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Double Drop Event!

Time to get your party together and use up those Bloody Branches you are finding! We have double drops active until September 27th!

If you would rather exchange those Bloody Branches and any of the other items from the RWC Groove Pack then you should check out the RWC Groove pack exchanger in the top floor of the Eden group!

Talk to mail box in the Eden Group to get midgard coins for your stuff, or cash in your midgard coins to get other stuff. Through October 4th.

Your RWC Pack items convert into:

  • Old Card Album 75
  • Ghost Coffin 75
  • Bloody Branch 75
  • Spiritual Auger 300
  • Battle Manual X3 300
  • Safe to 7 Headgear Certificates 300
  • Safe to 7 Body Armor Certificates 300
  • Safe to 7 Weapon Certificates 300
  • Abyss Helm 300
  • Mask of Ifrit 300

And you can redeem the Midgard coins for:

  • 900 = RWC Groove Pack
  • 900 = Elven Ears
  • 600 = Slotting Advertisement
  • 50 = 20x Blue Herbs

Also we have new Turn-ins for your enjoyment, with VIP warpers to the maps to boot!

  • 90-110 -Glast Heim Culverts
  • 115-130 -Odin Shrine
  • 135-150 -Scaraba Hall
    -Antler Scaraba
    -Rake Scaraba