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Middle of Summer Event Super Slam

Summertime means eating barbeques, drinking lots of lemonade and lazy afternoons here in California...but not for the update team! We have some mini-events going in as the Anniversary Quest rides into the sunset.

  • Double Exp Event!
  • July 19 - 26 all servers will have Double Exp from monster slaying!

  • Mighty Hammer Discount Event
  • Your friendly neighborhood upgrader will be offering upgrades at a 90% discount, so this is a perfect time for zeny-pinchers to get refining!He can be found on the second floor of the Eden Group Headquarters.
    There are also Discount Boxes of HD Elunium 50 Box & HD Oridecon 50 Box until August 2nd

  • New Turn Ins
  • This will get broken out into it's own update announcement, but we have three level range hunt quests being introduced:
    70-95 Kunlun : Zipper Bears & Enchanted Peach Trees
    105-120 Geffenia : Incubus & Succubus
    125-140 Scaraba Dungeon : Uni Horn Scaraba & Horn Scaraba

  • New Yggdrasil WoE Castles
  • Todays maintenance will introduce two new castles in which to do battle on Ygg: Valk 3 and Britoniah 2.

    More changes are scheduled, you can find information updates on the forum post here. Thank you again for spending the sweltering Summer days with Ragnarok Online, as always please let us know what you think and have a nice maintenance.