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Revenge of the Curse of Skull Island

Avast ye mateys, listen here and hear the tale of Izlude Irene...pirate scourge of the Midgard seas.

Years before ol' Izlude received a fancy-schmancy airship dock, it was a busy port linking Prontera with the land lubber merchant traders in Alberta. Back then, the ships had to fend off attacks from pirates appearing from out of coastal fog and disappearing with cartloads of treasure. Izlude Irene, as she was called was th' best or worst of 'em, depending on what end of her sword ye found yerself.

If ye find yerself in the town of Izlude (and are level 50 and above), and are looking to find some treasure while swashing some buckles, speak with young Mikey.
This barnacle is dead set on finding the treasure Izlude Irene left behind and needs yer help to get sailin'. He'll only be there until October 4th, so strap on yer peg legs and keep the rum handy! Fairly warned be ye, sez I.

Some swabbies have said that it's Irene's hat what lies at the end of this tale, imbuded as it were with special properties during the event.