Ragnarok Online - Events - September 6 and we are Launching Dewata!
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September 6 and we are Launching Dewata!

We have an excellent start in September as we gear up for RWC! To get everyone into the spirit of RWC we have several RWC events to share with you!

  • RWC Groove PackRWC Groove Pack! Some great favorites and some wonderful new additions plus look how funky that thing looks!
  • Hunt the Golden Porings, Collect the Blue cards to spell out RWC2011 and take them to RWC2011 Agent SW of the Prontera Spawn in area to get random restoratives!
  • New Turn-ins from Gramps! Remember that you do NOT have to complete the turnin this week, you can pick it up and complete it at your leisure and turn it in later! Especially useful for the Epic Quest for Bio 3 Monsters!
    90-110 - Anopheles Field East of Rachel
    90-110 - Roween Field East of Rachel
    115-130 Agav Rachel Sanctuary 4 & 5
    115-130 Echio Rachel Sanctuary 4 & 5
    135-150 All 6 Bio 3 Monsters! 6 Different turnins for this range.

Dewata Launch!And last but not least Dewata update has launched! Journey to Alberta and take a ship over to explore the simple life on this Volcanic island, what could possibly go awry with a vacation on a volcanic Island?

GoCash 110%! GoCash is giving 110% normal value until the end of September, so if you have the option to use a Game Card, choose GoCash to get more WP Energy!