creatures get 200% stats and go aggro
Theseus : that would be cool
Noctifer : Also different stages for the MVP would be nice Not just the frenzy mode at the end
iRO GM Interviewer : Music changes, and vision is red no teleporting, they just rampage around the map
Noctifer : Changing elements, changing atk/def/mdef
iRO GM Interviewer : Now to get that added to an update...
Theseus : :)
iRO GM Interviewer : Maybe an event in the future we can do something fun like that. To try it out.
Noctifer : Could be fun
Nyoho : I`d like that
iRO GM Interviewer : Do you have anything either of you would like to ask or talk about?
Noctifer : Not anything particular I can think of now
Nyoho : Me neither
Noctifer : I could ask about why male GMs wear dresses but then I do that myself too
iRO GM Interviewer : They are robes, manly robes, less restrictive wear.
Lunis : sure <.<
Noctifer : I wear some sort of skirt though
iRO GM Interviewer : Do you both have your upgrade prize items?
Nyoho : yup
Noctifer : Yes

Nyoho : far from 99?
iRO GM Interviewer : ?
Nyoho : your level
iRO GM Interviewer : I`ve gained 24% while sitting here.
Noctifer : You need to get that aura!
Nyoho : that`s impressive
Noctifer : Yeah
iRO GM Interviewer : Who said sitting in town won`t level you?
Noctifer : a lot of people in our guild try that But it isn`t working for them
iRO GM Interviewer : They need red envelopes
Noctifer : So that`s the secret
iRO GM Interviewer : Nah, we have a map filled with porings.
iRO GM Interviewer : That and the konami code is the secret to our power.
Noctifer : Haha
Nyoho : Heh
Noctifer : Up up, down down or hmm, how is it, Can`t remember the start
iRO GM Interviewer : How many of you have done the sign quest?
Nyoho : I have
Lunis : I did
Theseus : me too
Noctifer : I haven`t
iRO GM Interviewer : hmm
iRO GM Interviewer : all this talking about up up and down down makes me want to go
iRO GM Interviewer : to the dance place in Comodo anyone want to join me?
Noctifer : sure
Lunis : hehe, sure
Theseus : I`ve never been there
Nyoho : I`m not very good at it
iRO GM Interviewer : ok just a sec
iRO GM Interviewer : ok nyoho show us your moves we`ll watch take turns

At this point we all went to do the dance test part of the Sign quest, much jubilation and flat feet were demonstrated by all.

iRO GM Interviewer : did you pass?
Nyoho : I said I`m bad at it
iRO GM Interviewer : Noctifer your turn.
Noctifer : She was so awful they kicked her out?
Lunis : Hmm, Noc was even worse
Noctifer : That was even worse
iRO GM Interviewer : Ok Lunis your turn
Lunis : Not even close :(
iRO GM Interviewer : Theseus go nuts
Lunis : Lucky we already passed the sign quest ^^
iRO GM Interviewer : did we lose someone?
Noctifer : Nyoho was kicked out By the examiner
Theseus : Wow.. Looks like you beat us all
Noctifer : You win
iRO GM Interviewer : Hehe perfect
iRO GM Interviewer : I can`t even count how many times i`ve done that though
Lunis : Hehe, can you practice dancing during work ? ^^
iRO GM Interviewer : Not on shift, unless there is a problem with it.
iRO GM Interviewer : Key is to do a dry run through and start memorizing it.
iRO GM Interviewer : to preempt the commands.
Lunis : yeah, when I finished the quest I pretty much had it memorized
iRO GM Interviewer : But anyway. Where would you like to be left?
Noctifer : You can send us to geffen town I think
Nyoho : At your vision MVP
iRO GM Interviewer : ok just a moment
iRO GM Interviewer : ok picture time.
iRO GM Interviewer : when 3 fades emote
iRO GM Interviewer : 1
iRO GM Interviewer : 2
iRO GM Interviewer : 3
iRO GM Interviewer : Thats a good one.

iRO GM Interviewer : Ok, Good luck to you both and your friends.
Lunis : Thanks~
Nyoho : Thank You
iRO GM Interviewer : We hope you continue to enjoy the ever expanding world of RO.
Noctifer : Yeah, thanks.