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Chelsea, Sakura, & lil shiro
Here we are to conduct the interview of Chelsea=Rorec and Sakura=Kinomoto,
she allowed her guildmate that also was a 99 winner to have the interview with her 2 characters.
So this is a longer than most interviews due to it being 3 characters.

Here is a cheat sheet to help you follow along
Chelsea=Rorec Champion +10 Circlet[1]
Sakura=KinomotoSniper +9 Spiky Band
lil shiroi High Priest +9 Crown
iRO GM 02 : Sakura could you introduce yourself and tell us what class you are?
Sakura=Kinomoto : im Sakura!! and im a sniper
iRO GM 02 : Shiroi can you introduce yourself and tell us why all these people are here?
~Bliss~ : i bet shiroi fell asleep -__-
lil shiroi : i am shiroi, i am a high priest these people are our friends
Sakura=Kinomoto : they`re here for me not him!!
Serapheen : lol
Sakura=Kinomoto : ><
lil shiroi : is that ok that they`re here with us?
D~Bliss~ : me too =x
iRO GM 02 : I seem to remember a few other interviews from this Guild,
iRO GM 02 : making this a habit...
Sakura=Kinomoto : yeah so we want to chat with you
Sirrah : heh
Liya : they missed you T-T more friendly then business
iRO GM 02 : They missed my upgrading prowess you mean.
lil shiroi : how about we skip all those formal stuff
iRO GM 02 : Sakura how do you feel now that you reached 99 again?
Sakura=Kinomoto : hmm relaxed its tiring lvling
iRO GM 02 : What was your inspiration for doing it?
Sakura=Kinomoto : and im more about hunting mvp and minis oh just for the record i didnt get to 99 on my own
Sakura=Kinomoto : its alot of guild effort and i would like to thanks them for helping me through
iRO GM 02 : How did your guild support you?
Sakura=Kinomoto : hmm im really bossy and they have to put up with me T-T boo guildie but i love them <3333333
iRO GM 02 : Love in the drill sergeant manner, how did Shiroi fall into that master plan
Sakura=Kinomoto : ohh
~Bliss~ : *cough*
Sakura=Kinomoto : shiroi i cant say enough
lil shiroi : oh me?
lil shiroi : i am just a minion
Sakura=Kinomoto : but really good at what he does XP after we got avicr to 99 we started on him and me
Sakura=Kinomoto : and he was supporting in TI3 at lvl 55 or was it 53?
Avicr : complete with ygg leaf res...
iRO GM 02 : aco or HP?
Gabriel Celeste : no job 50
Avicr : level 55 aco
Gabriel Celeste : oo
Sakura=Kinomoto : ppl were so mean we had to use ygg to res they jsut step all over us ><
iRO GM 02 : well that area isn`t really made for 1st classers, transcendent or not
Sakura=Kinomoto : yeah but we did suprisingly well
iRO GM 02 : I`ll bet that led to some exciting moments, how about minion tells us about one?
lil shiroi : so, what about you mr 02, where do you level? :P
iRO GM 02 : Me I level in the training grounds, I can own those monsters, own with a p
lil shiroi : lol
Sakura=Kinomoto : ><
Gabriel Celeste : get more exp than people get in guild dungeon
iRO GM 02 : Any situations or stories about your leveling you would like to discuss with the world?
Avicr : after leveling 4 months down there it all blurs into one huge day that never ends
Sakura=Kinomoto : lol
iRO GM 02 : I still see that Avicr still has an aversion to the sitting.
Avicr : I sit for sp
Serapheen : i almost screened him once...but was too slow
lil shiroi : lol
Serapheen : never seen him react to anything so fast before >>
iRO GM 02 : Be sure to post it if you get it.
Avicr : <<

A little picture to break up the scrolly text, and to make the dial up users happy!
iRO GM 02 : Do either of you have anything you would like to say or ask?
lil shiroi : i would like to thank God, my mom, my dad, myself, my friends, and to everyone that helped sheshh, i am shouting out
Evenstar* : how about ur WIFE, ME!
Avicr : you didn`t just win an mtv music award
~Bliss~ : lol
Sakura=Kinomoto : wat should i shout guys?
Kage Naruto : "You are sharp! You are so on the ball! You are popping the ball.."
lil shiroi : "shiroi`s the best!"
Sakura=Kinomoto : would be a long list of all your names XP
Washu~ : Is it true kaho horns is a Gm only item?
Avicr : unless they one day decide to give us a pair, yes I think they are
iRO GM 02 : Unless someone gets the one from one of the backpacks I dropped
iRO GM 02 : oh so long ago
Washu~ : wha? O_O
iRO GM 02 : Well did you both want to get to the part of the interview that everyone likes?
lil shiroi : what would that be?
iRO GM 02 : Where I break your gear!
Sirrah : mmm wonder if there`s a special gm upgrade npc that never fails
iRO GM 02 : That wouldn`t be much fun would it?
~Bliss~ : lol

iRO GM 02 : Go go go
Serapheen : everyone?
iRO GM 02 : seriously go everyone
Good old Faithful Alberta upgrade shop, it`s let me down less often than the other ones, and frankly that`s all I can ask...
Avicr : this so isn`t how gm`s do it!
~Bliss~ : what happened to your upgrading prowess!
iRO GM 02 : This is how it`s done, I took me 100s of attempts for these interviews

Frankly I could do this all night.
iRO GM 02 : That was fun now I know why people attempt this.
Gabriel Celeste : lmao
Sirrah : you fail.....
*tpstarcraft* : PWNED
iRO GM 02 : `Specially when its someone elses stuff
iRO GM 02 : Ok I have this crown now.
lil shiroi : *crosses fingers*

Oh, man now they might be expecting something...
+7 Crown is taken off.
Upgrade has been completed sucessfully.
+8 Crown is put on.
lil shiroi : woot!
iRO GM 02 : I`m so awesome
iRO GM 02 : now for 1 more
+8 Crown is taken off.
Upgrade has failed.

Oh yeah there we go
iRO GM 02 : Well that is closer than anyone else has come, congrats!
lil shiroi : nooooooooo
iRO GM 02 : Alrighty then lets go back to someplace more scenic
lil shiroi : can we go to your favorite spot 02? you pick, it`s your special day!
iRO GM 02 : Shiroi its not my day its yours and Sakura`s.
iRO GM 02 : Well seriously though, you both weren`t too attached to those items right?
Avicr : I still say an eru biretta is more cost efficient than a crown
iRO GM 02 : most things are more cost efficient than crowns.
iRO GM 02 : Well I`ll tell you what I`ll give you the mvp headgears that I took
Washu~ : you STOLE!?!?!?
iRO GM 02 : off of GM01 on one condition.
lil shiroi : lol
iRO GM 02 : That Avicr sits down for a screenshot to be posted with interview...
~Bliss~ : HAHA
Avicr : sorry guys, I`m a team player and all but you just lost your gear
/\/\aglor : lol
iRO GM 02 : Its so sad...
lil shiroi : oh look he sits
Dark Cherub : ss time
Sakura=Kinomoto : XP
iRO GM 02 : ok here is your stuff
iRO GM 02 : Ok Avicr you are team player you can stand up I won`t further hurt your ego
I didn`t post the picture of Avicr sitting because we know how sad that would make him.
Besides no one wants to see that, and by that I mean a sniper sitting.

iRO GM 02 : Ok are you all sticking around for the other interview?
iRO GM 02 : So how did you get 2 characters to 99 ?
lil shiroi : lol
Chelsea=Rorec : it`s the guild effort
iRO GM 02 : It is quite an achievement
Chelsea=Rorec : Evenstar* was suppose to make 99 instead of my sniper
Chelsea=Rorec : but she took a short leave and we still had to lvl
Chelsea=Rorec : so had ot bring my hunter and turn sniper Evenstar* is close to 99 though
iRO GM 02 : So the other character was just kind of thrown together?
Chelsea=Rorec : well we had our plans way before trans came out
iRO GM 02 : a weekend project or a backup plan?
Chelsea=Rorec : yeah it was a week to tank the new sniper
Chelsea=Rorec : and shiroi went on vacation a couple times too..
iRO GM 02 : So how many hours did it take to get to 99?
Chelsea=Rorec : hmm when it was avicr we did 8-10 hours a day with sunday off
Chelsea=Rorec : since shiroi is a man of god.. then shiroi and even was about 5-6 hours
lil shiroi : hey, i am a priest after all
Chelsea=Rorec : then shiroi and sakura was 5-6 hours then when we started and even and chelsea again it went way down
Chelsea=Rorec : to like 2-3 hours
Evenstar* : 5-6 hours with a full time job and personal life, wewt go me!!!
iRO GM 02 : Did your leveling methods evolve since helping avicr?
Chelsea=Rorec : alot we used to have problem using fas alone then we figured that out
Chelsea=Rorec : then we used the ks`er gets more exp and ask ppl to come help when they can
Chelsea=Rorec : and of course these loving ppl did come often <3
iRO GM 02 : So what xp/hour did you finally get it up to?
Chelsea=Rorec : think our highest was 14mil an hour for main party but all the kser gets about 1-1.3 mil an hour too
Chelsea=Rorec : so all together if its one big party.. might be around 16-18 mil
iRO GM 02 : Pretty good, efficiency.
Avicr : of course the 14mil for main party was being split in share
Chelsea=Rorec : yeah when we did avicr
iRO GM 02 : Where did you usually do that partying?
Chelsea=Rorec : we party in ti3
Chelsea=Rorec : lots of mob and not too many ppl
iRO GM 02 : So what would be your advice on how to set up?
Chelsea=Rorec : hmm i think organization is a key point This character wasn`t the guild project but when the
Chelsea=Rorec :last spot was LAST i started to panic alot and died like hmm 14 times at 98..
iRO GM 02 : I`m sure that made you happy.
Chelsea=Rorec : im really happy that i got 99 REALLY HAPPY
iRO GM 02 : So what was the last creature you fought? to turn 99?
Chelsea=Rorec : and since we`re so close and shiroi said watch someoen turns 2 second before me T-T
iRO GM 02 : The race really wasn`t quite that close...
Gabriel Celeste : i know like 3 98 trams *trans
Chelsea=Rorec : well we didnt know
Avicr : better safe than sorry
iRO GM 02 : True.
Chelsea=Rorec : ppl keep on telling me stuff and im scared
Serapheen : everyone was keeping it hush hush cause they wanted it
Avicr : we even bought some +10% brute exp shoes...
iRO GM 02 : That is smart So what item did you want to upgrade?
Chelsea=Rorec : well this one is for sacrafice
Chelsea=Rorec : was trying to do a +8 circlet to get a carat card
iRO GM 02 : Well congratulations on your accomplishment all 2.5 of you.
Sadly these 5 pages are about 10% of all the stuff that happened, a Baphomet laid waste to the group, many people discovered they can`t heft stones, and things were broken, all in all an interesting time.