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Xtine of Iris, level 99 High Priest

iRO GM Interviewer : So how are you today Xtine?
Xtine : happy ? ;p
iRO GM Interviewer : Happy about reaching your goal? How long did it take?
~*Tzumi*~ : HAHA
Xtine : lol
Xtine : Yes, I guess. It took uh many months, I didn`t lvl very much
Your Speed has decreased.
Xtine : like, not every day and I stopped for a few months
iRO GM Interviewer : When did you begin playing iRO?
Xtine : a few months before iris opened.
iRO GM Interviewer : Did you start on Iris immediately?
Xtine : yeah, this was my first character on iris and my first second class character ever

kremie : due to my motivation
Xtine : kremie says you`re scary GM :)
Eman : Kawaii
Deaths Angel : he just made a boys cap
Ikaris : ohhh pimp cap
Ikaris : now
Xenorex : chibis scare me
Mika~* : GM so quiet
iRO GM Interviewer : Not sure why these are so `spensive
Akuma. : Hey can i get one too?
RiddIe : They are so useless haha
RiddIe : yay for useless hats :D
Ikaris : its for the looks! O,..,O
Convultion : Becuse there aint enuf eddga campers on iris yet :p
iRO GM Interviewer : Why am i scary Kremie? Didn`t we have an interview or something before
kremie : yes don`t u remember me
Duro : lol
kremie : don`t ban me
Eman : lol
Adamant : hahahaha
Ikaris : >,.,>
Xtine : hahah
Deaths Angel : "kremie gets d/ced*
iRO GM Interviewer : Not sure where the community got this idea that everyone gets banned randomly.
iRO GM Interviewer : Trust me, NO one ever got banned randomly
iRO GM Interviewer : So you`ve been playing on iRO for over a year and a half,
iRO GM Interviewer : that is pretty impressive to get to trans 99 in that time.
Xtine : lol
Xtine : not really
Deaths Angel : na iris is lazy chaos and loki was filled up like 6months ago
iRO GM Interviewer : any hints you want to give to the leveling impaired?
Xtine : lol...
Kenny Loggins : i.e. me
Leimery~ : meeeeee since im 98 !
~*Tzumi*~ : lrn2play
Xtine : uh
Xtine : >_>
Eman : make promises to people then ditch them!
Xtine : make goals ?
Xtine : hmmm >_> just try to meet goals everyday? lol
iRO GM Interviewer : So how much has the new updates helped you level?
Xtine : very much, lol with biolabs and the exp hat
Xtine : I got 2 lvls with it ;p
iRO GM Interviewer : How much exp/hour would you say you get in Biolabs3?
Xtine : oh, around 10mil an hour with the exp hat
iRO GM Interviewer : So what are your plans now, that you are glowing again?
Leimery~ : shes gonna slave me to 99 <3
Xtine : lol
Night Hawk~ : And me too
Night Hawk~ : <3
Xtine : so many people asking me to slave :(
iRO GM Interviewer : Somehow I think I can get zeny just fine, porings still payout.
Deaths Angel : and me !
Eman : Slave me NENE
Akuma. : bbut you promised
iRO GM Interviewer : maybe move to rockers and rake it in
Xtine : I haven`t decided what to yet. I may continue on my dancer or make a wizard or sinx.
Deaths Angel : you can get zeny from me if you sell me your mask ask :D
Deaths Angel : i am a poring
Xtine :
Shinji Mahuro : Those jellopies do stack up money.
kremie : rake what in, jellopies?
Shinji Mahuro : lol
Shinji Mahuro : It`s jellopies with level 10 OC.
Shinji Mahuro : ;D
Xenorex : omg
Kenny Loggins :
Deaths Angel : lets all go pvp after and kill the GM. =)
iRO GM Interviewer : That doesn`t work well.

iRO GM Interviewer : What would you like to see in the future for RO updates
iRO GM Interviewer : other than banning people you don`t like...
Xtine : :(
Xtine : man.
Adamant : =( man, that would be my answer
Deaths Angel : same :\
iRO GM Interviewer : Trust me, if we banned off of request, almost no one would be around
Xtine : yeah make another exp event!
kremie : can iro have a pvp server
Xtine : oo!
Eman : score!
Xtine : yes
iRO GM Interviewer : We`ve asked, and the community decided it didn`t want it...
Deaths Angel : they did oO
Xtine : LIES
Convultion : There was a vote thinggy on pvp server and more people said no
Xtine : THAT`S A LIE. :(
kremie : thats lie no one here voted
Xenorex : :(
Shinji Mahuro : I remember seeing the polls at 56% for yes.
Deaths Angel : didnt the poll say yes by 95%
Viktor : People are idiots
Deaths Angel : and no 5%?
Convultion : Yeh i voted in it too
Viktor : don`t listen to them
RiddIe : @_@
Viktor : give us a pvp serve r:(
Eman : i voted yes D:
iRO GM Interviewer : at the end it was no by a few %
Convultion : If all you people voted for it we`dhave it
Convultion : lol
Xtine : so many people voted for that
iRO GM Interviewer : Frankly I would love a pvp server
Convultion : 56% said no 44% said yes
iRO GM Interviewer : But it is resources issue,
Akuma. : lets get this server up and running
Xtine : meaning.. they could not have been real people
Deaths Angel : just delete iris and make it!
Eman : I heard voted no for a pvp server
RiddIe : Stop picking on him, man swt
RiddIe : just continue the interview
kremie : rofl
iRO GM Interviewer : I think its sad that you dislike someone so much that you give them power to control your thoughts...
Eman : fight me gm
Convultion : Haha GM pooned joo <3
Shinji Mahuro : xD
Viktor : 20m on Eman
Kenny Loggins : Dems fightin words!
Xtine : lol
Night Hawk~ : Them are fightin` words
Ikaris : LOL
iRO GM Interviewer : maybe after the interview.
iRO GM Interviewer : Speaking of which what are you going to do with a mant?
Xtine : eat it
Xtine : upgrade it I mean
iRO GM Interviewer : You are supposed to use it not sell it,
Xtine : it`s for a friend!
Xtine : who said I was selling it :/
Leimery~ : its for me <3
Leimery~ : see how much she loves me
Xtine : ya!
Akuma. : because she loves him more
Adamant : just come back and check iris market in a few days
Xtine : rofl
Akuma. : than her husban
Adamant : you`ll see it selling /gg
RiddIe : lol o_o
Akuma. : see what a cheater
Convultion : mant lol
*Yoshimi Tsukie* : Pedo lol
iRO GM Interviewer : Makes me shed a little tear when I see the stuff that we upgrade special for people and they dump it like so many jellopies.
Xtine : lol
Convultion : oops
Leimery~ : dude its for a good cause !
iRO GM Interviewer : Ok well shall we do that trade now? +10 Condor Carded Mant!
Xtine : don`t scam me please :/

Leimery~ : actully i`ll edp sb him
Xtine : omg the GM is only lvl 98.
Xtine : :/
*Yoshimi Tsukie* : Hahahahaha
Ikaris : he doesn`t want the aura
meridian. : can i have your eyes
Convultion : Hmm +10 is silly
Xenorex : we can take him on
Convultion : IT is no more def than +9
Convultion : lol
Shinji Mahuro : He controls the heavens. D:
Xtine : thank you ;p
Akuma. : wrap your tool don`t be a fool.
Convultion : +9 = 6% dmg reduction +10= 6% dmg redution
Convultion : heh
Roffe Varg : Hey GM, would you like to join our guild? I would give you much love.
Akuma. : i`d let you take my man pride
iRO GM Interviewer : would you like to do picture time now?
Blackfire : Pictures then kill us all!
iRO GM Interviewer : I try not to kill people on loss maps.
Blackfire : so now will you kill us all? :<
Killed/Disconnected User.
Xtine : lol you dc`d the bard...
iRO GM Interviewer : when the 3 fades do emote
iRO GM Interviewer : 1
iRO GM Interviewer : 2
iRO GM Interviewer : 3

Xenorex : hahaha
iRO GM Interviewer : Congratulations to you and your accomplishment, it is no easy task.
iRO GM Interviewer : ok I"m off, have fun you guys.