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  meep! : hey
iroGM01 : Hi!
Sellinged : whoa o_o
meep! : lol novice o-O
Sellinged : a gm @_@
iroGM01 : Shss, im hiding!
meep! : finally i get my interview
iroGM01 : Ok meep, lets get with some questions.
meep! : sure
iroGM01 : How does it feel now that you have reached 99?
meep! : feels good ^^
meep! : lot less work in ro
iroGM01 : Less work?
meep! : ya no more desire to make a 99 lol
iroGM01 : One is enough for you? Don`t want another 4 more?
  meep! : ya ones enuff
meep! : until 3-1 classes
meep! : then al go for it again
meep! : like to stay on top of the hunter class =)
iroGM01 : Looking forward to the new "buffs"?
meep! : yah
meep! : new skills look nice x__x
iroGM01 : How long would you say, you have been playing RO?
meep! : so many gms x__x
iroGM01 : Its my posse!
meep! : been playing since beta period
meep! : haha
meep! : irogm01 = pimp ;O
iroGM01 : I won`t argue with that ;-)
meep! : hook me up wit christy lol =(
iroGM01 : Hehe
iroGM01 : How much on average do you play per day, now and before you got 99?
meep! : umm
meep! : well on holidays pretty much 24 hrs lol
meep! : now im in skool
meep! : its like about
meep! : 3-5 hrs
meep! : art takes up a lot of time =(
iroGM01 : What style/type of art has your interest?
meep! : i started to get an interest in Op Art
meep! : lol didnt realize i did it once in a project
meep! : by accident
meep! : but the style intrigued me
iroGM01 : What would you say is the main reason you keep playing RO?
meep! : friends
meep! : had many dramatic moments in ro that made me almost quit
meep! : but they made me want to go bak to ro
meep! : especially people in my guild
iroGM01 : Good to have support from your friends and guildmates.
meep! : ya
meep! : bad how many girls hit on me when im 99
meep! : go after me for my money T_T
iroGM01 : Its ok, I get that too ;-)
meep! : haha
iroGM01 : Even the two sitting here with us..
meep! : u got two of them
meep! : haha
iroGM01 : I can`t lose them, but its ok they are cute!
meep! : lol
iroGM01 : What do you find yourself doing the most in-game now?
meep! : spending time talkin to friends and mvping
iroGM01 : Doing well with the MVP hunts?
meep! : hehe yah
meep! : got more money than i can spend
iroGM01 : See thats why the girls are after you.
meep! : flat broke now since i stopped T_T
meep! : lol
meep! : tell me bout it lsat gf i bought a tiara for >>
iroGM01 : Revert to the Pink Hat, everyone will think you are poor.
meep! : XD
meep! : but im wit sumone i can trust now ;)
meep! : <3 coral
iroGM01 : Speaking of hats, mind if I take your Angel Helm for some upgrading?
meep! : sure
  The deal has successfully completed.
meep! : hmm
meep! : just curious o.O
meep! : how far would u have upgraded passed an 8+spiky
meep! : =X
meep! : had one but sold cuz of hunter nerf
meep! : >>
meep! : in future
meep! : its kool if u dun wanna answer hehe
iroGM01 : Its so hard with the odds to get much pass +8
meep! : yah
meep! : people were askin to tell gms to get it to 10+
meep! : lol
meep! : didnt seem fair
meep! : tho
meep! : to the other 99s
iroGM01 : Well I am sure they wish they all had a +8 spikey to start with!
meep! : ya lol XD
meep! : i had a erally lucky
meep! : friend
meep! : do it for me
iroGM01 : Well I got your Angel Helm back.
Lord Poring : o.o?
meep! : thx ^^
The deal has successfully completed.
iroGM01 : Hope the extra def helps with the MVP hunts!
meep! : ya hehe
meep! : mayb al have my dream of tank dsing baph
meep! : one day
meep! : gonna mainly use helm for woe tho
iroGM01 : Well good luck with that dream!
meep! : k ^^
iroGM01 : Yea I hear you guys get all sort of action up in Al De Baran!
meep! : lol
meep! : i hope ur sarcastic D;
meep! : no one atks us =X
meep! : its fun atking others tho
iroGM01 : Heh, thought I caught Kalisto asleep during on the seiges.
meep! : lol
meep! : u should fix his prize
meep! : hes erally upset about it
meep! : =\
meep! : after he heard wat bass got x__x
iroGM01 : Well, thats a story and a half, but we did offer a change of items.
meep! : yah
meep! : but the other offer of item doesnt compare to
meep! : wat others got
Shinjuno1 : pretty lights
iroGM01 : Well its value at the time offered was the same as what others got.
iroGM01 : Been our goal to keep the value of the items, be it hard to value
iroGM01 : some of the items, at a constant price range.
meep! : he said he bought s.helm for 6m tho =X
meep! : well im not forcing u to do it just suggesting cuz everyone feels
meep! : he got shafted
meep! : first 99
meep! : gets worse prize
iroGM01 : Well the offer was put out there, just never heard back.
iroGM01 : Tell him he can take the offer up, just needs to get back with us.
meep! : hmm
meep! : u should offer him to 8+ a gear
meep! : like everyone else
meep! : it would only seem fair x__x
iroGM01 : We will have to discuss that with him.
meep! : kk
meep! : al tell him to contact you bout it
meep! : i really apprciate the angehelm ^^
iroGM01 : No problem, congrats again on getting 99.
meep! : heeh
meep! : no hard task XD
iroSubGM6 : Congratulations on getting level 99.
meep! : *sarcstic*
meep! : thx
meep! : ^^
iroGM01 : Gotta get the girls back to work around here.
GMsupport04 : Congrads.
meep! : lol
meep! : sure
iroGM01 : Good luck with guild wars, hopefully you can see some action someday!
meep! : heeh ya
meep! : itll b fun
meep! : when u guys invade
iroGM01 : Maybe ^_^
iroGM01 : Ok girls back to work!