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Starting August with a bang!

Starting off August we have new events and new updates to entertain you as you journey onward to victory!

From August 2nd - 9th the following daily Turn-in Quest is active with VIP you get 1.5x the EXP and get warps to the hunting area, and the monster spawns are greatly increased too! Starting this week you will earn Eden Merit Badges from doing the turnins as well, save those up as they can later be turned in for items!

  • 75-95: Poison Toad, Antique Firelock
  • 105-120: Dullahan, Loli Ruri
  • 125-140:Gold and Blue Acidus

Troy is still offering Free and Safe Slotting attempts in Payon, all you need is a Slotting Advertisement for him to try!

The Groove Pack #1 is still being offered until August 9th, if you want the items there be sure to pick up a few this week!

New Eden Daily quests were implemented as well, for level 86-90 and 91-99! Be sure to go to Eden Group and pick up the quests from the Signs in the back of the room.

And we have the first stage of Quest indicators, which will help you see what quests you can pick up for your character! Only a few quests have been updated, but as time goes on more quests will show off their fancy indicators so you know when an NPC wants your help!

For further detailed patch notes please visit the forum thread about this weeks maintenance.