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Turnin Event Extravaganza!
Through June 28th we will have Turn-in Events a plenty for you adventurers! After June 28th we will have a new mini-event to entice you with!

- Level 70 - 99 West Orc Village to hunt Orc Archers and/or High Orcs!
- Level 95 - 120 Magma Dungeon 2 to Hunt Nightmare Terrors and/or Ground Deleters!
- Level 105 - 136 Rachel Sanctuary: To hunt Issila, Vanberk, Hodremlin and Agav
- Level 125 - 150 Biolabs level 2 : To hunt the 6 Bio 1st Class monsters.

Be very wary as the amount of monsters on these maps is greatly increased, further than even last week were increased. Just to note, the monsters that you are hunting only give 1/2 Exp but the turnin will give you 2/3 of what the hunting would have given you, this means it is a net gain of Exp that you can share with a 12 person party!

As a special bonus a +7 Yggdrasil Crown worn during Turn-in of your kill count will allow you to focus all the Base & Job Exp into either all Base or all Job.

Further if you talk to the Eden Group Event warper, he can teleport you directly to the event map if you are VIP, are wearing a +7 Yggdrasil Crown or decide to use a Reset Stone!

Also don't miss out on Recycling old Headgears with the Kafra Gear Recycler, the Anniversary Destiny Box, or the VIP bonus Time event!