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Investigate the Suspicious Activities..

Geffen is an idillic town, peaceful and orderly. But recent reports hint at a growing problem.. Agent York is in Geffen looking for volunteers to help him investigate the Criminal Activities.

Prior Volunteers report getting a lot of EXP and a small Headgear Trinket for their efforts!

Agent York will be investigating well into September, so enjoy yourself!

Also new Turnins are available this week from Grandpa!

  • Muscupilar 90-110
  • Drosera 90-110
  • Raydric 115-130
  • Wanderman 115-130
  • Ancient Tree 135-150
  • Phylla 135-150

The level 135-150 Turnins can be best hunted on a special Event map that Grandpa can warp you to.

And of Course the Monkeys are still out in force, if you want to help limit their impact on the world please Stop those Dirty Apes!