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Reach for the Stars this Father's Day!

"To aim for the sky and attain your glow.." if that is your mantra then we have a great set of events for you through July!

- 1st: Level 70-99 May hunt High Orcs and Orc Archers in the West Orc Village, to get there you must go to the Eden Group and talk to the even warper. He will send you in to the West Orc Village if you are VIP or are wearing a +7 Yggdrasil Crown.

- 2nd: Level 105 - 135 May hunt Isilla, Vanberk, Hodremlin, and Agav in the Rachel Sanctuary, there is an Eden Warper for VIP or for +7 Yggdrasil Crown wearers.

* The turnins will allow you to combine all the Base/Job into 1 chunk and focus it to one or the other if you are wearing a +7 Yggdrasil Crown.

** Also the monsters in those areas are doubled in Spawn. And the turnins are 1 creature type per quest, so you'll have 4 quests if you are doing all of Rachel.

The Red Pirate Bandana is getting a big boost in effect through July 5th. If you missed your chance to purchase one from the Kafra Shop you can get one from our Kafra Gear Recycler.

All the +10 Foods you get from the Kafra Gals will give +15 stats instead of +10 through June 28! We are selling discount boxes of 30x Food boxes as well through the 28th!

They are 240 Points to get 30 of your Favorite Stat Food! Available through June 28th!