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Confidences : oh hello there
-Seraphic- : eek
GM Interviewer : Hello
NightAssassin is back! : wow he found us
Confidences : where did you come from
Rocksolid : lol
NightAssassin is back!: so sneaky
Rocksolid : so you can get battle chant
-Seraphic- : don`t do it!
GM Interviewer : Nah don`t want to crash server
Rocksolid : LOL
NightAssassin is back!: XD
Rocksolid : yes you do
Rocksolid : come on
Confidences : yeah make us happy
GM Interviewer : Even though its sakray its still bad
NightAssassin is back!: we had an idea
NightAssassin is back!: to like make a plant invasion
NightAssassin is back!: like 2000 plants invade pront

`Priest` : sacred me
Rocksolid : LOL
`Priest` : lol
Solarie : Hey can you tank the labs MVP for us
GM Interviewer : no
GM Interviewer : that ss on ri is funny to me
Solarie : T_T
Rocksolid : which 1?
GM Interviewer : The conspiracy that I was tanking the bio mvp
Solarie : Our friend made a stick diagram about the labs mvp thing >.>
`Priest` : lol
Solarie : It involves vu dying alot :D
`Priest` : so thats all a lie?
GM Interviewer : its a misunderstanding.
GM Interviewer : I was testing the TK master
GM Interviewer : the blinding skill
GM Interviewer : and then wanted to make sure you could memo dungeons
GM Interviewer : so I moved to bio and when I did I spawned right on top of the MVP
Rocksolid : haha
`Priest` : lol
GM Interviewer : I couldn`t see anyone since I had a 4 cell vision
Solarie : So gms look at Ragnainfo rofl
Breezeblade : Did you freak out?
Rocksolid : haha
Confidences : you guys visit fan sites?
GM Interviewer : I laughed about it.
Solarie : Spawn gtb and make it drop a card
GM Interviewer : If it dropped a card
GM Interviewer : and I pick it up you`d all cry
Confidences : don`t tease us
NightAssassin is back!: i got killled bya white plant earlier
Rocksolid : i was gonna ask that
Rocksolid : how come you dont do like event baphos
Breezeblade : I miss the involvement that gms use to have, like back in the day
Rocksolid : or 99 porings anymore
Breezeblade : When we had Novice day etc
Breezeblade : And had more town invasions
Breezeblade : I think that helps the game
-Gavin- : GM will summone us some mvp`s after this interview?
Solarie : Pront pvp!
GM Interviewer : Frankly they are too easy to kill and the reward is too good for the
GM Interviewer : effort, the Trans classes screwed up the ability
GM Interviewer : to town invade evenly
-Gavin- : =D
Breezeblade : Pront pvp was awesome
`Priest` : lol
Rocksolid : well
Confidences : but we miss it
Solarie : I did like the bio labs mvps
GM Interviewer : You recall the last bio invasion we did?
Confidences : I`m so not overpowered
GM Interviewer : Well, on chaos/loki the invasion was over before we even finished spawning
Confidences : lol
Solarie : "lol skaray"
Solarie : sakray >.>
GM Interviewer : if we went thicker no one would survive or play
GM Interviewer : so its either a weak invasion or too insane
Breezeblade : I`d like to see something like
Breezeblade : `monsters are starting towards the cities`
Breezeblade : type thing
Breezeblade : and put mvps and bio monsters
Breezeblade : on normal maps
Breezeblade : for a day or two
Breezeblade : And we`d have to defend the
citiesRocksolid : u have to step it up a notch
Confidences : lol
GM Interviewer : I know that you highbeis would love that.
Breezeblade : If you do multiple attacks on multiple maps
Rocksolid : man
Breezeblade : Then it won`t die so fast
GM Interviewer : but the newer people that are now trapped would not be playable
GM Interviewer : So Confidences, what are you plans now that you will have this spiky band
Confidences : nothing really I`m not going to sell it
GM Interviewer : I`d hope not,
GM Interviewer : What are you woking on now that you`ve hit the highest level for HW
Confidences : helping my friends out and leveling my High Priest
GM Interviewer : Thats a good accomplishment.
GM Interviewer : What are you looking forward to in future updates?
Breezeblade : Slots in infiltrators
Confidences : a balance in classes some just are way to overpowered
GM Interviewer : That always comes up.

GM Interviewer : when the 3 fades
GM Interviewer : 1
-Gavin- : okay!
GM Interviewer : 2
GM Interviewer : 3

GM Interviewer : Congratulations to you
GM Interviewer : and good luck in your future endeavors