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iRO RWC Scrimmage Cash Tournament 2011!

iRO RWC Scrimmage Cash Tournament 2011

During this year's USRC, what we heard from a lot of participants that they'd like to have more PVP tournaments. Something for fun, maybe more informal and have it more often than once a year. We announced a few months ago that we were planning a pre-RWC scrimmage (informal tourney) that would have cash prizes, and so here it is! The aim of this competition is to sharpen the skills of our RWC team before they leave for the big event in Korea in October. To that end, we are sweetening the pot by offering cash and ingame prizes for players participating and winning! Everyone will receive a participation prize and there will be special rewards for groups that can defeat our RWC team. The setup is very much like it was during USRC. There will be a live stream of the scrimmage with commentary, though the fight between our RWC team and the challengers will not be broadcast until after the RWC competition.

How to Register:

To register: Players must send a PM to ODA on the forums, who will add your team information to the following page on our Ragnarok Forums: http://forums.warpportal.com/index.php?%2Ftopic%2F50914-pre-rwc-open-tournament-oct-8%2F
What we need to know for registration that you must include in the PM:

  • Subject: Pre-RWC Tournament Registration [your team name]
    Team leader account (this will not be posted)
    Team leader contact Email address (this will not be posted)
    Team member 1: WP Nickname
    Team member 2: WP Nickname
    Team member 3: WP Nickname
    Team member 4: WP Nickname
    Team member 5: WP Nickname
    Team member 6: WP Nickname
    Team member 7: WP Nickname

Download the Sakray USRC Client Players will need to have or register an iRO account and download the sakray client from this link.

How to get started in-game:

  • For this tournament, you do not need to have special characters created for you or use your existing characters, you will set up your characters directly on Sakray. Once you have created a new character, you will be given the option to travel to a special USRC setup map.
    There you will be able to set your character levels and class. When you have leveled and transed your character to the class appropriate limit, the center NPC will offer to warp you to the USRC Izlude map, where you can equip gear and practice! Once you’re ready to practice, there is a NPC near the center of USRC Izlude that will warp you and your team to a practice room.
    We will be resetting all characters back to 1/1 Novices the day or so before the tournament, so please login and reset up and do NOT waste your zeny as you may not get a refill before the tournament.
Select USRC to enter the special USRC training area! Get your Class and Levels! Practice Rooms!


  • The scrimmage tournament will begin on October 8th, 2011 at 10:15am. Please have your team of characters statted, equipped and ready to fight! We should be done within 7 hours.


  • Be in the Izlude USRC area with your team on Sakray!


  • The first 16 teams to register will be entered into the tournament.
  • Pre-existing membership in iRO is not a requirement, outside players are allowed
  • Multi-clienting is not allowed
  • Players can only be registered to one team
  • The tournament will use pre-renewal mechanics and WoE physics
  • Your team must be in the same party AT ALL TIMES
  • Each character will be level 90/60 assumed to have switched at job 50, with the exception of High Wizard, Champion, Sniper and High Priest that will be level 85/60
  • Skill reset, stat reset, hairstyle, equipment, and equipment upgrades will be available.
  • The event coordinator will be shouting in the event Izlude to get the attention of appropriate teams
  • Please make sure that your team is ready before the start time, and will be available throughout the event
  • Players can begin playing and practicing on Sakray up until the Thursday before the tournament, we will be resetting everything so players will need to get set up on that Friday. Rude behavior against other practicing teams will not be tolerated.
  • The allowable/available item list will be the same as during USRC: http://www.playragnarok.com/splash/usrc2011/itemlist.html

Tournament Procedure:

  • This will be the best of 3 battles, single elimination tournament.
  • The losers will immediately fight the RWC team in a seperate venue while the main tournament procedes.
  • After your RWC team scrimmage the event coordinator will hand you a token based on how your team did.
    • If you lost to the RWC team you will get a participation token.
    • If you won your will get the Victor's token!
    • Later in the week we will insert the prizes to the "Code the Redeemer" on the account that received the tokens so you can get your prizes on the server you play on! So do NOT log out if you lose in the tournament, please scrimmage with the RWC team so we can better train them and award you!
  • The top 3 teams in the main tournament automatically win Cash Prizes.
    After the match with the RWC team a GM will ask you to send in shipping information so we can send you your prize via mail.


1st place team:$75 per member Credit Card Gift Card
2nd place team:$50 per member Credit Card Gift Card
3rd place team:$25 per member Credit Card Gift Card
Beating the RWC Team: 5x RWC Groove Pack
Participation Prize:1x RWC Groove Pack

Good luck and most importantly have fun! The list of participating teams is in the second post in the above thread.