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Combat Knife
Price: 250 Kafra Points
Quantity: 1
Required Level: 1
Class: Swordman, Merchant, Thief, Soul Linker and Ninja
A military combat knife designed for killing humanoids. Ignores Demi-Human monster physical defense. Reduces damage from Demi-Human monsters by 10%, but increases damage inflicted by Devil monsters by 10%. Restores 3 SP when hitting a monster.
Max SP +10%
This item cannot be traded or dropped.

Attack Strength: 129
Weapon Level: 4
Weight: 0

This is a Rental Item that expires 7 days after being obtained in-game.
  • Kafra Shop orders cannot be canceled or refunded, so please be careful when redeeming your Points.
  • Some Kafra Shop items can be given and traded to other players and characters, but certain items purchased from the Kafra Shop cannot be dropped, given, or exchanged once they are retrieved from the Kafra Shop Storage.
  • Purchased items will be automatically sent to your in-game Kafra Shop Storage which is accessible within the Ragnarok Online.