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Rosalyne Top 10 Transcendent on Iris
Ottomo : rosa, gm pmed me said he hated you
Ottomo : and he doesnt want ot do the interview anymore
GM Interviewer : Ottomo you are such a liar...
Ottomo : im not a liar, i just... fib alot
GM Interviewer : I`m getting nervice with this sword icon hovering over your heads...
GM Interviewer : nervous... its going to be one of those interviews...
GM Interviewer : How are you this afternoon?
L Arc En CieL : rosa he`s talking to you
rosalyne : i`m fine thanks ^^
rosalyne : so nervous now
GM Interviewer : Excellent could you introduce yourself and why all these people are here?
rosalyne : im rosa ^^
rosalyne : this is all my guild friend ^^
GM Interviewer : It was a pretty tight race for that last 99 spot here on Iris.
GM Interviewer : What incentivized you to win?
rosalyne : im the last one in top 10 on iris?
rosalyne : well as i really like this game
GM Interviewer : I think that is what I wrote down, next to the "need to think up new interview reasons
GM Interviewer : yep you are the last one. There were 5 people that were on your
GM Interviewer : heels if I recall, and you did a large level jump over a weekend
rosalyne : my goal was to raech 99 as soon as possible ^^
rosalyne : hope one day i could get a place in Hall of Horror
rosalyne : i got my last lvl in 9 days ^^
L Arc En CieL : holy !
GM Interviewer : That is pretty impressive
rosalyne : because there was +50% xp event
rosalyne : and a friend helped me ^^
GM Interviewer : How did they assist you? Tanking Porings or some such?
L Arc En CieL : hell yeah
rosalyne : not exactly porings lol we lvled at niff all my life
rosalyne : some of my guildmates knews it
GM Interviewer : So how many Drooping Kitties are you responsible for?
rosalyne : idon`t know exactly
Ottomo : ...ball park of... 63
rosalyne : maybe like 10?
Ottomo : ...63
rosalyne : maybe 15
rosalyne : i didn`t notice
rosalyne : lol kurz
GM Interviewer : So what do you do now that you are glowy?
rosalyne : now i have 2 others goals
rosalyne : build 1 biochemist
rosalyne : and i built a mvp monk ^^
rosalyne : more funny than to reach 99 pally
L Arc En CieL : and to kill gm in usrc
GM Interviewer : Sad that you can`t kill a GM in PVP, 8 of us would be a difficult team to beat.
L Arc En CieL : WE JUST DID 2X
Ottomo : we killed one lol
SliverSniper : we killed a gm twice in usrc
GM Interviewer : Yeah but gm 09 doesn`t count
Ottomo : GM 09 = weak as pyro
GM Interviewer : He was a naked novice
Ottomo : and what are you... your not even 99 /gg <3
rosalyne : maybe a novice but GM after all
rosalyne : lol
GM Interviewer : Fine fine there are gms then there are GMS
Ndadn : rofl
GM Interviewer : But anyway that isn`t important.
SliverSniper : care 2 tell the difference?
GM Interviewer : Difference is how big of a can they can open up.
True Annihilation : lets talk about that can of PAIN in pvp
Kaelin : Only some are worth of capital letters!
Boss Anton : how come it`s not iRO GM02 anymore who does the interview?
GM Interviewer : because he was bad, everyone complained about the granmah m15takes
rosalyne : excuse me GM
rosalyne : if ever my friend raech 99 too does he get any reward?
GM Interviewer : Not a GM reward, but there are in-game perks like not losing xp
GM Interviewer : Anyone that gets 99 is impressive, it does show dedication
GM Interviewer : They get immunity to the specter of xp loss
rosalyne : its true its not easy to reach 99 trans
GM Interviewer : 30M + per day in niff is frightening, I`m surprised you didn`t get reported
GM Interviewer : more.
Boss Anton : damn..........
Ottomo : wow thats coming from a gm
rosalyne : 1 day i got 45m xp
GM Interviewer : Silver, if you are alone on the map I don`t see who would report you..
True Annihilation : take notes * GM told us to mob*
GM Interviewer : I`ll digress a moment here, but mobbing the act isn`t the problem.
GM Interviewer : it`s what it does to other players that is the issue
rosalyne : true GM ^^
SliverSniper : ok so as long as i can handle my mob
GM Interviewer : its more than that silver
rosalyne : i mobbed when there`s no ppl there
h@rbringer` : if 70 monster on map, and you drag 40 of them, they not respawning
rosalyne : GM u can know each of us when we`re doing something in RO?
GM Interviewer : So did you have anything special you wanted to do to commemorate this occasion?
GM Interviewer : What do you mean Rosalyne
rosalyne : nevermind.. well, i hope everyone could enjoy this game
GM Interviewer : I think most people do on some level, else they wouldn`t be here.
L Arc En CieL : whats your job
GM Interviewer : I make a wicked cup of coffee
Boss Anton : PVP !!!
GM Interviewer : If that is Rosalyne`s request we can.
rosalyne : yes please GM /lv
GM Interviewer : Ok, but first did you want the upgrade prize?
rosalyne : yesh ^^
GM Interviewer : congratulations to you rosalyne!.

And yes the PVP room became very full, and in the end it was Like the "Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny" and I was Mr Rogers.