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Kafra Hat Recycler, updated on June 28th!

It's finally here! The Kafra Corporation has commissioned a machine to recycle a handful of older retired Kafra headgears into Midgard Coins!

Each of the Headgears on the list have been a part of the Lucky Boxes or Random Hat boxes in the past few years, and are worth 300 Midgard Coins.

The Midgard Coins will be deleted on July 12th, so spend them all.

Kafra Gear Recycler

This machine will be in the top floor of the Eden Group until July 5th. The Machine can also take Midgard Coins and offer certain prizes.

To prepare for Recycling, you should take all equipment out of your inventory, then place all the Kafra gears in your inventory that you want to recycle. If you do not want to recycle the headgear that the machine detects please select tell it to skip that one. At this time only the headgears on the list below are approved for recycling. If you have old Kafra Headgears that you want to recycle please make a forum post requesting it be added!

The machine is pushy, so you need to "cancel" or select "Leave" from the option.

Prizes are:

Reset Stone600 Midgard Coins
Red Pirate Bandana600 Midgard Coins
May Lucky Box1800 Midgard Coins
Auto upgrade to +5
(Safe 100%)
600 Midgard Coins
Safe Attempt from +5 to +6
Failure leaves the item at +5
600 Midgard Coins
Safe Attempt from +6 to +7
Failure leaves the item at +6
600 Midgard Coins

Headgears that can be traded in for 300 Midgard Coins.

Flapping AngelingTamCaptain's Hat
Carmen Miranda's HatHat Of Fortune Glaris Doll Hat
Dark Randgris HelmDefolty Doll HatDress Hat
Filir HatJudge HatImp Hat
Lif Doll HatLunatic HatMischievous Fairy
Moonlight Flower HatNecromancer's HoodNeko Mimi Kafra
Musketeer HatPower Of ThorCoati Hat
Red Wing HatRideword HatRudolf Santa Hat
Rune HairbandTwin Pom SantaFlying Evil Wings
Shark HatSigrun's WingsSnowman Hat
Moon Rabbit HatTelling Doll HatStriped Hat
Triple Poring HatTwin Red RibbonWanderer's Sakkat
Aquarius CrownAquarius DiademAries Crown
Aries DiademCancer CrownCancer Diadem
Capricorn CrownCapricorn DiademGemini Crown
Gemini DiademLeo CrownLeo Diadem
Libra CrownLibra DiademPisces Crown
Pisces DiademSagittarius CrownSagittarius Diadem
Scorpio CrownScorpio DiademTaurus Crown
Taurus DiademVirgo CrownVirgo Diadem
Black Frame GlassesChocolate DonutDonut In Mouth
Filir's PinionsIfrit's EarsNinja Scroll
Well-Chewed PencilBlank EyesTakius Blindfold
Friend Recruiter HatGf Recruiter HatGuildsman Recruiter Hat
AFK HatParty Recruiter HatBf Recruiter Hat
Bunny Top Hat

And more event Headgears added on June 21st!

Koneko HatBell RibbonFish Head Hat
Santa Poring HatHocky MaskParade Hat
4 Leaf Clover in MouthSide CapSt Patrick's Hat [1]
Easter Egg ShellBaseball Cap [1]Pirate Dagger
Purple Cowboy HatRabbit Magic HatBaby Dragon Hat
Turtle HatEvolved Magestic GoatBrown Paper Bag
Scarlet RoseEvil Snake Lord HatBeer Cap
Garuda HatSnake HeadPopcorn Hat
Piggie BankMagnolia HatGloomy Pumpkin Hat
Christmas Tree HatPirate's PrideSpiritual Auger
Yggdrasil Crown

And Still more added for the final week of June 28th! Please be sure you have put in all the hats you want by July 5th Maintenance, as the "put in" function will be disabled then.

Rabbit Magic HatPotted MukaIce Cream Hat
Hunter's Cap [1]Banana BeretWeird Pumpkin
Pirate Eye BandageCrown of Deceit [1]Skull Hood [1]
Doctor HairbandBandit_DisguiseValkyrie Feather Band
Rabbit Earmuffs [1]

10pt Party Hat10pt Pumpkin Hat10pt Santa Hat
50pt Fantastic Pumpkin-Head50pt Antonio's Santa Hat50pt Festival Pumpkin Hat
50pt Santa's Beard

Happy Recycling!