Ragnarok Online - Kafra Shop - Classic Baby Dragon Hat Box
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Classic Baby Dragon Hat Box
Price: 600 Kafra Points
Quantity: 1
Required Level: N/A
Class: N/A
A baby dragon who has been trained to help its master.
Increases damage and tolerance to all dragon type monsters by 10%.

If refined to +7 or higher, gives a +50% exp bonus for every dragon-type monster killed. This bonus will last until February 5th, after which it goes to a +10% bonus

The box can be traded and vended, but once opened the headgear is account bound.

Slot: 1
Class: Headgear
Defense: 3
Location: Upper
Weight: 10
Required Level: 1
Jobs: All
  • Kafra Shop orders cannot be canceled or refunded, so please be careful when redeeming your Points.
  • Some Kafra Shop items can be given and traded to other players and characters, but certain items purchased from the Kafra Shop cannot be dropped, given, or exchanged once they are retrieved from the Kafra Shop Storage.
  • Purchased items will be automatically sent to your in-game Kafra Shop Storage which is accessible within the Ragnarok Online.