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Journey on to level 150! With Eden Turnins!

Today we embark on a journey to take adventurers from being just young heroes to Warriors of Legends! The Eden Group is opening up new daily quests for all interested adventurers!

Every week the next stage of quests will be opened up, starting with low leveled areas on Week 1 and expanding upwards to areas for the highest tier of adventurer! Accepting the larger Hunt Quest will start a 23 hour timer, after the timer expires and you have completed the Hunt Quest you can turn it in for full value of what the Monsters hunted were worth if you solo killed them! If you are VIP when you turn in the quest you are offered the chance to focus the EXP into either Base or Job. Also as a benefit of VIP you will get a warp to the hunting area, and 150% base quest reward too!

Every week for at least 8 weeks we will be putting in new quests to enjoy for specific level tiers! If there isn't a hunt for you this week, then next week there may be!

Below is the plan for our Journey to 150 Quest implementation! The scheduled was updated significantly to get the later levels setup much earlier!

  1. July 5: 70-95 Alarms
  2. July 12: 90-110 Desert Wolf & 115-130 Ragged Zombie & 135-150 Cecil Damon
  3. July 19: 70-95 Enchanted Peach Tree; Zipper Bear & 105-120 Incubus; Succubus & 125-140 Uni-Horn Scaraba; Horn Scaraba
  4. July 26: 90-110: Gazeti; Ice Titan & 115-130: Skogul; Frus 135-150: Antler Scaraba; Rake Scaraba
  5. Aug 2: 70-95 Poison Toad, Antique Firelock & 105-120: Dullahan, Loli Ruri & 125-140:Gold and Blue Acidus
  6. Aug 9: 90-110: Mineral, Obsidian & 115-130: Ferus, Bewler & 135-150 all 6 Bio 2 Monsters!
  7. Aug 16: 70-95 & 105-120 & 125-140
  8. Aug 23: 90-110 & 115-130 & 135-150
  9. Aug 30: 70-95 & 105-120 & 125-140

As with anything new, we will be looking at ordered feedback on the forums to see how we can best address the needs of our community while maintaining our implementation schedules.