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Stop those Dirty APES!!

A Worried Man has been spotted in the Eden Group, muttering to himself and anyone that will listen about a strange test and an evil plot. Something about monkeys and Apes trying to take over the world.. It sounds like madness to us here, but the Kafra gals liked the idea of Monkeys, and created a Yoyo Hat for your enjoyment!

The Worried Man will offer any adventurer some hunting quests to hunt:

  • 400 Yoyos & 4 Chocos
  • 400 Wootan Fighters
  • 400 Wootan Shooters

Also if you have the Yoyo hat he will offer to focus the EXP gain as you wish, and if it is upgraded to +7 or higher you will get bonus exp from the Turnins! This is a great quest you can get 1 time per day to expedite your leveling for anyone, but especially those under 70!

Also the Yoyo Hat has a special property of increasing the normal monster EXP value! Just having the Yoyo Hat:

  • +0-4 10% Bonus EXP
  • +5 & 6 15% Bonus EXP
  • +7 & higher 25% plus 10% per + over 7.

The Yoyo Hat special effect and the Ape Hunts will be available until September 20th! So get your hat early and get a lot of bonus exp this month!